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June 2014
Vol. 13, Number 5

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MemCom Happenings - Engaging New Members

Philip Smith,

A key task for MemCom in 2013 is to enhance QRCA’s engagement with new members. In addressing this important aspect of the membership we will be reviewing the existing on- boarding process and looking to strengthen and build new member interactions with the greater QRCA. If you have any thoughts how we can welcome new members – please send me an email (

New Member Membership Draw
Don’t forget - you too can help bring new members to QRCA. Every member who nominates a successful new member goes in the drawing for the opportunity to win free membership in 2015. The more people you convince to join the more opportunities you have to win. This is an important way we build membership. If you think you know someone that might be interested in joining QRCA please reach out to them – it could be to your advantage as well as helping QRCA to grow.

Member Benefits
QRCA has engaged with leading education and training providers and offers substantial discounts to members – check the QRCA website for details. In addition, QRCA offers great discounts to partner industry conferences. Details can be found in News Bites and on the QRCA website.

MemCom Team Changes
MemCom would also like to welcome two new members to our team: Cris Bain-Borrego and Maria Cedillo. Maria is a new QRCA member and we’re pleased to welcome her to QRCA- and also to MemCom. Cris has been a member of QRCA for a number of years and has been an active in the conference “first timer program.” Jane Mount is leaving MemCom to devote more time to QRCA Industry Relations – thank you Jane for all your help on MemCom.

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports — June 2014

Darrin Hubbard,

Annual Conference

  • Sponsors & Exhibitors have been updated online.
  • Updated exhibitor kit. 
  • Updated speaker kit and sent out to speakers.
  • Staff secured two new sponsors
  • Conference Schedule posted on website.
  • Final Schedule determined by Chairs.
  • Sponsorship Committee meets bi-weekly to give progress reports. 
  • Selecting exhibitor/sponsor demos presentations by Friday.
  • Speaker Committee assigning Liaisons.
Other: 2016 location is being determined.

QRCA/AQR Conference

  • Final bills coming in and being processed.
  • Final Presentations and survey sent out to attendees.


Staff: The May issue went out May 14.
Committee: Material for the June issue is due by May 30 and is scheduled to go out on June 9.
Other: Kelly Heatly is working with Nicki Brunner and TechCom on a new format for Connections in the member Forum.


  • Last met on May 2.
  • The committee has finalized the cheater/repeater report and is sending to the Board for approval to distribute.
  • Sub-committees have been formed to discuss the City List and Sigma.
  • FieldCom continues to write articles for Connections.
Other: The next meeting will be on June 20.

Industry Relations

Staff: Staff is working on an attendee bag insert for the MRA, IIeX and Merlien conferences.
  • The committee met on May 13 to discuss ongoing partnerships and updates.
  • Sarah Johnson is the new liaison to MRIA.
Other: Next meeting is on July 8.


Committee: Committee is working on increasing awareness of the GOS through social media.
Other: Next meeting is TBD once applications have been submitted.

Investment Advisory Group

Committee: No new updates.

Membership Expansion Task Force

Staff: Task force member reimbursements are being collected and processed.
  • The Task Force last met on May 12.
  • The group reviewed the report from the BBFG team.
  • The Task Force will now begin preparing their final recommendation for the Board.
Other: Next meeting is June 9.


  • Shannon Thompson sent emails to welcome new members for April.
  • New member lists were sent by Darrin Hubbard to Board and Chapter Chairs.
  • The committee will again be conducting the refer-a-member drive in 2014 and is promoting it to chapter leaders.
  • An expanded Ambassador Program was discussed.
  • The committee is working with Ricardo to identify the best ways to use LinkedIn for promoting membership to the QRCA public group.
Other: The next meeting is May 14.


Staff: Shannon Thompson updated the NomCom candidate list.
Committee: The committee met on April 23 and May 8 to discuss the committee’s work, the list of potential Board candidates and to divide up between the committee members the interviews and calls to ascertain interest.
Other: NomCom is working to have a list of candidates in place by the end of May.

Public Relations

  • Laurie Pumper continues working on a plan to expand the reach of QRCA's content through social media.
  • Laurie will work with Nicki Brunner to continue updating the News & Press page.
Committee: Our Co-Chairs and the volunteer editors continue working with authors to submit material to our content partners.
Other: A meeting will be scheduled with the volunteer editors and Co-Chairs in late May to check in on how things are going.


  • Promotions were sent for the June 5 Qcast.
  • Working to schedule the practice session for June during the week of May 26.
Committee: All Qcasts except for October (live from the QRCA Annual Conference) are finalized for 2014.
Other: April Qcast: registration was a new all-time high of 287, with nearly 160 attendees (also a new record). On-demand views so far total 48.


Committee: The Task Force is prioritizing their revenue-generation ideas in order to prepare a final recommendation for the Board.
Other: Next meeting TBD.


Staff: Looking into making the site responsive for devices in May.
  • The committee is discussing research into site usability.
  • The committee continues to promote Forum usage.
Other: Next meeting is TBD.


  • Laurie Pumper continues work on a Social Media plan, including links to VIEWS articles.
  • Nicki Brunner submitted ads for the Summer issue.
  • Laurie has compiled information from the bids received for VIEWS and sent the information to the RFP review team.
  • The committee met on March 28. Work on the Summer issue articles was nearly complete at that time.
  • Articles for the Fall 2014 issue are underway.
  • To make editing easier for the volunteer editors, quick guides of the Chicago Manual of Style were ordered by staff and mailed to feature editors, managing editors, and EIC.
  • The Twitter Team will post links to Spring VIEWS articles as soon as the issue is available.
  • An additional committee meeting is scheduled for July 11.
  • Shaili Bhatt and Jeff Jordan reviewed proposals and interviewed prospective publishers for VIEWS. In addition, Monica Zinchiak and Susan Saurage-Altenloh (who served on the RFP review team last time) provided guidance to the team.

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