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March 2014
Vol. 13, Number 2

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Just a Few Days Left to Submit Your Proposal for QRCA 2014 Annual Conference

Jay Zaltzman and Abby Leafe, aka “Jabby”,

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Can you believe how time flies?! There are just a few days left until March 15, the last day to submit your proposal to give a presentation at this year’s annual conference. 

This year’s conference will be extra fun, since we’ll be in New Orleans… in fact, our theme this year is “Learn, Connect, and Let the Good Times Roll!”

Get the details and submit your proposal at And if you have a suggestion for a specific presenter or topic you’d like to see, let us know at

See you in New Orleans – October 15-17.

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AQR/QRCA Worldwide Conference:
Take the “CCD Test”

Greg Rathjen,

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As I write this, there are but 60 days until the start of the AQR/QRCA Worldwide Conference being held in Budapest, so this is probably a good time to think seriously about this Conference and the wisdom of attending. If you are anything like me, you’ve probably shifted your annual attendance to a few “good” conferences. For me, that means a conference that passes my personal “CCD test:”

  • It has to be a conference that offers compelling content with topics that interest me, intrigue me, and offer me something I can use. It needs to offer me enough breadth that serendipity might work to impact my business in ways I hadn’t thought.  
  • It has to be a conference that provides a high degree of camaraderie, companionship, and collaboration. For me, that has been – more often than not – something to do with the QRCA, because the conference participants are so universally welcoming and open. (Not to disparage other conferences, but it is hard to connect with other attendees whose eyes are focused in the distance behind you, presumably in search of someone more important.) Qualitative conferences have always been about connection, rather than competitive superiority or raw networking. 
  • It has to be held at a place I want to go to, that I anticipate I can enjoy, where I can explore and immerse myself: it is all about the destination. There have been times when my conference decision was between Des Moines, Iowa or Tampa, FL. Those locations figured in the calculations and shaped the final CCD scores that, of course, sent me to Des Moines.

The calculus to attend the Budapest event is pretty simple. The content is pretty amazing—the session topics alone are enticing:

Day 1
Setting our Course: Qualitative Research and Its Context
Moving from Theory to Action: Behavioral Economics in the Real World
Making it Inclusive: Engaging with Hard-to-Reach Audiences
Digging Deeper: Real-World Examples, Real-World Insights
Qualitative Mash-Up: Borrowing from Other Disciplines

Day 2
Putting the Participant First: Partners on the Journey
One World, Many Cultures: Going Beyond Maps and Guidebooks
Millennial Matters: Young Apprentices
Updating Your Toolkit: Gamification and New Approaches

Check out the schedule details and the speaker bios on the Conference website

Beginning in early March, the website will offer interviews with various speakers who will identify the factors that shaped their interest in this conference, and what they intend to share in their presentations. We’ll email the URLs soon; they’ll also be on the website. This enterprise is in collaboration with a sponsor of ours, VisionLive.

The calculus to attend the Budapest event is pretty simple. 

The companionship will be remarkable. There are plenty of opportunities built into the schedule to meet, greet, and exchange views. It will be nice to learn and share a more global perspective within the comfort zone of qualitative care. 

There is little to complain about in the destination. The scenic beauty is legendary. The two cities offer a rich interchange of cultural experiences. The dine-a-rounds are scheduled to take place in the vibrant restaurant area in the heart of the city with Hungarian foods to inspire us. On May 1, which is a holiday in Budapest, we will be on the Danube for a two-hour dinner cruise, docking in the heart of the city for more activity on or off the boat. Check this out:

danube cruise

Visit the Conference website to learn more and to register. Go on Google to explore Budapest. Watch and listen to our speakers when the videos are sent out. Then commit to join us for a conference that far exceeds the CCD norm. (Best do that soon, since April 30 - May 2 isn’t that far away. For many of us, April can’t come soon enough – and March is already here. That’s important too, as the deadline for the conference rate at the lovely Marriott Budapest is March 24.)

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