February 2014
Vol. 13, Number 1

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FieldCom Updates

Michelle Finzel, Committee Chair, mfinzel@mdmarketingsource.com

Members of the Field Committee continue to move forward in better understanding and improving the relationship between QRCs and field services.  Current FieldCom efforts include:

  • The Cheater/Repeater Inquiry Survey.  Thanks to all who participated in our survey.  We are currently analyzing the data and will have results to report soon.  Kudos to Dave Kains and his team for all their efforts!
  • Exploring Sigma’s merits.  Judy Langer, Farnaz Badie, and Kathy Houk are currently investigating Sigma’s services (duplicate number search) to learn about possible benefits for QRCA members. 
  • City List.  Becky Day, Martha Llobet, and Judy Langer are helping us look into the usefulness of a City List and possibly reaching out to TechCom for a discussion on implementation ideas.
  • Tips from FieldCom. Merrill Shuggoll and other committee members will continue providing the Tips in Connections on better screeners and other ways of getting the most out of their field service experiences.

Want to help us out with any of the above? Have comments? Have a field idea of your own? Want to find a way to be more involved?  Contact Michelle Finzel at mfinzel@mdmarketingsource.com for more information. 

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Membership Expansion Task Force

Rick Weitzer, Chair, rweitzer@prellorg.com

This task force is exploring the possibility of allowing QRCs, who are not currently eligible, to join QRCA. We will be making a recommendation to the Board this summer.  We have ramped up very quickly over the past two months, dividing into three teams that are conducting: 1) a membership survey; 2) four in-person focus groups and one BBFG; and 3) qualitative research on the potential to recruit new members who are currently not eligible to join.

By the time you read this, the survey will have closed and two of the in-person groups (in LA and Denver) have been fielded.  But there are other opportunities for members in all other cities around the globe to participate in our qualitative efforts.  Over the next week or two, look for an e-mail screening survey that will be our recruiting tool for our BBFG (Feb. 18-20) and our last two in-person groups in New York City (March 1) and Chicago (March 2).

I want to shout out the amazing work that these research teams have done: Judy Langer and Ava Lindberg (qual team); Randi Stillman and Casey Bernard (quant team); and Kea Wheeler and Holly Blankstein (external research). 

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TechCom: Fondness for the Forum

Jennifer Dale, jdale@insideheads.com

Forum fans unite! All QRCA members have access to the members-only discussion online and the most active ones are learning more from each other every day. We’re all in this big qual research world together, so hit the Forum and join your peeps right now to share questions and insights about qualitative research:

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports — February 2014

Darrin Hubbard, assistantexdir@qrca.org

Annual Conference

Staff:Logo is in the approval process with the Board and Jay Zaltzman/Abby Leafe/Kurt Cyr.
  • The Sponsorship Committee is finalizing sponsorship/exhibit amounts and offerings.
  • The Speaker Committee co-chairs are working on the CFPs to post online.
Other: A site visit needs to be set up to look at 2015 sites.

QRCA/AQR Conference

Staff:Sponsorship/Exhibitor online form is built and awaiting approval.
  • Foster Winter, Julie Cygan and Shannon Pfarr Thompson met on November 21 to update budget.
  • The budget was approved by both AQR and QRCA boards in December.

Brand Communication

  • Laurie Pumper continues work to publicize Qcasts.
  • Laurie and other staff members will get analytics on the research buyers section of the QRCA website.
  • The most recent committee meeting was held on December 20.
  • Isabelle Albanese wrote a brief that was used to get quotes from a couple of agencies for creative work.
  • Rebecca Bryant and Isabelle prepared the committee's budget request.
  • The next committee meeting will be scheduled soon.
  • A forum thread has been established to discuss the research results.
  • Laurie and Nicki Brunner continue work on QRCA's LinkedIn business page.


Staff: The December issue went out December 10.
Committee: Material for the February issue is due by January 31 and it is scheduled to go out on February 11. There is no issue in January.


  • Last met on December 13.
  • Cheater/Repeater topline report was shared with the committee. 448 of the 545 responses were useful.
  • A sub-committee has been formed to discuss the City List.
  • The next article FieldCom will publish will be on algorithms.
Other: The next meeting will be on January 17.

Industry Relations

Staff: Staff finalized a 2014 partnership with Merlien.
Committee:The committee met on December 10 to discuss the results of the online bulletin board that discussed strategic direction for the committee.
Other: Next meeting is on January 14.


Staff:Reimbursement and documentation has been completed.
Committee:The committee is working with Nicki Brunner to finalize the Global Scholarship ad for the Spring VIEWS issue.
Other:The next meeting is TBD.

Investment Advisory Group

  • No new updates.

Membership Expansion Task Force

Staff: The straw poll questionnaire was sent to the committee for review.
  • The task force last met on January 6.
  • Three research teams have been formed: internal-quant, external and internal-qual.
  • The internal quant is looking to launch their survey to the membership in mid-January and have a topline report for the internal-qual team by early February.
  • The internal-qual team is planning groups in 3-4 markets and an online bulletin board.
Other: The next meeting is February 10..


  • A reminder email was sent December 6.
  • A renewal "Final Early Renewal Reminder" was sent December 23.
  • The committee will again be conducting the refer-a-member drive in 2014.
  • An update was shared by Kea Wheeler on the Membership Expansion Task Force.
  • The committee discussed renewal efforts and progress to date.
Other: The next meeting is January 8.

Public Relations

  • Kelly Hancock and Asia Rapai will continue follow-up on articles for our content partners, with help from the committee.
  • Laurie Pumper and Asia continue working on a plan to expand the reach of QRCA's content through social media.
  • Asia worked with Nicki Brunner on updating the News & Press page, added Perspectives.
  • The committee met on December 17. The committee continued brainstorming ideas for 2014 articles with our content partners.
  • PRAG agreed to work with AMA on a webcast for AMA members that will be scheduled for March/April.
  • PRAG will collaborate with BrandCom and perhaps IRCom as appropriate.
  • The first Perspectives has been published and pitches have been made to a number of publications by Hart.
  • The next meeting will be held on February 4.


Staff:Promotions were sent for the January 16 Qcast.
Committee: Committee is working on plans for the 2014 schedule.
Other:As of January 6, registration for the January Qcast is at 111, and at least one more promotional email is scheduled to be sent.


Staff:The Task Force met on November 21 to discuss next steps and plan for the ideation session that was held on December 12 and led by Laurie Tema‑Lyn.
Other:Next meeting TBD.


  • Tweaks are continuing to be collected and made to the site and the Forum.
  • Discussed changing rollovers to be reversed. Site is not user-friendly on tablets.
  • Looking into SEO options for 2014.
  • The committee met on January 9 to discuss the website and Forum enhancements and how to engage members.
  • Kris Hodges, Jen Dale and Dorrie Paynter will meet with staff on January 13 to discuss using Google analytics.
Other: Next meeting is February 13.


  • Laurie Pumper will continue to follow up on action items from the quarterly business meeting.
  • Laurie continues work on a Social Media plan, including links to VIEWS articles.
  • Nicki Brunner updated the Views landing page and cleaned up the copy.
  • Articles for the Spring 2014 issue have been provided to Leading Edge.
  • Feature Editors have been encouraged to start discussions on LinkedIn based on articles that appeared in the Winter issue of VIEWS.
  • The Twitter Team has been posting links to Winter VIEWS articles on a regular basis.
  • The next committee meeting will be held on January 17.
  • Additional committee meetings are scheduled for March 28 and July 11.
  • As a result of the business meeting, a few changes have been made to the QRCA website to make it easier to find VIEWS.

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