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December 2014
Vol. 13, Number 10

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mark sumpter
Mark Sumpter

From the President

Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award Presented to Missy Carvin

Mark Sumpter,

missy carvinI was thrilled to have the honor to witness a truly outstanding QRCA colleague, Missy Carvin, receive the Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award in New Orleans. This award has been presented each year since 2003 to honor the memory of a cherished member and her contributions to QRCA. This award is intended to uphold and celebrate QRCA’s cultural heritage of collegial commitment to the organization and its members.

Missy Carvin is a QRCA member who exudes the qualities and characteristics that Maryanne embodied: friendliness, creativity, commitment to QRCA, leadership, optimism, humor, mentorship, a passion for life, and unconditional positive regard for all.

Here are some of the things colleagues said about Missy’s spirit:

  1. She is a powerhouse, a tornado, totally out of the box, magnetic, and a force of life. Maryanne would have loved her like a sister.
  2. She is the most energetic, generous, creative, innovative, outgoing, and enthusiastic person I know.
  3. She is the embodiment of Maryanne's zestful spirit. I see it in her hearty laugh, her ever-present smile, her energetic presentation style, her eagerness to take on significant roles in QRCA, her devotion to family, and her lust for chocolate pudding for breakfast — they all remind me of the vivacious Maryanne.

Missy was thrilled to receive the infamous Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award trophy — a HUGE martini glass — in honor of Maryanne’s favorite drink! I am grateful that I have gotten to know her and her spirit in many capacities over the years.

Congratulations to Missy on receiving the 2014 QRCA Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award, and thank you for your passion and leadership on behalf of QRCA and its members! 

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jay zaltzman
Jay Zaltzman

Action! From the Board

Jay Zaltzman, QRCA Secretary,

The board of directors held its monthly meeting on November 3 via conference call.  We covered a lot of business in an hour and a half.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • We are moving forward with another Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research in the spring of 2016 in Europe. Now we get started on the fun process of figuring out where in Europe the conference will take place. (Well, it’s fun for me to contemplate, perhaps less fun and more work for the lovely Julie Cygan, Ewald Consulting’s VP of Event Planning... but we know she’ll leave no stone unturned!)

  • We approved a one-year extension of the membership discount for international members based on their GDP.

  • We decided to hold our in-person January meeting in Atlanta, and time it so board members can attend a Southeast Chapter meeting. Our board meeting will take place on Saturday and Sunday, January 10 and 11; and the Southeast Chapter meeting will be on Monday, January 12. Yours truly will be presenting about how we can use behavioral economics to conduct research more effectively.  I hope to see you there!

  • We approved Chris Kann as co-chair of next year’s annual conference in Orlando, alongside Kelly Heatly.  We thank Ben Smithee who began this journey with Kelly, but had to step down for business-related reasons.  Please join me in welcoming Chris to this important position.  Kelly and Chris will be quite a team and are sure to deliver an excellent conference.

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