June 2017
Vol. 16, Number 5

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manny schrager

Manny Schrager

Get Your Tap(as) Shoes Ready

Manny Schrager,

One of my very favorite vacation spots is Spain...because of the people, culture, sites, food, and wine. For me, one of the great Spanish inventions is the “tapas crawl,” a pre-dinner ritual.

People move from bar to bar, eating one or two of the specialty items from each place, along with a glass of wine. To be honest, these forays usually become dinner for me, as I usually find these small items too hard to resist and can’t stop at one or two. These tapas bars are wonderful places to strike up conversations with locals and other visitors.

Valencia is a wonderful town on the east coast, one of those cool places that combine the old and the new, while being right on the beach.

Why am I telling you this? Because this time next year (May 2018), I hope to be doing a tapas crawl with you in Valencia before, during, or after our next Worldwide Conference. The Worldwide Conference is a great place to learn what our colleagues around the world are up to in their research endeavors.

Plan your 2018 vacation around this. I’m giving you enough time! If you’d like some more information or my favorite places in Spain, contact me at

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Regina Szyszkiewicz

Regina Szyszkiewicz

Action! From the Board

Regina Szyszkiewicz,

In addition to discussing the Nominating Committee’s progress identifying Board candidates for 2017-19, the following items were approved during the May Board meeting:

  • Jennifer Dale as Industry Relations co-chair.
  • Jenifer Hartt as VIEWS Editor-in-Chief and Michael Carlon as VIEWS Managing Editor, beginning fall 2017.
  • A marketing contract with Steve Henke.
  • The 2018 Annual Conference budget.

The next QRCA Board meeting is June 19.

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Tom Rich

Tom Rich

Getting to Know Your Board

Tom Rich,

One of the QRCA membership aspects most valuable to me has been the opportunity to speak at marketing research events. This month, a few other QRCA members and I are speaking at the IIeX conference in Atlanta. I am totally stoked for it, and have been obsessing over my presentation for weeks.

The first time I spoke at a marketing industry event was 2013 at the QRCA conference in San Diego. I had a good topic, but was kind of clueless how to create an effective presentation, despite my delusions to the contrary.

Fortunately, a member of the speaker committee (whose name I won't mention, but whose initials are 'Albert Sanchez') took pity, and spent far too much time with me; reviewing draft after draft and providing constructive feedback, until a not-so-good presentation became a pretty good one.

Since then, I have spoken at two other QRCA conferences, several other organization conferences, multiple chapter meetings, and on a couple Qcasts.

These opportunities have played a crucial role in my professional growth, provided invaluable business development opportunities, helped me polish my presentation skills, and allowed me to develop my own unique content.

Three QRCA resources make this member benefit possible:

  • First, the system of speaker liaisons the organization has in place for annual conference speakers: Our conference is different from other industry conferences I have attended, in that speakers get a lot of oversight and support from experienced QRCA members who help make sure the presentations are high quality.
  • Second is the QRCA Industry Relations committee: This group develops and fosters relationships with other market research organizations, and is the primary reason our members have a wealth of opportunities for exposure to potential clients.
  • Third is our network of chapters and SIGS: These smaller gatherings provide a great place to try out and develop new content.

These speaking opportunities, and the support system that goes with them, have made a big difference in the trajectory of my career.

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