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November 2016
Vol. 15, Number 9

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QRCA Announces Formation of the Content Committee

Roben Allong,

committee news

Hi chapter leaders! This is a brief note to introduce the new QRCA Content Committee. The Content Committee was formed earlier in 2016 to address the ongoing needs of chapter leaders around the U.S. Our mandate is to help bolster your efforts as chapter leaders in the creation, collection, and curation of content for members.

Key areas that we are focusing on include facilitating an easy content-gathering process and using technology to provide it across the U.S., so that members can have access to great presenters, speakers, content, and industry professionals conveniently and consistently.

So far, the committee has distributed to chapter leaders easy-to-use templates for:

  • The Master Class Series: a hands-on continuing education interactive workshop for the seasoned moderator.
  • Content collection at local chapter meetings for inclusion on the QRCA website. The goal is to create an information repository that is accessible and searchable by members.
  • Video streaming mini-conferences and presentations among several chapters with the goal of linking chapters and remote viewers with more expert speakers and industry thought leaders.

Committee Members Rick Weitzer, Randi Stillman and Roben Allong are excited to embark on this new frontier with you as QRCA continues to grow. This year’s attendance at the live-streamed one-day Essential Mobile Qualitative Mini-conference on October 14 featured six presenters and was attended by members from six chapters and Canada!

We are gearing up to deliver for you an even more content-filled 2017! Help us to help you make local chapter meetings exciting, educational, fun, and full of camaraderie by emailing Roben (, Rick (, or Randi ( with your thoughts on how we can do that. We look forward to hearing from you!

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