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August 2016
Vol. 15, Number 6

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JR Harris Inducted into Market Research Hall of Fame

JR Harris,

JR Harris

I am happy to announce that the Market Research Council (MRC) has elected me into the Market Research Hall of Fame. Founded in 1927, the MRC is the oldest and one of the most prestigious market research organizations in the world. Every year since 1977, the MRC has elected one active and one retired market researcher into the Hall of Fame. I am this year's elected member in the "active" category. I am honored and humbled to be included among a distinguished group of previous inductees, including Ernest Dichter, George Gallup, Paul Lazarsfeld, David Ogilvy, Arthur Nielsen, Rena Bartos, Frank Stanton, W.R. Simmons and Dan Yankelovich.

My nomination was sponsored by fellow MRC and QRCA member Lynn Greenberg, and seconded by Pat Sabena and Judy Langer. The induction ceremony was held on June 24, 2016 at the Yale Club in New York City. When Lynn introduced me as this year's honoree, she made special mention of [our work on] the Professionalism Committee and our many years of service on behalf of QRCA. (When Lynn was QRCA President, she "recruited" me to chair the committee).

Needless to say, this was a proud moment for me and a pinnacle moment in my career, and I was happy to have my son and daughter present at the ceremony.

JR Harris

Wedding Bells for Diane Harris’ Daughter, Elizabeth; Adventures for Her Parents

Diane Harris,

Saturday, June 4, 2016, was wedding day in Denver for Diane Harris and Doug Bureman’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth Bureman, to Ben McKee of Denver, Colorado.

Some long-time New York City QRCAers may remember infant Elizabeth as an early attendee at NYC QRCA chapter meetings when Diane, as a new mom, traveled with her for work.

Some may also remember that six years ago, Elizabeth returned home from a year-long mission trip around the world, after which she moved to Denver.

In Denver, she works for Adperio as an Account Manager and Mobile Tech Specialist. Ben is the Executive Producer in charge of Videography for the Denver Public Schools.


As a backdrop for the ceremony, Elizabeth folded 300 origami cranes which symbolize fidelity and loyalty.

The wedding and reception were a combination of vintage and bohemian themes, and the wedding car the Buremans procured for the event was a 1953 Oldsmobile 88 convertible with aqua interior.

The weather was perfect for the occasion.

wedding pics

cakesA western Pennsylvania tradition is to have a cookie table at weddings. Diane and eight friends made more than 1,000 homemade cookies of 19 varieties that were frozen and transported in checked baggage to Denver to have a part of Elizabeth’s hometown present at her wedding.

Elizabeth doesn’t like cake, so, as she did for each of Elizabeth’s birthdays, Diane has had to come up with something creative. Since double-stuffed Oreos are Elizabeth’s favorite cookie, Diane borrowed a Pinterest idea and made an Oreo Cookie Cake for $38 and eleven family size packages of Oreos! And since there was no “cake” to cut, the newlyweds instead cut the tulle ribbon that surrounded the cookie table. Elizabeth and Ben honeymooned in Quebec City, where they were able to use many of the travel suggestions offered by Diane’s Canadian QRCA brothers and sisters.

wedding cake

P.S. There was plenty of drama before and after the wedding as well. Here’s Diane’s take on that:

“One never knows when to stop. There was so much to tell. Like my rental car breaking down 90 minutes before the ceremony and having to leave it on a street in Denver. The tow truck went to get it and it wasn’t where I left it! And I found out nine days later, from my desk in Butler, PA through a Denver Police website, where it was: in the Denver Police impound lot! The impound lot was located around the corner from where I left the broken-down car right before the wedding.

police car

“A Denver police officer came to our hotel the next morning, where we made out a stolen car report. She took us to the post-wedding brunch because no rental cars were available in Denver!

What a nightmare that was!”

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belen gara
Belen Genera

Welcome Our New QRCA Members!

Belen Genera, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello, QRCA! My name is Belen Genera and I am the founder of Research Ahead, an independent qualitative boutique that provides traditional and non-traditional market research services in Latam. I hold a BA in English and Related Literature, an MA in Market, Media and Public Opinion Research, and postgraduate courses in Psychology, Philosophy and Finance. Yes, I love to study. I believe that the possibility of doing it continuously (by being in permanent contact with consumers’ realities) is what I found so compelling about this endearing profession to which I have devoted myself for the last 15 years. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my husband, my 4-year-old daughter and my recently born son. In my spare time, I dive into different cultural and artistic expressions, so if you ever find yourself here and feel like going to the theatre or an art exhibit, do let me know!

Sophie Kim, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Hello, my name is Sophie! I'm graduating this year with my Master's in Food Science. Throughout grad school I was the coordinator for our sensory lab, where I first learned about qualitative research. I had the opportunity to take a short course on focus group interviews this spring, which spurred my interest in this field. I also just started working at a market research firm, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far! In my free time I enjoy spending time with my little brother and sisters, cooking for my friends, and learning Japanese. I'm grateful for the opportunity to join the QRCA community, and I hope to be able to connect with many of you in person sometime!

David Lithwick, Toronto, Canada

My name is David Lithwick. I’m from Toronto, Canada.

I am bit off the grid versus traditional researchers. My area of expertise is investigative research. My work involves conducting competitive intelligence, sales win/loss analysis, new market assessment, competitor benchmarking and high level mystery shopping. Before going on my own, I worked in advertising, market research and public relations. So I have knitted together these backgrounds with my love for analysis and made it a lifelong career. At first my work was that of marketing detective. It has since evolved into helping clients with customer onboarding, sales support, marketing plans and compliance efforts. “Financial Institutions” is a major client base for me. In addition to carrying out studies, I teach at university executive development programs and marketing associations. My interests are the outdoors (backpacking, cycling, skiing), heavy duty fitness, military history and US politics. I was fortunate to spend my undergrad at Syracuse University and The Wharton School and completed my MBA at McGill.

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