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February 2015
Vol. 14, Number 1

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Welcome New Members!

Please welcome QRCA’s newest members. Feel free to email new members directly and help them transition to our association. See someone from your home state? Consider reaching out to say “welcome” — one click and one minute of your time brings immense value to a new member.

Stephanie Alaimo

Stephanie Alaimo
St Petersburg, FL 33701
United States

Hillary Carey

86 Montell St
Oakland, CA 94611
United States

Grace Carey

Clarion Research
1776 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
United States

David Kelemen

The Davick Group
1249 Canton Ct
Encinitas, CA 92024-5225
United States

Joanne Levin Opinion Search
21800 Melrose Ave
Southfield, MI 48075
United States
Maritza Matheus EurekaFacts, LLC
51 Monroe Street PE-10
Rockville, MD 20850
United States
Emily Prozeller

C+R Research
500 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
United States

Annamarie Sasagawa

Insight Ten LLC
Takadanobaba 1-16-11-405
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1690075

Julie Smith

Kaleidoscope LLC
2659 33rd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States

Peter Totman Jigsaw Research
1-2 Berners Street
London W1T 3LA
United Kingdom
Jennifer Van Gilder

8312 Nicola Trl
Austin, TX 78745
United States

Robin Wedewer

The Wedewer Group
4701 Paul Hance Road
Huntingtown, MD 20639
United States

Jon Wilson

268 Avenue
Daumesnil 75012
Paris, France

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Personal Connections

Michelle Finzel,

Making qualitative research relevant to students

By: Pascal Patenaude,

Not so long ago, or so it feels, I was the one learning about qualitative research in textbooks; and I was always disappointed to see the limited amount of time devoted to it in our universities. While quantitative research was the focus of marketing research lectures, and was part of the main project we had to hand in, qualitative was reduced to one chapter about “Focus groups with 12 participants.” I felt it was important not only to promote a more realistic picture of what qualitative research is today, but also to show students how thrilling and valuable conducting good qualitative research can be. In our efforts to promote our association and our industry, I was looking for an opportunity to talk to university students and possible future research buyers.

mcgill collegeSteve Letovsky, who teaches Marketing Research at McGill University, invited me to talk to his class of 30 grad students from the continuing education program. I did my best to sum up what “qual” is, when to use it, all the various options and tools available, and things to keep in mind when selecting a research partner.

I was honored and pleased to be able to showcase our industry. Students showed genuine interest and asked valuable questions such as How do you determine the right moderator for a project?, Should you plan to conduct focus groups before any product launch?, etc.

Hopefully, my passion for this field inspired a few students. Based on the LinkedIn messages I received following my presentation, I think my mission was accomplished. I plan to follow up and invite a few interested students to our upcoming chapter meeting in November. If you can find the time, I invite you to reach out to your local universities and see if you can also inspire a few and help develop young marketing minds.



Storytelling on Steroids

Janet Standen,

"Storytelling" has become such a buzzword in qualitative research — and this week I feel like I've landed in "Storytelling central." I'm in Elko, in the middle of the Nevada Desert, attending the Cowboy Poetry Gathering (fulfilling my husband's birthday wish). It’s three long days and nights of music, poetry, dancing and above all else, cowboy stories. 


These are the best darn storytellers I've ever come across — and who knew they could yodel so well? "A picture is worth a thousand words" may be true; but "A thousand words out of a cowboy's mouth paints vivid pictures" is also true.  A highlight of the first day: seeing 11-year-old Cowboy Poet Thatch up on stage alongside 94-year-old Cowboy Poet Georgie, a tough old bird if ever there was one. Highly recommended — end of January, every year!

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20 Reasons to ♥ QRCA

Monica Zinchiak,

Understanding all that your QRCA membership has to offer can be a challenge. Just for my own benefit, I tried to count and was surprised by how many benefits there were. And this list does not include the many intangible benefits I receive, too, like lifelong friendships, a bank of qualitative experts I can tap anytime, drive and motivation, a fulfilling leadership role, mentoring opportunities, and more. This exercise has made me appreciate just how much I receive from being a QRCA member even more. My list of benefits included:

  1. VIEWS quarterly magazine
  2. SIGs (special interest groups)
  3. Private/exclusive member forum
  4. Webinars, including Qcasts and archived local meetings
  5. QRCAtv
  6. Member-exclusive communications (Connections and News Bites)
  7. In-person education events/conferences
  8. Local chapters and local meetings
  9. Public speaking opportunities with our partner organizations at their events
  10. Opportunities for article placement in industry association newsletters/websites/e-zines (AMA, MRA, GB) and VIEWS magazine
  11. A library of white papers, trend reports and other educational documents
  12. Industry standards of practice, ethics/codes
  13. Professional competencies documentation
  14. Service provider discounts
  15. Professional training/certification discounts (RIVA, Burke)
  16. Discounted conference attendance at industry partner conferences
  17. Job bank
  18. Directory of QRCA members
  19. Achievement awards
  20. Advocates for qualitative research that act on your behalf

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow QRCA members!

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laurie bredenfoerder
Laurie Bredenfoerder

Connections Announces New Editor in Chief, Laurie Bredenfoerder!

Kelly Heatly,

Kelly Heatley and Laurie Bredenfoerder enjoying tropical refreshments at the 2008 QRCA Conference's Luau. Who knew that only 6 years later, they'd be sharing an editorial transition?

The Connections Committee is very excited to announce our new Editor in Chief, Laurie Bredenfoerder! I am stepping down in order to focus on my role as QRCA Conference Co-Chair. Laurie takes over the helm beginning this month, February 2015.
Laurie has been an exceptional member of the Connections editorial team since October of 2003, under the leadership of Hank Goldwasser. She also took over as interim Editor in Chief for one issue, until Jeff Walkowski could be convinced to return to that role.

Please submit articles to Laurie going forward: Chapter, Committee, and SIG leaders can expect a call-for-submissions email from Laurie each month.   

I wish the Connections Committee all the best under Laurie’s leadership. Thank you for the tremendous opportunity to serve QRCA in this capacity over three wonderful years! See you at the conference in Orlando!

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