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November 2014
Vol. 13, Number 9

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Industry Relations Committee — Conference Report

Co-chairs, QRCA Industry Relations Committee:
Liz Van Patten,
Rick Weitzer,

Up until recently, almost all of the activities that QRCA initiated were focused entirely on our members. Being so internally-focused meant that awareness of our organization was lacking in the larger marketing research world, which made it difficult for the QRCA brand to have much meaning to our research partners. 

Then came IRCom, one of the few committees designed to be truly external-facing. Our mission has been to create and nurture long-term relationships with other research organizations. At the start, almost all of what our committee did was transactional in nature, facilitating the transfer of information about our research partners' content and events to QRCA members — and promoting QRCA content/events to our partners. 

Several years ago, our committee members started to engage our partners in discussions about having QRCA provide a "qualitative track" for their events. This started with AQR, which has partnered with QRCA on a European conference for many years and now includes two successful events with IIeX GreenBook conference.

We feel that shifting our focus to the outside world is already is having an impact on the perceptions of QRCA, increasing our visibility and giving us a true "seat at the table" in the larger MR world. In addition, we see the opportunities that these relationships generate as a key member benefit, so stay tuned for other opportunities to extend your content to the outside world.

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Watch this Video: IntCom Presents the 2014 QRCA Global Outreach Scholarship Recipients

International Committee

As during previous conferences, many members enjoyed meeting our Global Outreach Scholarship winners and interacting with them in New Orleans. This year’s winners, Andrea Greca Krueger and Misha Mathew, made the most of their conference experiences and returned to their home countries inspired and full of ideas.

Please click on the following link to see and hear first-hand what difference attending the recent conference in New Orleans made to them personally and professionally. They were interviewed by Pat Sabena, on behalf of the 2014 Scholarship Committee and International Committee:

Click here if you cannot view the video.

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janet standen
FREE membership winner Janet Standen

MemCom Happenings

Philip Smith,

Member Draw Winner 2014

We’d like to congratulate Janet Standen for winning FREE membership for 2015 in the 2014 Membership Drive. Janet, from San Francisco, was at the conference for the draw. We welcome Anne Bakstad (also from San Francisco) as the member she recruited, as well as all the other new members who joined in 2014. Thank you for helping to grow QRCA membership! 

Also, a special thank-you to all the other 50 members who brought in new members in 2014. Very much appreciated!

Members, please encourage new members to join QRCA — your encouragement provides positive support to build a strong membership base. In 2015 we will be running the “Member Bring a Member” drawing once again.

New Co-Chair
I am pleased to announce our recent past president, Kendall Nash, has volunteered to help manage and coordinate MemCom. Kendall is our new Co-Chair. We in MemCom thank her for taking on this role. A lot will be happening in 2015; so, if you’d like to help, please contact me or Kendall.

New Board Liaison
We welcome the new Board and our new liaison, Daniel Berkal, who joined the Board this year. I’d also like to thank Manny Schrager for being our liaison this year – but not to say farewell, as Manny will be staying on as part of the MemCom team.

Member Engagement
This month we produced a document for the Board that outlines MemCom’s thoughts on interacting and engaging with our membership. I’d like to thank the whole MemCom team for their time and thought in putting this document together. Thank you to Kea Wheeler, Elaine Gingold, Cris Bain-Borrego, and Maria Cedillo!

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TechCom’s GlowFest 2014 Results

Kris Hodges,

Much fun and frivolity ensued in New Orleans at GlowFest 2014. To promote the Member Forum and contest — Hot Tips for Cool QRCs — the QRCA Member Forum sponsored glow-ware for the Thursday annual conference party at Fulton Alley. 

glow night new orleans
Foster Winter and Jennifer Dale (left) and Kendall Nash (right) sporting glow-ware at the Thursday annual conference party at Fulton Alley.

One lucky winner received a $50 Amazon gift certificate. To find out who that lucky person was, check the Forum and take a look at all the great tips.

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports — October 2014

Darrin Hubbard,

Annual Conference

  • Attendee evaluation email reminder sent on 10/27.
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor evaluation email sent on 10/23.
  • Shipping Awards to winners.
  • Staff is submitting expenses and paying all outstanding invoices.
  • Still waiting for the final hotel bill.
  • Committees will be updating processes for 2015 Committee members.
  • Staff and Sponsorship Committee will be meeting to debrief and discuss next year's plans.


Committee: Material for the November issue is due by October 31 and is scheduled to go out on November 10.



The committee met in person at the conference and discussed planning for 2015.

Other: The next meeting will be November 7.

Industry Relations

Staff: Shannon put together and sent information for ESOMAR and Merlien conferences.
  • GreenBook agreement was approved at the October Board meeting.
  • MRA sent draft agreement for review.
Other: Next meeting is on November 11.


Staff: New Leaf Media sent the interview with the GOS winners to Ilka and Corette for inclusion in the November issue of Connections.
Other: The next meeting TBD.

Investment Advisory Group


No update.

Marketing Committee

  • Frankie provided a report for the October Board of Directors meeting.
  • Many additional committee members were recruited at the conference.
Other: The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 18.

Membership Expansion Task Force

Committee: The Board and METF presented the findings and next steps at the conference.


  • Staff coordinated the member referral drawing at the conference.
  • Staff drafted the membership renewal plan.
  • Staff pulled together data on international membership over the past 4 years.
  • The committee met on October 8 to finalize the member engagement recommendations.
  • The membership drawing will take place at the conference.
Other: The next meeting is November 12.

Public Relations

  • Laurie Pumper continues working with Co-Chairs and volunteer editors to confirm publication of articles with our content partners.
  • Laurie continues updating the News & Press page.
  • Shannon met with the chairs at the conference to clarify planned end date for volunteer editors' work.

Our Co-Chairs and the volunteer editors continue working with authors to submit material to our content partners.


  • Promotion is underway for the November Qcast.
  • The prep session for the November Qcast was held on October 27.
Other: As of October 27, 137 people are registered for the November Qcast.



The Forum Digest continues to go out every Wednesday. 

Committee: Items from the Usability Study are being reviewed and will be implemented.

Next meeting is November 13.



The new digital edition, launched on October 1, is starting to attract new subscribers. These subscribers are being entered into the QRCA database.


The committee met on October 10. Content looks good for Winter and Spring issues.

  • The next committee meeting is scheduled for January 16.
  • Committee leadership continues working with NEBM on the Winter issue.
  • Committee is using Basecamp to help in editing/tracking articles for the Winter 2014 issue and Spring 2015.

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