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May 2016
Vol. 15, Number 4

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Eastern Canada Chapter Gets to “Play” on April Fool’s Day

Guylaine Ally-Bakerdjian,

I can confirm that the April 1 Eastern Canada Chapter meeting was not an April Fool’s prank! Six eager and interested QRC members were in attendance: Pascal Patenaude (our guest speaker and co-chair), Maryse Hudon (Chapter Co-Chair), Mark Lovell, Louise Leduc, Margaret Reid, and Guylaine Ally-Bakerdijan.

After the usual exchange of hugs and accolades, Pascal shared with us how improvisation had always been part of his life as a child, later as a young actor, and now as qualitative researcher. Pascal gave us a quick run-through of the topic he would be presenting with Marc Engel at the [then-upcoming] QRCA conference in Vienna in April, “The Unplanned Symphony: Using Improv to Tune Into Yourself and Others for the Benefit of Your Work and Your Life.”

Without giving away too much of the learning, Pascal showed us how improvisation fundamentals can be applied to focus groups, product innovation workshops, team building sessions, and even at home with family and friends. Pascal led us to realize that, as moderators and facilitators, we unconsciously use improvisation whenever we probe, ladder, build, and deep dive into an issue or topic. Improvising — not knowing what to expect — helps keep us focused in the moment and may even help us improve our listening skills. According to Pascal, improvisation is an act of faith and trust. As such, embracing vulnerability is key to good improv; it helps us connect with our participants/clients on a deeper level.

During the session, Pascal had us up on our feet practicing some very revealing improvisation exercises. Enough said, but a lot more to be learned.

Eastern Canada1
Attendees included (from left to right): Margaret Reid, Pascal Patenaude, Guylaine Ally-Bakerdjian, Maryse Hudon, Louise Leduc and Mark Lovell

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International Chapter Convenes Annual “In Person” Meeting in Vienna

Ilka Kuhagen,

The International Chapter had a very special Schnitzel Meeting at Figelmüller in Vienna. With so many international members attending the Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research, this was a great opportunity to meet over dinner and socialize. No topic was needed as all the heads were already packed with content from the conference. There was great conversation, and colleagues who had collaborated on projects in the past finally got to meet in person. What a great group of people!

We had 19 attendees at the International Committee Meeting, but were not able to get them all on one photo due to the huge Schnitzels in our way!

Corette Haf, International Committee co-chair and Board member (second from right) with a group of South African attendees and with Canada and US members.

Julia Spink, former chair of the International Chapter and a group from Turkey, Poland, Romania, Canada, and Spain.

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Naomi Henderson to Share Expertise and Experiences at OH/IN/KY Chapter Workshop

Ruth Connolly,

On Friday, May 20, 2016, the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky chapter of QRCA is pleased to offer a full-day training/learning session featuring qualitative marketing research legend Naomi Henderson, founder and CEO of the RIVA Training Institute. Naomi is the author of Secrets of a Master Moderator, a compilation of her qualitative wisdom earned over three decades. She has been a trainer, lecturer, and honored speaker at several universities and has appeared on the Today Show, Dateline, Discovery and on PBS.

This event will take place at SIRS, 201 Martha Layne Collins Blvd., Highland Heights, Kentucky on Friday, May 20, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration (which includes lunch and light snacks) costs $60 for QRCA members and $85 for non-members. For more information or to register, please contact OH/IN/KY Chapter President Sharon Laukhuff at or (317) 436-7844

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“Storytelling” the Topic of March OH/IN/KY Chapter Meeting

Sharon Laukhuff,

On March 25, the OHINKY chapter hosted a “Rise and Learn” meeting. Jamie Johnson of The Seek Company was our presenter, and he enlightened the attendees about the science behind storytelling. We learned the importance of telling the story behind the consumer, not just sharing the data. According to Jamie, stories have power — they elicit empathy.

Through the company’s Red Door methodology, Seek works to uncover the story behind an issue. Jamie shared an example of a client who wanted to understand why individuals with diabetes fail to take their insulin as prescribed. We saw all of the demographic and attitudinal data but what brought the message to life was hearing the story of a busy mother who neglected her insulin regimen because she did not want to feel “broken”. This insight was delivered using a powerful video. While we do not all have extensive video editing equipment at our disposal we can still try to crystallize the message to help our clients better visualize the message.

Product advertising is evolving. Companies are looking to find ways to connect with consumers, rather than just tout product features and benefits. Jamie gave examples of companies that were using stories to create empathy to get their message across. These included the “Like a Girl” campaign sponsored by Always and the “Crash Dummies” spot from Acura.

Overall, it was a successful meeting and all in attendance learned a lot.

Special thanks to The Seek Company for hosting the event at their facility, which is known as “The Living Room.”

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Southeast Chapter Toasts April Event, Invites All to Upcoming Mobile Workshop

Laurie Butler,

The Southeast Chapter says “cheers” to fellow QRCA members and friends from our April social event, when members and friends connected for a beautiful evening of wine and fellowship!

Southeast Chapter
(Left to right): Richard Bressler, Laurie Butler (Co-chair), Frank Sanders, Lauren St. George, Bruce Peoples, and Carl Fusco.

But wait, there’s more! The Southeast Chapter will meet again in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, May 20, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. CDT for a hands-on workshop entitled "Going Mobile! Maximizing Online and Mobile Qualitative Methods.”

The workshop will be presented by Mark Michelson, Executive Director, Mobile Marketing Research Association, and Isaac Rogers, CEO, 20|20 Technology, at 20|20 Research on 161 Rosa Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN. Registration is $25 for QRCA members and $35 for guests.

To register, CLICK HERE or contact Laurie Butler at or (770) 516-5464.

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