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April 2015
Vol. 14, Number 3

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PLAN AHEAD: Annual Conference in Orlando, October 7-9, 2015

Kelly Heatly,
Chris Kann,

2015 qrca conference

Save the date for the 2015 Annual Conference in Orlando, where you will experience a “Whole New World of Research.” 

We are in a constant state of new discovery, involved in innovation beyond anything we have ever experienced. We are only limited by our imaginations, and there’s no better place for discovery, innovation, and imagination than Orlando!

And did you know Monday, October 12, is Columbus Day? That means many of you will enjoy a day off with the kids out of school.  So why not stay in Orlando through the weekend? 

Save the date: October 7-9, 2015 at the amazing and beautiful Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek. Registration opens in mid-July. See you in Orlando!

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Coming Soon: Outstanding Annual Conference Speaker Slate!

Kate Wagenlander,
Jeff Walkowski,

2015 qrca conference

The call for papers for the 2015 QRCA Conference has closed and we are super-excited to report that we received 89 submissions! While QRCA doesn’t keep records, it appears we had a much larger than usual number of submissions for this year’s conference. 

On behalf of the 2015 Speaker Committee, Jeff Walkowski, Kate Wagenlander, Sarah Woollett, Stacy Dye, and Marilyn Hudson, thank you for making our job difficult! We are honored and excited to be putting together an amazing slate of speakers that we hope will leave you with a wide variety of nuggets and aha moments that will enrich many aspects of the work you do!

We are working away to review each submission; all decisions will be made by April 13, when we will begin reaching out to the speakers.

Thank you again to those who submitted applications. We appreciate your time, passion, and generosity in wanting to share your knowledge with us all; this is the heart and soul of QRCA!

Any questions? Please contact us at

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QRCA, MRA Announce MRA ISC Conference Partnership

Shannon Pfarr Thompson,

Management genius Peter Drucker once famously said, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

It may be a safe bet that Drucker was a quant guy.

However, Drucker probably would agree that you can't measure what you don't understand, which may be why we have qualitative research.

The best researchers have a keen appreciation for qual and quant, which is why both are highlights of MRA's 2015 Insights & Strategies Conference, June 3-5, at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront.

New this year, QRCA has partnered with the MRA — the Marketing Research Association — to curate five innovative, in-depth sessions at ISC. They include:

Apples for Oranges: How Trade-offs Drive Consumer Decision Making
Tom Rich
, President, Thomas M. Rich & Associates

  • Gain a full understanding of your brand's value proposition — including what consumers are getting and what they're giving up.

  • Topics: Tradeoff analysis model. Intuitive understanding of consumer decision-making. How products and brands create value. How tradeoff analysis as a tool can be employed during the design, field and reporting stages of the quantitative and qualitative research process.

Using Online Communities to Build a Deep Customer Understanding
Tom Muraoka, Senior Manager, Customer Research, CVS Health

Jane Mount, PRC, President, Libran Research & Consulting

  • Find out how CVS Health uses online communities to forge a deeper-level understanding of its customers. The techniques used harness empathy, creativity and efficiency to gather real-time insights that benefit the larger organization — while increasing customer loyalty.
  • Topics: Gathering qualitative shopper insights. Online communities. Cost-effective options. Inspiration for seeking deeper, more empathetic understanding. Increasing loyalty. Creative solutions to traditional research needs. The most efficient ways to work with research providers.

Document Social Media Research with Video: It's Easier than You Think!
Ricardo Lopez
, President, Hispanic Research Inc.

  • Learn how to gather multimedia social media insights using tools and search techniques, and assemble everything into an impactful video presentation.
  • Topics: Inspiring and completely different ways of viewing social media research. Gaining a competitive edge by offering and delivering on methods not standard in the research industry. Gathering social media insights. Assembling impactful video presentations.

Hands On! Innovate Your Qual
Katrina Noelle, Founder, KNow Research
Janet Standen, Director, Strategic Insights

  • Get hands-on with new platforms, methodologies, technologies and techniques and learn to create in-depth qualitative hybrid projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Topics: Reviewing and leveraging new qualitative platforms, methodologies and techniques. Creating hybrid projects. Cost and time efficiency. Interactive workshop designing innovative projects during session.

Harness Emotional Insights in Two-Dimensional Online Research
Emily Prozeller
, Research Director, C+R Research

  • It can be a challenge to get real, authentic and emotional feedback from the two-dimensional interactions typical of online research. Learn to generate conversations with more personal exchanges to uncover intimate consumer emotions online.
  • Topics: Leveraging online qualitative research (discussion boards, mobile, webcam, IDIs, media, etc.) to explore consumer emotion. Learn interesting tricks and creative fodder for uncovering sentiment across topics.

Come see your fellow QRCA members in action! Attend the ISC Conference at a discount. Register HERE.

Save $300! Register by April 24, 2015.

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Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) Announces Call for Papers for Institute Meeting

Caroline Volpe,

PMRG is seeking submissions for sessions and posters which support The PMRG Institute theme, “see more.” Presentations should be solutions-based; should include how the information is/was used to formulate strategic insights; and should allow for audience participation. 

There has been an overwhelming demand for Action-Learning Workshops, so we have reserved agenda time specifically for submissions that incorporate hands-on learning and interactive group exercises. The PMRG Institute agenda will also include a “Fundamentals of Market Research” track appropriate for professionals and students new to the marketing-research role. 

Topics in high demand among PMRG members are listed in the call for presenters and posters on the PMRG Website, Download submission details and submit all requirements including a completed submission form to by April 22.

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