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March 2016
Vol. 15, Number 2

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Welcome New Members!

By Sharon Laukhuff,

Patricia Sauerbrey Colton

Always fascinated by people and their material and virtual passions, Patricia Sauerbrey Colton studied psychology and earned her post-graduate degree at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. Connecting her creative, strategic, and psychological ambitions, she started her career at Internet, advertising and media agencies (inity, BBDO, medialogics, ZenithOptimedia) — first in Germany, then in the U.S. Dissatisfied with the ability of her psychological degree to deeply and scientifically explain consumer behavior and motivations, she came across Morphological Psychology, an in-depth psychological approach to unveil un/conscious drivers and barriers to consumer choices and actions. Becoming certified as a Morphological Market and Media Researcher was an eye-opening experience to her, having found a scientific method to truly understand and explain the tensions and conflicts consumers feel, and to provide actionable marketing insights to speak to their often contradictory motives. With the move to the U.S., Patricia not only followed her heart to be with her future husband and father of their two kids, but also connected her passions with a unique offering to the American market: Patricia established and continues to head-up rheingold's U.S. business. rheingold is a leading European firm for international morphological research. Patricia is looking forward to getting to know fellow QRCA researchers, bouncing ideas around, sharing with and learning from others, and connecting with like-minded professionals.

Lorie Poe

Lorie has worked in the marketing research industry since 2001. She has worked on both the client and supplier sides, starting her career on the client side as a research analyst with Pier 1 Imports and later, as research manager with Radio Shack. Lori moved to the supplier side in 2006. Though she has strong quantitative skills and most of her early work was in quantitative, her passion lies in qualitative. Including brief diversions back into the quant world, Lorie has spent the past eight years as an independent consultant. In those years she primarily has been analyzing and writing qualitative reports for other moderators, but also moderating online bulletin boards and online communities. Lorie joined QRCA to strengthen connections with the qualitative research community and to continue to expand networks for shared benefit. She is particularly interesting in building her expertise and experience in the online qualitative space.

Lorie lives in Fort Worth, TX with her two teenage daughters and a very stubborn basset hound. She misses her oldest daughter, who is off at college being an Auburn, Alabama War Eagle! Lorie enjoys traveling, vegetarian cooking, and doing hot yoga in her spare time. She holds a PhD in Community Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mindy Richards

I have been a market research professional — with a concentration in healthcare — for over 25 years in total. In 1996, I formed Convergence Consulting Corporation and have been personally providing qualitative and quantitative consulting services since that time.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies (especially film noir and thrillers), attending wine tastings, playing board games, romping with my golden retriever, and seeing the world. Since I have been fortunate enough to achieve my original “top-three” travel experiences (Egyptian pyramids, Galapagos Islands, African safari), I am eager to start on my next “top-three” list: Petra, Antarctica, and Easter Island. QRCA's international scope, coupled with its educational opportunities and ability to connect with colleagues near and far, fits well with both my professional and personal interests.

Urvashi Soni-Sinha, PhD

I am a new member of the QRCA and have joined the Canada Eastern Chapter. I am Adjunct Assistant Professor in Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology at the University of Windsor, Canada and teach in the Department of Women and Gender Studies. I have conducted extensive qualitative research around issues of labour, gender and employment. I have wide experience of conducting in-depth interviews and ethnographic research in India, the UK and Canada and have published extensively in academic journals. I have a Master’s in Business Economics and MPhil Economics from Delhi University, India and a PhD in Women and Gender Studies from University of Warwick UK.

I am planning to transition into a role as a Qualitative Research Consultant and hope that, through my membership in QRCA, I will get direction on the steps I need to make a smooth transition. I look forward to opportunities in which I could use my academic qualitative research experience in a corporate context.

Chris Young

I'm a career researcher specializing in Qualitative and UX methods for branding, product development, and customer service opportunities in the high-tech sector. I have experience in ticketing, travel, real estate and automotive industries, among others. I own my firm, The Qualitative Research Shop. Most frequently, I conduct UX Research related to product development, e-commerce and growth strategy. My “super powers as a researcher” are creativity in getting answers, flexibility with methodologies, and helping scrappy entrepreneurs DIY. I became a member of QRCA because I appreciate the networking opportunities and also because I enjoy meeting new people and learning from others. In my spare time I cycle, swim and run.

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Kudos Corner

Thanks to our newer QRCA leaders for their work on behalf of QRCA members locally!

  • Roben Allong, Content Committee
  • Dina Shulman, Southern California Chapter
  • Katrina Noelle, Northern California Chapter
  • Laurie Butler, Southeast Chapter
  • Mark Sumpter, IL/Chicago Chapter
  • Lynne Meisner and Lidia Vetturetti, Canada Chapter
  • Claire Booth and Jenny O'Connor, Pacific Northwest Chapter
  • Mike Karchner, Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Chapter
  • Vivianne Hiriart and Maria Parra, Latino SIG
  • Peter Switzer, Creativity + Innovation SIG

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