August 2017
Vol. 16, Number 6

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manny schrager

Manny Schrager

Moving Forward/Moving on

Manny Schrager,

Wow, I can’t believe how my year as president has flown. Seems like only yesterday that Laurie first started reminding me about Connections deadlines and here it is, my last piece as president.

I’d like to start off with some expressions of thanks. First, a big thank-you to our board members: they put in many quality hours keeping us on track and moving our organization forward. Of course, I want to thank all the other volunteers who work on committees, chapters, task forces and SIGs. They are truly the lifeblood of our organization.

And last, I’d like to thank Shannon and the rest of the folks at Ewald Consulting. They are always looking out for our best interests and provide us with the much needed continuity from board to board.

I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made over the last several years. We concentrated our efforts on achievable goals, appreciating the fact that as volunteers, we also have to earn a living. We also streamlined three areas, shown below with some of key initiatives...

  • Enhancing Member Value:
    • The Content, SIGs and QCast committees continue to work to make more programming available.
    • The Young Professionals committee and SIG created a webinar series geared toward new professionals.
    • Our Continuing Professional Education committee is developing a methodology to recognize members for professional development.
    • The Field committee is relaunching our Cities List, providing members with both exposure and resources.
  • Maintaining a Sustainable Organization:
    • The board has carefully monitored our operating costs to keep them in line with revenues, while investing where warranted, ensuring our ongoing financial stability.
    • Member companies are offered multi-member discounts to encourage additional membership.
    • Sponsors are engaged on an annual basis, offering them more opportunities to generate awareness, interaction and revenue among members.
  • Increasing QRCA Stature:
    • We enhanced and expanded our industry partnerships, offering QRCA Tracks at other industry events and providing opportunities for other associations to have a track at our conferences.
    • The Qualitative Excellence Award (Qually) program has been streamlined and will be promoted widely.

I want to thank the QRCA membership once again for the honor of being able to serve as president, a real highlight of my qualitative career.

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Regina Szyszkiewicz

Regina Szyszkiewicz

Action! From the Board

Regina Szyszkiewicz,

The board is excited about the following items that were discussed at the June and July board meetings:

  • Approving the 2017 online QualBook which will feature practitioner and vendor directories, and will be accessible on the QRCA website
  • Approving Kayte Hamilton and Tory Gentes as co-chairs of the Qualitative Excellence Task Force
  • Approving Abby Leafe as chair of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Committee
  • Receiving a final contract for the Westin Hotel in Valencia, Spain for a May 16-18, 2018 Worldwide Conference!
  • Approving the 2018 Worldwide Conference budget
  • Getting feedback from MemCom on the 2017 Member Survey and agreeing to a mid-August launch date to members
  • Approving Monica Zinchiak as co-chair of the Marketing Committee

The next board meeting will be on August 21!

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Don't Forget to Vote!

Elections are currently underway for QRCA’s 2017-2019 board members. Voting closes August 18. Please vote and encourage your QRCA colleagues to vote, as well!

Here is a link to the candidate profiles and the ballot:

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