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June 2015
Vol. 14, Number 5

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MemCom Happenings

Philip Smith,

The MemCom team has been busy in May working with the Board on a few areas related to membership.

Member Expansion

During May we sent a LinkedIn message, as a ‘Manager’s Choice’. (Thank you, Ricardo Lopez.) This message alerted the 11,600 plus members to this significant change in QRCA member criteria. It read:

QRCA membership has expanded to include qualitative researchers working in areas of product design, branding strategy and user strategy, and academics (college professors and graduate students teaching qualitative research). This expansion reflects the changing and dynamic qualitative environment. So if you considered becoming a member of QRCA and didn’t feel you qualified now is the time to join. Here’s a quick link to the QRCA membership page.

Why don’t you go to LinkedIn and add your comment?

LinkedIn Messaging

MemCom has been working to develop a monthly alert on LinkedIn about the benefits of being a member. These are the areas we’re going to highlight over the next few months. We’ll be talking with other QRCA committees to drive these messages.

  • SIGs
  • Mid-year discount
  • International
  • Networking
  • Conference
  • Benefits of membership

Like all LinkedIn conversations, the more people that like and discuss a message, the more it is seen.  So, please, when you are on LinkedIn, make a comment!

New Member Ambassador Program

The broad idea is that an existing QRCA member is teamed with a new member – hopefully through location or interests. The existing member buddies them for at least the first year through occasional contact such in person at a meeting, emails, or the occasional phone call.

A big thank you to Sharon Laukhuff for taking on the role of ambassador coordinator and to Pascal Patenaude for serving as the content curator for the communications to Ambassadors. They will be working with Ewald, MemCom and the Chapters to ensure our new members are welcomed to QRCA and informed as to what is happening.


Don’t forget about our annual membership drive. For every new member that you recruit for QRCA membership, you will receive one ticket for a drawing. There is no limit to the number of new members you can bring in or the number of tickets you can have in the draw! 

The drawing will be held at the Conference in Florida and the winner will receive a FREE membership for 2016. It’s that easy!

MemCom Team

If you’d also like to be part of this active committee please don’t hesitate to contact either Philip or Kendall

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VIEWS Announces Changes

Kay Corry Aubrey,

Effective with VIEWS’ summer issue, E&M Consulting of Chaska, Minnesota will be its publisher. The editorial team would like to thank Laurie Pumper, Ewald's Communication Director, and the QRCA Board for all the hard work they did to secure E&M's services and to make sure they will be a good fit for VIEWS. Our contract lasts for two years. We look forward to working with them!

Joel Reish, VIEWS Managing Editor, will be taking on the role of Editor in Chief from Kay Corry Aubrey starting with the Spring 2016 issue. Good luck, Joel!

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports—May 2015

Shannon Pfarr Thompson,

Annual Conference

  • Speakers are being notified of acceptance and the speaker kit is being sent out.
  • Staff is generating a Keynote contract.
  • Staff is working on committee leader's job descriptions for new participants.
  • Staff is building Exhibitor Manual and Speaker Manual.
  • Chairs and staff meet bi-weekly.
  • Keynote and breakout speakers are confirmed.
  • Sponsor committee is making calls to previous supporters.
  • Chairs are working to secure committee members.

Chapter Health Task Force

  • The committee met on April 30 to discuss the results of their research with Chapter Chairs and next steps for their work.


  • The April issue went out April 9.
  • Content has been collected for the May issue, and is scheduled to launch May 12.
  • May 22 is the deadline for the June issue.


  • No update.
  • The next meeting is on May 15.

Industry Relations

  • Shannon worked with Laurie Tema-Lyn to get a flyer into the bags for IIeX on April 29.
  • Committee members are helping the Marketing Committee with data collection
  • Liaisons have been working on our partnerships with Quirk's, GreenBook, MRA and PMRG to share qualitative content via sessions at their conferences.
  • The next meeting is on May 12.


  • Shannon and Nicki continue to get the Global Scholarship information out in NewsBites, Connections and to non-members.
  • The committee promoted the Global Scholarships to their networks and edited promotional materials.
  • The next meeting will be in June.

International Conference

  • The hotel contract has been finalized and signed.
  • Chairs are reaching out to potential committee members.
  • The next meeting is TBD.

Investment Advisory Group

  • No update.

Marketing Committee

  • Laurie participated in one of the mini-team meetings.
  • The committee met on April 27 and continued work on brand strategy.
  • Julie, Diane, Melanie, Lynn and Janet are writing the brand concepts based on mini-team and full committee work.
  • Committee members will participate in concept testing, finalizing concepts for testing, testing the concepts via IDIs, making revisions based on feedback, and preparing a Board presentation.
  • The next full committee meetings are scheduled for May 18, June 2 and June 22.


  • A share campaign is being set up by Nicki, Kathie and Kate via a retweet contest for 2014 YPG applicants.
  • New copy for the website has been sent to communications to update the website based on the bylaws vote.
  • Last met on March 18. The April meeting was cancelled due to schedule conflicts. Email updates have been shared.
  • An ambassador lead has been identified.
  • The committee is working on messaging for the LinkedIn group to take advantage of the new membership opportunities.
  • The next meeting is May 20.


  • Laurie sent out promotional emails for the May Qcast.
  • The May Qcast speaker has been confirmed and promotion for that session has begun.
  • The April Qcast had 38 registrations and 26 attendees.


  • Staff is sending out sponsorship promotions regularly.
  • Staff continues to update the sponsor prospect list and keep live updates on outreach progress.
  • The committee met on April 20 to discuss next steps for outreach to potential sponsors for the conference and Annual Sponsor programs.
  • Committee members are calling sponsors to encourage participation and answer questions.
  • Valerie Esqueda is working on marketing materials to introduce new sponsors to QRCA.
  • The next meeting is on May 18.


  • The Forum Digest continues to go out every Wednesday.
  • The committee has split into teams and is focusing on specific activities for the website and Forum.
  • The next meeting is on May 14.


  • Laurie has worked with the committee and our new publisher on the Summer magazine.
  • Laurie set up a Basecamp account for the VIEWS committee.
  • The VIEWS webpage has been updated with the Spring issue.
  • House ads have been created for the Summer issue.
  • The committee met on March 27.
  • E&M Publishing is working on layout of the Summer VIEWS issue; they expect to have a draft for review by the end of May.
  • The next committee meeting is scheduled for July 10.
  • Staff and volunteers are working to download material from NEBM's Basecamp account and move it to the QRCA Basecamp account.

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