March 2014
Vol. 13, Number 2

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Important Announcements from the Industry Relations Committee: Upcoming ARF and lleX Events 

Rick Weitzer,

Keep up with evolving trends in our Industry. 

The Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF) annual Re-Think conference, to be held March 23-26 in New York City, is all about new initiatives in the marketing research world that impact us as qualitative research consultants. The theme, “Rethinking Consumer Engagement,” focuses on mobile and social media advertising and marketing. Check it out at or contact QRCA member Lynn Greenberg for more details (

Announcing a call for speakers.

For the second year in a row, QRCA will provide speakers for a QRCA-branded track of five, 20-minute qualitative research sessions at Greenbook’s North American Insights Innovation Event [IIeX], which will take place in Atlanta, June 16-18. Click here for more information. 

This promises to be another successful event with 600+ attendees expected, bringing together client-side researchers, technology providers, qualitative and quantitative practitioners and academics to share their thoughts on trends and breakthroughs in our industry.

If you are interested in being considered as a speaker, please complete and submit this form no later than Wednesday, March 12 to Kristin Schwitzer, chair of the QRCA Track, at Note: the deadline and selection process for the five QRCA sessions are different than for the balance of the sessions, which are being handled directly by Greenbook. We are looking for dynamic presentations that showcase innovative ways to generate insights; case studies; and provocative points of view. Our QRCA Track is specifically focused on innovation in qualitative research.

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Membership Expansion Task Force Update

Rick Weitzer, Chair,

The Membership Expansion Task Force, which is investigating our members' opinions about expanding the criteria for QRCA membership, has wrapped up a large-scale quantitative survey and three in-person focus groups (conducted in Los Angeles, Dallas and New York). 

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. Within the next month, we will launch a bulletin board focus group that will allow us to hear opinions from around the world. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to participate in this phase of the research.

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Announcing the 2014 Membership Drive

Philip Smith,

What makes QRCA so valuable?
We would argue, it is the members!
The people who you call when you have a question, the ones to look to on the Forum for thoughts, and the ones that you look forward to seeing at the Conference every year.

For this reason, MemCom is looking to you to help increase the richness of this amazing organization while also offering you the opportunity to win a free renewal for 2015!

What do I do?
Recruit a new member!
For every new member who you recruit for QRCA membership, you will receive one ticket for a drawing. There is no limit to the number of new members you can bring in, or the number of tickets you can have in the hopper! 

The drawing will be held at the 2014 Annual Conference in New Orleans and the winner will receive a free membership for 2015. It’s that easy!

Take a moment and think of one QRC you know who has not yet taken the plunge. Now, send them a quick email and tell them about how beneficial QRCA has been for you. Don’t forget to send them to the QRCA member benefits video,

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Philip Smith, Membership Committee Chair, at or Darrin Hubbard, Membership Director, at  

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TechCom: Forum Fabulous and Other News

Jennifer Dale,

Forum Fabulous
Log into the Forum and read up on great tips, answer questions from others, or post a question of your own. The QRCA Forum is an intimate place to share ideas and concerns without the public seeing a word. Have questions you wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on LinkedIn? Head to the Forum!

QRCA Website
TechCom is currently gathering metrics and evaluating the traffic on the recently redesigned QRCA website. Members interested in offering their time and sharing their website experience should contact co-chairs Dorrie Paynter ( or Jennifer Dale (

Social Media Research Is Here!
The newly organized SMR SIG wrapped up the second meeting recently and members are already diving into their first assignment. Active members are evaluating HootSuite and TweetDeck and sharing their experiences on the group’s SMR SIG forum. 

The next meeting is Tuesday, April 22 at 12pm EDT, where reviews will be summarized and the next assignment will be issued. The team plans to build on its experiences with different monitoring tools and ultimately share with all QRCA members. 

Members interested in rolling up their sleeves and testing out this emerging research trend should contact Co-chairs Kris Hodges ( or Jennifer Dale ( for assignments and meeting schedule.

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports — March 2014

Darrin Hubbard,

Annual Conference

Staff:Sent CFP submission announcement email on 1/29.
  • The Sponsorship Committee is finalizing the exhibit/sponsor prospectus.
  • The Speaker Committee co-chairs are working on the 2014 program.
Other: Julie Cygan just completed the 2015 Conference site visit with Kendall Nash.

QRCA/AQR Conference

  • Sponsorship/Exhibitor emails went out 1/15 and 1/28. Also promoted in News Bites.
  • Conference registration will be live on 2/5. Announcement email to go out same day.
  • Speaker committee finalized presenters and conference schedule.
  • Working on venues for evening events.
  • Worked on ad for VIEWS with staff.

Brand Communication

  • Laurie Pumper continues work to publicize Qcasts.
  • Laurie and other staff members will get analytics on the research buyers section of the QRCA website.
  • Rebecca Bryant and Isabelle Albanese met to review QRCA's "Find a Researcher" house ad.
  • The next committee meeting will be scheduled soon.
Other: Laurie and Nicki Brunner continue work on QRCA's LinkedIn company page.


Staff: The February issue went out February 11.
Committee: Material for the March issue is due by February 28 and it is scheduled to go out on March 10.
Other: Kelly Heatly is working with Nicki Brunner, the Board, and TechCom on a new format for Connections in the member Forum.


  • Last met on January 17 and did some planning for 2014 activities.
  • The committee continues to work on finalizing the cheater/repeater report.
  • Sub-committees have been formed to discuss the City List and Sigma.
  • The next article FieldCom will publish will be on algorithms.
Other: The next meeting will be on February 7.

Industry Relations

Staff: Staff updated a 2014-15 industry calendar and asked the committee for feedback.
  • The committee met on January 14 to discuss ongoing business and the results of the online bulletin board that discussed strategic direction for the committee. The committee decided to meet every other month instead of monthly.
  • Kristin Schwitzer is working on a qualitative track for GreenBook’s June event.
Other: Next meeting is on March 11.


Staff:A timeline for 2014 activities was drafted by staff and approved by the Chairs.
Committee:Committee confirmed there will be brochures available at the Worldwide Research conference in Budapest and have requested speaking time.
Other:The next meeting is TBD.

Investment Advisory Group

  • No new updates.

Membership Expansion Task Force

  • Nicki Brunner sent survey emails on 2/3, 1/27 1/23 and 1/20. Also was included in News Bites.
  • Staff ordered the iPad minis for the drawing winners.
  • The task force last met on January 6.
  • Three research teams have been formed: internal-quant, external and internal-qual.
  • The internal quant team launched its survey to the membership in mid-January.
  • Topline results of the quant study have been compiled and circulated to the Task Force. Open-end responses have been compiled and will be sorted by positive/negative/neutral/other.
  • Qual team will start its research the weekend of February 8.
Other: The next meeting is February 10.


  • Darrin Hubbard and Shannon Thompson called and sent follow-up emails to the 350 non-renewed members the week of January 27.
  • Reminder emails were sent 1/28, 1/23 and 12/31.
  • The committee will again conduct the refer-a-member drive in 2014.
  • An update was shared by Kea Wheeler on the Membership Expansion Task Force.
  • The committee discussed renewal efforts and progress to date.
Other: The next meeting is February 12.

Public Relations

  • Hart continues to follow up on articles for our content partners, with help from the committee.
  • Hart continues to follow up with Quirk's on 2014 opportunities.
  • Hart staff have scheduled a webinar with AMA; Randi Stillman will present on Competitor Intelligence.
  • Laurie Pumper and Asia Rapai continue working on a plan to expand the reach of QRCA's content through social media.
  • Asia worked with Nicki Brunner on updating the News & Press page.
  • The committee met on February 4. The committee continued to provide ideas for authors for articles with our content partners (most are already confirmed for 2014).
  • Hart will work with Jennifer Dale on using the QRCA website as a repository for QRCA content.
  • Hart continues to pitch our first Perspectives piece to a number of publications.
  • The next meeting will be held on March 18.


Staff: Promotions were sent for the February 6 Qcast.
Committee: The committee has nearly finalized plans for the 2014 schedule.
  • January Qcast – registration was 174, with attendees 124.  On-demand views so far total 61.
  • February Qcast: Registration stood at 130 one day prior to the session.


Staff: The Task Force presented a progress report to the Board for its January meeting.
Other:Next meeting TBD.


  • Tweaks continue to be collected and made to the site and the Forum.
  • Rollovers have been reversed. Color will soon be added. Added scrolling feeds to homepage.
  • Looking into SEO options for 2014.
  • The committee met on January 9 to discuss the website and Forum enhancements and how to engage members.
  • Kris Hodges, Jen Dale and Dorrie Paynter met with staff on January 13 to discuss using Google analytics.
Other: Next meeting is February 13.


  • Laurie Pumper will continue to follow up on action items from the quarterly business meeting.
  • Laurie continues work on a Social Media plan, including links to VIEWS articles.
  • Nicki Brunner submitted ads for Spring issue.
  • Articles for the Summer 2014 issue are underway.
  • The Twitter Team is posting links to Winter VIEWS articles on a regular basis.
  • The next VIEWS Business meeting will be held on Feb. 6.
  • The next committee meeting will be held on March 28.
  • An additional committee meeting is scheduled for July 11.

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