March 2014
Vol. 13, Number 2

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kendall nash
Kendall Nash

From the President

Kendall Nash,

Plug in with Your Chapter

If you’ve never taken that next step, or perhaps have disconnected a bit, now is the perfect opportunity to plug in with your local QRCA chapter. Through the recent Membership Survey, it was incredibly evident that those who are actively involved with a chapter get more from their membership. The strong relationships and network built at the chapter level are unparalleled; and the medium of chapter meetings offers a low-risk place to learn, grow, and ask those seemingly absurd questions.

I’ve been lucky to be a part of a thriving chapter here in Cincinnati. The Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky, or OHINKY, as it goes, offers a fun way to learn so much for those of us in this part of the world. I recently had a chance to talk to Kathy Glandorf, one of the co-chairs of the OHINKY chapter, to hear more about her perspective on the value of getting involved at the chapter level. This is actually Kathy’s third time chairing. She served for a year when she first joined, then later on for two years; and she volunteered to help out again a few years ago. So Kathy has really seen a lot during her years as a leader of the chapter.

kathy glandorf
Kathy Glandorf, OHINKY Chapter Co-chair

What do you believe are the key benefits of getting involved with your local chapter?

Being a co-chair means you are involved. Personally, I like to know what is going on at all times – so being a co-chair means I have the inside scoop on what is going on nationally and with other chapters. To me, the benefits also include a direct connection to all the chapter members. I know when people have questions, and I can offer assistance in answering those questions. I like acting as a liaison and connecting people to solutions. When they hear about new conferences they send me the info so I can pass it along. I am a leader and a connection to everyone in the chapter. 

Personally and/or professionally, what have you gotten from your involvement with the chapter?

Wow, so much. Just by being co-chair, I have made personal connections with the chapter members – and also with so many of the national members. At the annual meeting I get to meet other chapter chairs, find out what they are doing and have a direct link to new ideas for meetings and presentations. It is really the networking and personal contact that makes me feel connected to the organization as a whole. If I was not a chapter chair, I would never have been involved with the speaker committee for last year’s conference or the website task force. I think getting involved offers a more enriching experience. When you offer yourself, you get so much more in return. Because I am independent, I do not have a company to back me up. Because of my involvement with QRCA, I do not hesitate to ask another member for advice about a project or for suggestions on how to approach a specific question. We are an awesome group of committed individuals. It is like having an entire company backing you up whenever you need them. QRCA is also a way to connect with people other than clients. I can talk to other people in my profession who will commiserate with me and stand by me; it is a way to be connected to the real world.

What made you decide to serve as a co-chair of your chapter?

Because I always get involved Sometimes I think I have the words ‘ask me’ tattooed on my forehead. Volunteering means getting involved, and that means knowing what is going on and helping to guide and direct the organization. I have always lived by the adage “lead, follow or get out of my way.”  Personally I prefer to lead, so here I am. I feel accomplished when I can assist others, and I like to be able to bring knowledge and look for fun and interesting things to present to the chapter.

How do you recommend that someone to get involved with their chapter if they are interested in getting plugged in?

Just raise your hand. Getting involved is easy; it just takes the commitment to stand up and say you will do it. Everyone I have met, from every chapter throughout the organization, has been gracious and welcoming. It does not take anything to get involved except a desire to do it. If someone is concerned about the time commitment or the amount of work involved, generally there are other members who are also involved to share the load; we share the responsibilities and the tasks. It helps bring people together and form relationships and friendships. I now have friends from California to Virginia Beach – isn’t that just the coolest thing?

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Monica Zinchiak
Monica Zinchiak

Action! From the Board

Monica Zinchiak, QRCA Secretary,

Your 2014 Board of Directors met on February 10, 2014, via conference call to take care of the association’s monthly business. Updates to report from this meeting include:  

  • Membership dues receipts are lower than expected for a second year in a row— $15,940 lower than last year at this time. Please remind your QRC friends and colleagues that membership has its benefits, and you must be a member to benefit.
  • The AQR/QRCA joint conference in Budapest, April 30-May 1, is coming together nicely. Make your plans now to attend.
  • QRCA’s 2014-2015 Strategic Plan was finalized. In the coming year, you will see streamlined initiatives to advance the association and its benefits to members.

Your board will meet next on Monday, March 17, 2014, at 1:00pm EDT.

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monica zinchiak
Monica Zinchiak

Getting to Know Your Board

Monica Zinchiak,

Editor’s Note: Each month, one Board member contributes an article to Connections on a topic of his/her choice. In this way, members get to know their Board of Directors a bit better.

I’m surfing LinkedIn today. I do not get to do this very often, and all experts would tell you that making time regularly to update your profile, post to groups, “like” a colleague’s posting, etc. is needed to keep you higher in the rankings. I do little of this, though I know I should do more. Instead I just read and lurk. My favorite groups are QRCA Group (more than 7,000 members), a couple of market research insight groups, and a local user experience group.

In my LIL (LinkedIn lurking) today, I came across a posting which hyperlinked to a TED Talk. I love TED Talks, and I have at least 350 of them archived in iTunes. I listen to almost everything that is populated into the podcast section of my account.  I think I subscribe to something like 47 unique podcast programs. Did you know that even some of our QRCA members have their own podcast programs in iTunes? Did you know QRCA VIEWS has its own podcast in iTunes? Yet, I was not familiar with the TED Talk from Eli Pariser until today. Mr. Pariser is the author of The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalization of the Web is Changing How We Think, Penguin Press, 2012. The synopsis for his talk is as follows, and you can find the complete TED Talk at

As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there's a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a "filter bubble" and don't get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview.

So, like most TED Talks, the views and ideas shared start to percolate in my mind throughout the course of the days that follow. What bubbles up right now (pun intended) is how the ideas Mr. Pariser expresses relate to my beloved QRCA. I think deeply about this organization, the people who make it breathe, and the dynamics of qualitative professionals. Let me explain my prevalent thought very briefly with a just a few words and a single image. I encourage you to watch this TED Talk to apply your own thoughts to the image that I have prepared, which will look familiar after you see the TED Talk presentation.

What is taking place outside of our bubble is still happening. 
What are we missing?

I am going to repost this article on the QRCA Forum in “QRCA Suggestion Box.” Please share with us what bubbles up for you.

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