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November 2015
Vol. 14, Number 9

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QRCA Brand Gets a Facelift

Julie Medalis,

The QRCA Marketing Committee spent much of 2015 developing a new brand platform for the organization that will position the brand as a relevant resource for Members, appeal to prospective members, and serve as the foundation to build QRCA’s stature with external audiences and research buyers.

The team shared a preview of the new brand platform, short-handed as “Peak Qualitative Performance,” at the Orlando Conference.

To read more about the brand platform and the development process, click through to the Forum:

Connections Publishes Editorial Calendar

Laurie Bredenfoerder,

For the convenience of its contributors, Connections recently published an editorial calendar. This calendar reports the deadline for submission of articles for all issues to be published from now until after the conclusion of the 2017 Los Angeles conference.

The Connections Editorial Team’s shared goal is to deliver a high-quality monthly publication on a predictable timeline. Previously, there has been a standard Connections deadline [the last Friday of the month], and a “goal” release date of the 9th or 10th of the month, but it’s virtually impossible to produce a consistent publication on this schedule, in part because the months contain a varying number of days.

So, rather than confuse Connections’ loyal readership about when they could access fresh content, the [executive] decision was made to hold the date of publication as consistent as possible but let the article-deadline date vary. Then, to bring sanity to the entire process, an editorial calendar was created. By observing the deadlines for submission per this calendar, contributors can take advantage of longer lead times that may afford them the opportunity to work on their articles well in advance of the issue deadlines. [Note: the Connections Editorial Team does not assume that this will actually happen, however!]

Download your own copy of the useful and colorful Connections Editorial Calendar now or email your request to Connections’ Editor-in-Chief Laurie Bredenfoerder at the email address shown above.

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