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November 2015
Vol. 14, Number 9

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Ambassadors and First-Timers Share the Love During "Speed-Dating" Event

Isabel Aneyba,

2015 QRCA Conference Speed Dating

Smiles and laughs were part of the “Speed-Dating” event when “First-timers” met their “Ambassadors.”

The event started with a short presentation explaining how to rotate. The presenters were dressed as Disney characters: Pascal Patenaude (Aladdin), Shaili Bhatt (Jasmine) and Marc-André Leduc (the Genie).

QRCA Conference Speed Dating

Magically, every first timer had an Ambassador and the rotation started.

At the end of the event, new professional relationships were made to help ignite conference excitement.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and to the organizers and their team who made this event possible: Isabel Aneyba, Marc Engel, Maryse Hudon, Katrina Noelle, Shaili Bhatt, Marc-André Leduc, and Pascal Patenaude.


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Star-Crossed Friends: The Tale of an Ambassador and a First-timer

Kayte Hamilton,

Kayte and AnyaOnce upon a time, on a warm summer afternoon, Kayte Hamilton pondered the essay for the Young Professionals Grant application. After much time and editing, she finally hit “submit.”

Weeks went by. No news. But given her load of survey requests, proposals and managing her department’s digital tools, Kayte didn’t have time to fret.

At the same time, half-way across the States, Anya Zadrozny was equally preoccupied, having many things to prepare for the conference, along with videos to edit and research projects to tackle.

Anya was also eagerly anticipating her first experience as an Ambassador; having been a YPG winner last year, she wanted to do everything she could to pay it forward with her First-timer.

The fateful day arrived when Kayte learned she was a Grant winner, and Anya learned her First-timer was Kayte.

The days leading to the Conference were jam-packed. Anya wanted desperately to give Kayte a pep talk about what to expect in Orlando but their schedules barely aligned.

The day before departing, Anya and Kayte connected for the fastest rally-cry FaceTime on record; exactly eight minutes! The quick conversation made them even more anxious to meet in person.

The first official QRCA event occurred without crossing paths. It was lunch and they had still not connected. Texting each other furiously as the First-Timer event drew near, Anya told Kayte she would be easy to spot; after all, she’s so tall.

But to Kayte’s dismay everyone was sitting down. Seats were already chosen and space filled fast. Finding a chair, Kayte thought, “Maybe I will see Anya as she comes down the line,” while Anya was thinking, “I hope I can find Kayte!”

Anya and Kayte finally crossed paths at the end of the First-Timer event. They eyed each other from across the room and greeted each other like old friends, even though they had only just officially met!

The rest of the conference was a friendship blur. They laughed together, they learned together.

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QRCA Members: Get the ESOMAR Event Group Rate

Ilka Kuhagen,

ESOMAR is offering a group rate for QRCA members who want to attend ESOMAR events. This special pricing is dependent on the number of QRCA members who would like to attend.

Please note that if QRCA sends 10+ members to the ESOMAR Qual in Paris (November 15-17), the fee per delegate is Eur1000 (which saves between 120 - 1,000)

Please let Ilka Kuhagen know if you are planning to attend so she can organize this group rate. If we have enough members, we will provide you with a specific code for the group.

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