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April 2014
Vol. 13, Number 3

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AQR/QRCA Worldwide Conference:
Time to Rock and Roll!

Greg Rathjen,

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We’re less than a month away from the AQR/QRCA Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research in Budapest.

Writing “less than a month away” made me think about how some folks get really excited about last-minute travel. Back in the 1990s I did focus groups for a new website idea for offering deals on airfare, hotels and tours, focused on making last-minute travel easier. The travel respondents we chatted with loved the idea and encouraged the client to go forward. (We primarily explored brand positioning but also tried some aspects of usability. Back then, the facilities didn’t have very reliable Internet connections so I was showing screen shots of the website. I’m glad things have changed since then!) Of course, I take full credit for the fact that the site is still out there on the Web as, not surprisingly,

I am not endorsing a particular website, but rather the idea that if you are ready for some last-minute travel, I’d seriously encourage you to consider combining the conference with a trip to Budapest.

You can check out the wonders of Budapest, the solid content of the conference, and the impressive credentials of the speakers. You can also watch videos of a select group of our speakers:

Video Interviews

Then be sure to register and start booking your travel at whatever website strikes your fancy!

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