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March 2017
Vol. 16, Number 2

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manny schrager
Manny Schrager

VIEWS Has a New Landing Page on the QRCA Website

Manny Schrager,

VIEWS, our award-winning quarterly magazine, has a brand new landing page on The landing page will be updated to reflect the current issue each time VIEWS publishes. The beautiful, updated design provides greatly enhanced SEO and should elevate the stature of our magazine, our authors, and the QRCA. With this updated and more professional look, we believe it will be much easier to attract advertisers and authors, and also make it more attractive to both members and current/potential clients.

Regarding clients, here is the info you need to add them to the mailing list and give them access to the online version (this page is open to the public):

Visit When you go there, you will find that the green buttons on the bottom of the page have links to the digital edition, podcasts, past issues, and also, an option to request a free subscription.

Members can also email Laurie Pumper at with a list of clients that they’d like to add to the subscription list. This is a confidential list that only staff accesses.

We can thank Nicki Brunner and Laurie Pumper from Ewald Consulting for what I think is a very impressive and creative redesign. We can also thank our VIEWS team, Kay Corry Aubrey, Joel Reish, Jenifer Hartt and Susan Saurage-Altenloh for their guidance and direction.

2018 Worldwide Conference

Just a quick update: After a one year hiatus, it looks like the AQR will be collaborating with us again. We are ironing out some details, including where and when, but probably in May 2018 in Valencia, Florence, Madrid or Malaga. So stay tuned…

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Regina Szyszkiewicz
Regina Szyszkiewicz

Action! From the Board

Regina Szyszkiewicz,

The February Board meeting was action-packed, with the following approvals:

  • A new B2B SIG to be led by Lisa Horwich and Fiona Ray.
  • Philip Smith and Elizabeth Marconi as MemCom co-chairs.
  • The 2017 Strategic Plan.
  • A contract with Ewald Consulting, to provide 2017 and 2018 event sponsorship sales support.
  • The final 2017 budget.
  • A MemCom recommendation for a multiple-member discount structure within the same organization. As proposed: The first member pays the full amount, additional organization members receive a 25% discount. This program is to be further refined by MemCom and staff, with the goal of a 2018 rollout.

The next Board meeting will be on March 20.

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Ilka Kuhagen
Ilka Kuhagen

Getting to Know Your Board

Ilka Kuhagen,

My name is Ilka Kuhagen. I have three kids, but am an empty-nester; and am based in Munich, Germany. However, what I think is of more interest are some of the reasons leading me to serve on the QRCA Board again:

  1. I have just come back from the QRCA Conference in Los Angeles. There is nothing like it outside the US offering this type of learning, sharing and camaraderie. For this reason, I became actively engaged in QRCA with the International Committee, the International Chapter and as IR Liasion for Esomar.
  2. Roughly 12 percent of QRCA members are international members. The International Chapter hosts meetings, in which many US members participate.
  3. The next biennial World Wide Conference. International friends keep asking me where it will be. (Answer: Not yet decided).
  4. Every year, we award a Global Outreach Scholarship. This scholarship enables selected researchers from around the world to attend our conference. The aim is to not only spread the word about this exciting opportunity, but to also highlight this unique QRCA activity.
  5. I have met many interesting colleagues and gained many friends, working on the different QRCA committees. Friends to whom I can turn if I have a research related question or need a partner for an upcoming project; friends who have attended my birthday parties; friends with whom I can travel before and after conferences; and friends with a passion for diving into new and different cultures.

Simply put: QRCA is dear to my heart and I hope to contribute to its ongoing growth.

Ski Trip Ilka Kuhagen
This photo shows friends who went skiing with me after the conference this year.

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