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February 2014
Vol. 13, Number 1

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2014 QRCA Annual Conference Call for Proposals

2014 QRCA Conference Speaker Team
Ben Smithee (Chair), Susan Abbott and Jeff Walkowski

October 15-17, 2014
Hilton New Orleans Riverside
New Orleans, LA

Open Now Through March 15, 2014

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Proposals are now being accepted for the 2014 QRCA Annual Conference, October 15-17 in New Orleans, LA.  The QRCA Conference Speaker Team is looking for the presentations and presenters that will make this conference once again the can’t-miss qualitative event of the year.

Potential speakers are encouraged to present topics that teach new skills, particularly advanced skills; bring other researchers up to speed on the latest and greatest in qualitative research tools and technology; or introduce a new perspective from outside our qualitative bubble. And since our theme this year is “Learn, Connect, and Let the Good Times Roll!” speakers are encouraged to infuse their presentations with some good old-fashioned fun.

Have a great topic in mind?

Have someone in mind that you’d like to hear speak who might not be on this mailing list? Please pass this email on to them; we are interested in sessions led by non-members as well as QRCA members.

Each speaker/speaker team receives one complimentary conference registration, which is another great reason to consider submitting a proposal.

Still not sure and want to talk with someone? Send an email to and a team member will get in touch with you right away.

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AQR/QRCA Worldwide Conference: Exceeding Expectations

Greg Rathjen,


The last note I shared about the AQR/QRCA Worldwide Conference being held in Budapest this Spring praised the brilliance of Foster Winter’s call for papers that ended up delivering a world-record number of submissions. (I didn’t give Foster all the credit: there were some good researcher caveats about the theme of the conference playing a role in inspiring submissions and the likelihood that a rather stellar location might have heightened interest.)

Now I’d like to sing the praises of the program committee for putting together a lineup of speakers and topics that deliver on this conference’s promise and then some—likely leading to a new world-record attendance. Just reading the Day 1 (April 30) topics and speakers ought to convince you:  

Setting our Course: Qualitative Research and its Context

» Are we 'All Systems Go'?
Speaker: Ken Parker
» The Dawning of the Age of Research
Speaker: Doerte Toellner
» Trust Me. Two Words That are Guaranteed to Provoke Mistrust
Speaker: Blue Martin

Moving from Theory to Action: Behavioral Economics in the Real World

» Wake up and Smell the Coffee: Open Your Mind to the Power of Priming and Experimentation
Speakers: Sarah Davies and Gill O'Hanlon
» Tool not Textbook - Putting Behavioural Economics to Work
Speaker: Bob Cook
»  Creating Behavioral Change with Applied Behavioral Economics and Neuromarketing
Speaker: Deanna Manfredi

Making It Inclusive: Engaging with Hard-to-Reach Audiences

»  Understanding the Financially Underserved
Speakers: Ella Fryer-Smith and Jason Field
»  What if I Break the Internet? - Engaging the Digitally Disengaged
Speakers: Jay Jennings and Sarah Jenkins
»  Engaging Disabled Participants in Qualitative Research: Are We Being Both Fair and Effective?
Speaker: Maya Middlemiss

Digging Deeper: Real-World Examples, Real-World Insights

»  Does Constant Snacking Prevent Real Hunger? Understanding Cross Platform Needs in News Consumption
Speakers: Sarah Jenkins and Kelly Parkinson
» Breaking Down the Glass - Incorporating Immersive Ethnography with Conventional Techniques to Create Deeper Understanding
Speaker: Daniel Berkal
»  Going to the Source: Working Directly with Consumers to Inspire & Advance Product Ideas
Speaker: Laurie Tema-Lyn

Qualitative Mash-Up: Borrowing From Other Disciplines

»  “Get You Off Of My Cloud”: Semiotics and Heraclitus’ Theory of Contrary. An Apparently Futile Dissertation.
Speaker: Luigi Toiati
»  Combining Semiotics with other Research Approaches for Richer Results
Speaker: Sarah Johnson
»  Ideas From Psychotherapy in Market Research
Speaker: Roy Langmaid

Here are the session topics for Day 2:

  • Putting The Participant First: Partners on the Journey
  • One World, Many Cultures: Going Beyond Maps and Guidebooks
  • Millennial Matters: Young Apprentices
  • Updating Your Toolkit: Gamification and New Approaches

Speakers for Day 2 include:

Rajeswari Bonala, Missy Carvin, Susan Fader, Rebecca Harries, Katherine Jameson, Mike Karchner, Nikki Lavoie, Jinghuan Liu Tervalon, Michal Protasiuk, Kat Slater, Peter Totman, Jenni Welling and Jay Zaltzman

The program committee sought innovation in ways other than the topics/speakers.  Sessions will vary in length and format. 

Two Inspiration Zones are scheduled, one with a focus on emerging approaches (Poster Presenters: Susan Abbott, Joe Brown, Caroline Volpe, Rebecca Bryant, Ilka Kuhagen) while the other is a wide ranging and open ended “Lucky Dip/Grab Bag” (Poster Presenters: Susanne Michl, Luke Perry, Samantha Loggenberg, Allison Rak, Csilla Ban) . 

The Inspiration Zones will offer intimate poster presentations with ample time to experience a number of presentations.  There will be plenty of time to extend the sessions into discussions while touring the marketplace with a strong lineup of sponsors. 

If you can’t get depth and new heights from this line-up, I am hard pressed to imagine where else it would come from.  

Click here to get the full scope of the conference program.

So the program committee delivers a content-worthy conference.  Mix that with plenty of socializing as only qualitative researchers can do (i.e., dine-arounds in one of the leading culinary capitals of the world and an evening cruise along the Danube with a chance to see Budapest vibrantly on display during a national holiday).  Add in plenty of opportunity to view exhibits and talk to providers offering the latest and greatest.  Net Net: Foster’s world record call for papers and now the program committee’s stellar program increases the odds that we’ll secure a world-record attendance.  

Make that happen by putting this on your calendar, saving your pennies, and joining us April 30 - May 2, 2014 in Budapest!

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