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June 2016
Vol. 15, Number 5

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CoNfErEnCe UpDaTe!! (Can You Feel Our Excitement?)

Kate Wagenlander Watson,
Jeff Walkowski,

power of perspectiveWe are very excited to report the 2017 QRCA annual conference — January 18 through January 20 in Los Angeles — is coming together so well, it is even exceeding our expectations!

“Jeff and Kate, how is this possible since the conference is still months away?”

The Call for Papers went out; and we understand some really exciting proposals have been submitted embracing the conference theme, “The Power of Perspective.”

“So talk to us about this conference theme: ‘The Power of Perspective’!”

It’s grounded in the belief that individual perspectives enable each of us to look at the same event or situation, but take away different impressions. No single perspective is necessarily better or “more correct” than the other. In fact, taking a different perspective can bring new insights. And, perspectives can vary based on age, gender, geography, research role, or past “listening” career.

“Tell us more about the presentation opportunities!”

Have a presentation idea, whether first time or veteran presenter? Submit it!! Know someone who is not a QRC, but could provide a powerful perspective to how QRC’s work? Tell THEM to submit it!! Submission deadline is Monday, June 20.

“Even more important: When can we register?”

Conference registration will not open until September. But get the conference dates — January 18 through January 20, 2017 — locked into calendars now!

“Jeff and Kate: This all sounds amazing, but are you two getting any sleep, or are you both working on this 24/7?”

There are a lot of people working hard to make the conference experience all it can be, plus much more. They’re our “village”; and anyone interested in joining a committee should reach out to the appropriate “village” member.

Co-Chairs Jeff Walkowski
Jeff Walkowski
Kate Wagenlander
Kate Wagenlander Watson
Healthy Connections Paula Kramer
Paula Kramer

Speakers Kendall Nash
Kendall Nash
Mark Sumpter
Mark Sumpter
Session Hosts Susan Thornhill
Susan Thornhill
Marketing Susan Saurage Altenloh
Susan Saurage-Altenloh
Casey Bernard
Casey Bernard
QRCA MarCom Liaisons Anya Zadrozny
Anya Zadrozny
Iris Yim Iris Yim
RoundTables Tom Rich
Tom Rich
Lorie Poe
Lorie Poe
DineArounds Cris Bain-Borrego
Cris Bain-Borrego
Cris Bain-Borrego
Susanna Franek
Early Arrivals Dinner Laura Albers Julie Smith
First Timers/Ambassadors Beth Preece
Beth Preece
Sponsorship Monica Zinchiak
Lynn Greenberg

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2017 QRCA Annual Conference Call for Presenters

Kendall Nash,
Mark Sumpter,

How do you elicit information to get at the truth? What’s your perspective?

The theme of the 2017 conference in Los Angeles, to be held at the J.W. Marriott hotel, January 18-20, is “The Power of Perspective.”

As you’ve just read (or if not, see above for more conference goodies!), each of us can look at the same thing from various angles and see completely different things. There is power in differing perspectives for us to grow as practitioners.

We’re seeking both Presentation and Round Table proposals that leverage the conference theme. Remember, you may have a unique perspective on what the theme means. Play around with the idea and think about ways you can stretch others’ thinking as we expand our perspective and outlook on the world together.

  • Presentations:
    The 2017 presentation selections should provide QRCs with the opportunity to consider their craft from a wide variety of new perspectives potentially including (but definitely not limited to) perspectives based on:
    • Gender
    • Research role (Moderator/Respondent/Client Observer)
    • Age or generation group (Boomer, Gen X, Millennial)
    • Research approach (Ethnography/Online/Mobile/Traditional)
    • Geographic location (State/Country/Continent)
    • Career (Actor/Artist/Attorney/Chef/Detective/Journalist/Documentary Film-Maker/Politician/Social Worker)
    • Other types of research (Social Media Listening/User Experience/Customer Experience/Behavioral Economics/Semiotics/Neuroscience/Academic)
  • Roundtable Discussions:
    Year after year, attendees find the Roundtables more valuable as part of their conference learning and networking. This year, we’re formalizing it a bit more and would love idea submissions for Roundtable sessions you may be interested in leading. It’s a great opportunity for those who may not be interested or are not ready to present at a session, but still want to share their thought leadership to help other QRCs elevate their craft.

Visit the QRCA conference webpage to learn more and submit a proposal.

Also, please feel free to reach out directly to Kendall and Mark, the 2017 Speaker Committee co-chairs, with any questions.

We look forward to your submissions!

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Gain The Latest Marketing Research and Analytics Insights at the 2016 ART Forum, June 26-29 in Boston

Whether researcher, academic or practitioner, the AMA’s 27th Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum offers the opportunity to explore the latest developments in marketing analytics.

Learn about the tools that work as well as the ones that don’t; and develop a network of colleagues who are serious about solving problems and advancing the field of marketing.

From preconference tutorials to the latest marketing research and analytics insights, this conference aims to engage, educate and help innovate.

Program Sessions Include:

  • Social Network Analysis and Targeting
  • Modeling Customer and Market Dynamics
  • Market Structure and Visualization
  • Market Segmentation
  • Conjoint and Choice Modeling
  • Marketing Metrics
  • New Advances In Correcting for Noise and Biases in Survey Research
  • Leveraging Large and Unstructured Data for Actionable Insights

For more information, or to register, visit the 2016 ART Forum website: Use code: ART30 at checkout.

Additional (Limited Availability) Opportunity: ART Forum Exhibition Table.

Contact Lore Gil for more information, or to reserve an exhibitor table in the Forum.

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