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October 2014
Vol. 13, Number 8

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mark sumpter
Mark Sumpter

From the President

Mark Sumpter,

October is here - and all the warmth that comes with it!  Of course, I am speaking of the 2014 QRCA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, October 15 to17 – for me, a great escape from the Chicago cold!  The annual conference is a time for celebration, strengthening leadership, and professional growth and development.

  • Celebration: Each year we have two distinct celebrations to kick off the annual conference.  The Leadership Dinner and the Early Arrivals Dinner are both on Tuesday evening, October 14.
    • The Leadership Dinner hosts leadership across QRCA who come together to celebrate the hard work that contributes to the ongoing success of QRCA.  It’s a time to mingle with other leaders who’ve become close friends and confidants, share experiences, and dream about the future for QRCA.
    • All are invited to attend the Early Arrivals Dinner to catch up with friends and colleagues you seldom get to see – a true celebration of dear friendships built, and new ones yet to be made through QRCA!  There are no pressures to get to your next session, the Marketplace, or deal with clients – just an opportunity to eat, laugh, drink and be merry!  (We need a count for this, so please contact Anne Hooper at to join in on the fun!)
  • Strengthening Leadership:  It’s amazing: the time, heart, and effort QRCA Leadership puts in!  What’s more amazing is their willingness to arrive early and work throughout Wednesday morning to further benefit our membership. We will continue to use this time to share and further best practices, increase inter-committee/task force/chapter collaboration, and seek opportunities to improve communication and interaction between the Board of Directors and these important groups.  I want to express my sincere gratitude in advance to all those in leadership positions for the work you have done and continue to do.
  • Professional Growth & Development:  Well, that’s kind of the point of the entire conference.  From our breakout sessions, to peer networking, to interactions with key vendors in our Marketplace, the QRCA Annual Conference offers QRCs an unparalleled opportunity for professional growth. For those who will be on-site on Wednesday morning, a new opportunity known as Demo Connections will feature several vendors presenting their technologies and services.  Ranging from leveraging on-line social communities to eye-tracking these presentations are sure to enhance the QRCs’ toolbox.

I am particularly pleased at the response to QRCA’s first Young Professionals Grant.  Younger qualitative professionals who’ve not previously attended the QRCA Annual Conference are eligible to apply.  Fifteen recipients were chosen from among more than 100 applications.  I encourage you to seek out and warmly welcome our young professionals to ensure we see them back at conferences for many years to come.  Congratulations to all:

  • Colleen Berg, The Sound Research
  • Karin Chrisville, Edge Research
  • Katie Davis, Hall & Partners
  • Chelsea Gibbons, iModerate
  • Karlene Hanko, Slover Linett Audience Research
  • Susan Lackey, Fulcrum Research Group
  • Alexa Megna, The Pert Group
  • Beth Preece, Burke, Inc.
  • Peter Schamp, Market Dynamics Research Group
  • Kim Schonfeld, Lieberman Research Worldwide
  • Anisha Shetty, HawkPartners
  • Sarah Tax, Research Partnership
  • Arielle Trammel-Fisher, Galileo Research & Strategy LLC
  • Berkley Wooten, The Link Group
  • Anya Zadrozny, Self-Employed

Last, I encourage you to visit the QRCA Forum – a valuable resource for members only, to share and learn from one another (

The board is committed to more timely communications with membership and sharing of information via the Forum’s “Other News and Events” section ( Go there now to participate in the conversation!

As always, the board and I want to hear from you. Feel free to contact me directly at – I, or a member of the board, will respond to all in a timely manner!

In your service,

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Jay Zaltzman
Jay Zaltzman

Action! From the Board

Jay Zaltzman, QRCA Secretary,

The new board of directors had its first meeting this month, including two new directors: Daniel Berkal and me!  We’re joining a great group: Mark Sumpter, Monica Zinchiak, Manny Schrager, Susan Sweet, Shaili Bhatt, Marc-André Leduc and Corette Haf.

The Nominating Committee had submitted the proposed slate of officers, as follows: President: Mark Sumpter (by succession), Vice President: Monica Zinchiak, Treasurer: Manny Schrager, and Secretary: Jay Zaltzman.  The board voted to accept the slate.  It turns out that one of the secretary’s jobs is to write this column, so here I am!

Our meeting was brief, but don’t worry: we’re not slacking!  We’re getting ready for our day-long meeting on Tuesday, October 14, before the annual conference.  Your board members will also be attending the leadership meeting on Wednesday morning, October 15, with QRCA chapter chairs and committee chairs.
And speaking of the conference, we received reports that the Sponsorship Committee is on track to meet or exceed its goals and conference registrations are coming along nicely.

We also discussed the great work done by the Membership Expansion Task Force, which recently reported on the results of the research done to gauge member opinions about expanding QRCA membership criteria.  The results will be discussed at the annual conference.  The highlights have already been posted on the QRCA forum, so members can see the results and provide their comments and questions.  (You’ll find Susan Sweet’s post about this on the Forum under “Other News and Events.”  At the end of Susan’s post, you’ll see a link to the task force’s presentation.)

Everyone on the board is looking forward to seeing all our members in-person at the QRCA Annual Conference in New Orleans.  If you haven’t registered yet, go to

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Marc Andre Leduc
Marc-André Leduc

Getting to Know Your Board

Marc-André Leduc,

Editor’s Note: Each month, one Board member contributes an article to Connections on a topic of his or her choice. In this way, members get to know their Board of Directors a bit better.

One of the privileges of being a board member is that I get to write this article.  It gives me  a unique opportunity to express how grateful and lucky I feel to be a volunteer and part of this amazing organization.

As some of you may know, I specialize in moderating in French for other qualitative researchers who do not speak the language when they come to the province of Quebec, in Canada.  This gives me the opportunity to meet worldwide researchers, some of whom – unfortunately - are not current QRCA members.  When they see my signature in my emails (with the QRCA mention), many ask me about QRCA, as well as my involvement and how membership benefits me.  Well, what an opportunity that is!

Growing up, my Mom would use the “parade analogy:” Some go and watch the parade; the involved ones are in the parade; and the rest don’t even know there is a parade!  

The first few years I was a spectator.  Networking was my initial interest.  I was going to the annual conferences to meet new colleagues, which led to more business opportunities.  Time passed and, slowly but surely, I became involved.  And then there was light: I had finally joined the parade! 

I started by being a “guardian angel” at one of the conferences.  Then I helped out for the breakout sessions and by introducing the presenters.  Then as Eastern Canada chapter Co-Chair, I got involved by organizing the Dine-arounds at the conference in Montreal.  After that, I was approached by our current president, Mark Sumpter, to run for election and, hopefully, join the board.  Well, thanks to you guys, I am now more involved than ever in helping our wonderful organization as best I can. 

You’re probably wondering, “Why am I telling you all this?”  Well, it’s quite simple, actually.  The more I get involved, the more I realize the richness and depth of resources, and the dedication of the volunteers that go alongside the numerous and different committees, chapters, and SIGs.  And, we cannot forget the staff at Ewald who are supporting us in an amazing manner. 

For the past few years, I have been an ambassador at the conferences.  The first thing I tell our first-timers is that, in order to get the most out of our organization, you need to get involved.  (Kudos to the brilliant erudite who brought us the speed-dating event BTW.  Wow, how great is that!

Our organization is unique in the world. It is about sharing.  Nowhere will you find such dedicated professionals sharing/offering on a silver platter their competitive advantages so that all of us become better researchers and help us further our own skills – for the overall good of qualitative research.

So I will be hitting on that nail once again. Visit our Forum, share ideas, ask questions, be a presenter, help out at conferences and get involved.  This is how you will truly and fully benefit from – and savor – the beauty and uniqueness of QRCA.


About my role and my goal as a board member for this year: I was recently appointed as the liaison for the SIGs.  I look forward to meeting you all and working with you.  My main objective will be to facilitate communication between all our amazing volunteers, in all our spheres, in order to optimize efforts and transparency.


From left to right: Marc-André, Luca Rafael, Claudia… all with drinks saying: “Cheers to you”

Oh!  And about me personally… I have a girlfriend, a fiancée, a wife and she is all the same person. We did not get around to getting married, but it’s totally fine and almost the norm in the province of Quebec;  but we never know what the future might bring.  We have an amazing three-and-a-half-year-old son.  He is charming, curious, brilliant, funny, and determined.  I really have to say that I live an amazing life right now.

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