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March 2016
Vol. 15, Number 2

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You Are Destined to Be Transformed!

3 Days of Transformative Thinking

As researchers, our job is to study the present — to objectively observe what’s happening in front of us, in real time, and to make recommendations about the future of our clients’ businesses. We do our damnedest, dutifully.

Fortune Cookie

But. Have you ever felt the weight of a big honkin' business decision—the kind that could make, or break, your client’s business? Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball in that instant, to whip out just before you hit “send” to be sure the future aligns with what you’re seeing today?

If so, you’re among friends. QRCA friends, to be exact. And we’ve got your back (or, more accurately, your front) on this.

We heart you, you see, and it just so happens we heart the future as well. To prove it to you, we’ve invited Tamira Snell (Top Dog Futurist from the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies in Denmark to be the Keynote Speaker at our Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research, in Vienna, Austria, April 13-15. She said yes! She said yes! Our prediction? Amazing.

Tamira Snell

More good news: No penalty for late registration!

Let's say you really, really want to attend the conference, but are waiting to hear about the timing of a big project. Whether that big project comes before or after our conference, you can still register for the Worldwide Conference at our early registration rate! And if you're a QRCA member from a country with a GDP of less than US $30,000, you get an extra 25% discount.

QRCA Worldwide Conference logo

Need more reasons to attend the conference?
Travel to Europe from the U.S. is less expensive than it’s been in more than a decade. QRCA hasn’t raised its rates for the conference in several years. Our conference registration fee is the same as it was for the Budapest conference!

mercer report

According to the most recent Mercer Report (23 February 2016), Vienna ranks top in the world for overall quality of living — including internal stability, crime figures, and safety costs. No particular vaccines are needed to visit Vienna. The First District, where our conference hotel is located, is commonly known as the City Center. It is very walkable and it’s where many Viennese go to shop and take in the cultural attractions. QRCA’s conference website offers links to help you plan your trip.

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Exclusive Exhibiting Opportunity Available at PMRG CONNECT Conference

Caroline Volpe,

Thanks in part to the efforts of the Industry Relations Committee, this year the PMRG CONNECT conference is offering market research firms of four market researchers or fewer a unique opportunity to exhibit. PMRG will have a Boutique Corner available at the Global Partner Expo where six table-top exhibits will be available at an introductory rate on a first-come, first-served basis. The price is $1,495 and it includes registration to the entire conference. More information about this opportunity can be found here.

For more information contact PMRG directly at

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