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August 2016
Vol. 15, Number 6

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Getting Up to Speed on UX Research

Margaret Reid,

The Eastern Canada Chapter held its latest meeting on June 17, 2016, at UX Recherche in Montreal and we would like to extend our thanks to our hosts for the refreshments and comfortable setting. The session was co-chaired by Pascal Patenaude and Maryse Hudon and was attended by Mark Lovell, Maxime Bourbonnais, and Margaret Reid.

As always, it was a fun and informative session with lots of engaging conversation and a real sense of camaraderie that is always infectious at our gatherings. (It was a gloriously hot and sunny Friday afternoon in Montreal and there was a very nice bottle of wine being shared, but still, the laughs and banter were all in the name of sharing and learning…really.)

The meeting got off to a wonderful start with Pascal giving us a quick recap of learnings from the QRCA Conference in Vienna. At this point, the level of jealousy in the room amongst those of us who were unable to travel to Vienna was quite palpable! It sounds as though a lot of interesting topics were discussed and I am sure that any podcasts that become available to QRCA members will be well viewed and appreciated.

The rest of the time was handed over to Maxime Bourbonnais, who treated us to a presentation on "Usability and User Experience Research for Qualies.” Maxime is the president and CEO of UX Recherche, MBA Recherche and MBAweb. He has almost two decades of experience as a market researcher and is a recognized leader in his field. The talk began with an explanation of the science behind usability testing and how the methods and techniques need to adapt to ongoing improvements and advances in technology. We also learned how usability testing can work in tandem with the more traditional tools of qualitative research and, in so doing, ensure that the user experience of a company’s website, products, or services is optimized.

The software demonstration was extremely fun and informative. I feel sure that everyone in attendance learned something new and valuable. We thank Maxime for the considerable time and energy he put into making a complex system understandable to the non-techies in the room. (I must confess, I was one of the Luddites—just don’t let my teenagers know!)

From all of us in Montreal, have a wonderful summer season!

UX Research Group
Left to right: Pascal Patenaude, Maxime Bourbonnais, Maryse Hudon, Margaret Reid, Mark Lovell

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Canadian Industry Awards Feature QRCA Members

Catherine Dine,

Canadian Industry Awards

QRCA Members were well represented in the Awards Ceremony of the Market Research and Intelligence Association in Montreal, Canada this June.

Jeff Hecker won the Joseph Doyle Award for “the Research Professional who achieves the highest mark on the CMRP (Certified Market Research Professional) exam.”

Deborah Klotz won the Emerging Leader Award for someone under 35 who has “brought distinction to themselves and to the marketing, survey and/or public opinion research and market intelligence industry/profession through leadership and achievement in their professional and personal lives.” Deborah has done a great deal to champion qualitative research in Canada, especially through her leadership efforts on the joint MRIA and QRCA Canada Chapter Qualitative Research Conference held each year in January.

Daniel Berkal won the only qualitative specific award for Best Qualitative Research Project for his fascinating immersive Project 72 for Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee Advertising. This team effort included fellow QRCs Susan Sweet and Tory Gentes. Daniel also presented at the conference with his clients, highlighting his unique approach to understanding Millennials visiting Vegas.

Catherine Dine, along with her partners at Element 54 and Ipsos ASI, won the Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Research for product innovation work on the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Smart Account. This top industry award is “in recognition of an exemplary research project that serves as a shining example to research practitioners and users. The project and research team will demonstrate superiority and excellence in all aspects of the work, and the results will be evident and significant.” The study was in response to a product transformation challenge that required complex and creative qualitative at every stage—from ideation, through product design, to positioning and promotion.

Congratulations to all for the great work and for shining a light on the great qualitative practitioners in the industry.

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Canada Chapter Reviews Ways to Maximize LinkedIn as a Key Business Building Tool

Theresa Dietrich

On June 10, 2016 the Canada Chapter met to learn how to optimize their use of LinkedIn in today’s increasingly connected world. Leslie Hughes of PUNCH!media (, an expert in the use of LinkedIn as well as other types of social media, gave us a detailed and high-energy presentation about LinkedIn.

When questioned about which social media tool qualitative researchers should focus on, Leslie advised us to keep our focus on where our audience is. Without a doubt, the number one social media tool nearly every key businessperson uses today is LinkedIn. Leslie’s presentation focused on three key areas:

    1. How to create a great first impression through your personal profile
    2. How to connect with quality people and the proper etiquette (do's and don’ts)
    3. The art of conversing and converting leads to actual business

She included lots of great tips and suggestions on how to maximize the effectiveness of our own profiles. Leslie’s wealth of knowledge in this area had everyone in the room (and on the conference line) excited to go back to their offices and optimize their own LinkedIn profiles. It was the boost of motivation we all needed to help us start utilizing LinkedIn as the key business building tool that it has already become.

Thanks go to Meredith Morino for supplying the comfortable and spacious Sklar Wilton board room for the meeting and for providing the coffee and snacks!

Canada Chapter
Attendees included: (left to right) Marlene Kohn, Leslie Hughes, Catherine Dine, Lynne Meisner, Meredith Morino, Ellen Karp, Theresa Dietrich, Susan Abbott, Gina Demone, Meghan Houlihan, and Marion Plunkett. On the phone were Urvashi Soni-Sinha and Kunyi Mangalam.

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Southeast & Missouri Chapters Connect…Virtually

Gary Dreyer,

Mark Michelson, Randi Stillman [SE Co-Chair], Joel Reish [SE Past Chair], Gary Dreyer [IFSR-disguised as empty seat], Carl Fusco [Esteemed Guest]. Elizabeth Pitts [UGA-MMR Candidate], Erin Toliver [UGA-MMR Candidate], Elvenyia Gibson, Janelle Polito-Nelems, Laurie Butler [SE Co-Chair].

From left to right clockwise: Carol Johanik, Sean Jordan, Krista Knuffman, Colson Steber, Lon Zimmerman, Cathy Smith, Marl Golde

Great Learning and Free Food Prove to Be all That’s Needed to Attract QRCs!

Via the miracle of technology, QRCs from the Southeast and Missouri chapters linked to virtually learn from Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha! Many thanks and continued success, Ray!

Ray downloaded his expertise, experiences and motivation for the development and success of the Aha! platform. According to Ray, at the heart of any Aha! experience is the drive for greater “respondent engagement”. To help decode the secrets to successful online projects, Ray shared these “do's” and “don’ts:”

  • Innovate by integrating new tools/techniques.
  • Don’t “cheap out” on incentives.
  • Design studies with an eye to the mountains of juicy nuggets you will get.
  • Humanize and connect with respondents (“touch them all” and “cheerlead”).
  • Pace the project adequately.
  • Respect respondents—don’t ask for an hour and take two.
  • When planning a project, think about the report to be written.

Many thanks go out to our hosts, Compass Research/Marketing Workshop (ATL) and FocusVision (STL).

Past, Present and Future
Joel Reish [SE Past Chair], Randi Stillman [SE Co-Chair], Laurie Butler [SE Co-Chair], Elizabeth Pitts [UGA-MMR Candidate] & Erin Toliver [UGA-MMR Candidate].

Mark Michelson, Eddie King (Tech with Compass), Janelle Nelems…and the St Louis QRCs on the screen, sharing lunch.

Left to right: Janelle Polito-Nelems; Lucille Corley (our hostess from Compass), Randi Stillman, SE Chapter Co-Chair, and Laurie Butler, SE Chapter Co-Chair.

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