Clotaire Rapaille



An Interview with Dr. Clotaire Rapaille on the Culture Code

By Kay Corry Aubrey

Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille is a cultural anthropologist and founder of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide. He is best known for writing the New York Times bestseller The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do. In part one of our interview, Dr. Rapaille describes the systems behind the code and how it shapes the way we respond to products and concepts as adults.

How Researchers Can Stimulate Thinking with All Senses in Qualitative Approach

The Art of Digression: Making the Case for Exploration and Ambiguity

By Jim Mott and Tom Law

What happens when you eschew explanation and clear answers in favor of exploration and ambiguity? The authors make a compelling case that, when integrated properly, ambiguity can lead clients both to finding the information they are looking for faster and also to exploring research findings for deeper insights.

Hide and Seek: How to Find 'Hard to Reach' Respondents

Hide and Seek: How to Find “Hard to Reach” Respondents

By Wes Michael

Finding the right respondents is crucial to quality research. This article provides some tips to help you find those “hard to reach” respondents. For instance, your recruiter needs to go to the respondents — not wait for respondents to come to them.

What's New in Travel Tech

What's New in Travel Tech?

By Deanna Manfredi

What technology solutions will redefine the way we think about travel in the next few years? Some of the trends that are already coming our way include wearable language translators, options for recharging our electronic devices, and high-tech hotel amenities.

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