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October 2015
Vol. 14, Number 7

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OH/In/KY Chapter Meeting Features Winsights

Sharon Laukhuff,

Josh Mahaney’s September 11 workshop, “Winsights: How to Take Consumer Data and Create Insights and Opportunities for your Clients,” took the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky chapter through a hands-on, easy, step-by-step process for turning consumer data into winning insights (or “winsights”) and opportunities for a business or organization.

The session began with discussion of the process and tools involved. The four steps in the process are 1. Gather the “What” (the data); 2. Guess on the “How” (the relationship); 3. Deduce the “Why” (the insight); and 4. Generate the Question (the opportunity). The workshop centered on a hypothetical movie theater wanting to attract more millennial consumers.  Workshop attendees used their own experiences to create consumer data about millennials and movie theaters. Those experiences were then segmented to create business insights and opportunities. Those insights and opportunities were then turned into questions that could be utilized in a hypothetical ideation session.

Access an informative handout distributed at the meeting. Feel free to contact Josh Mahaney at with any questions. 

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Changing of the Guard in Philly, and a November Meeting Ahead! 

Abby Leafe,

The Philly chapter was delighted to see one of its own, Laurie Tema-Lyn, elected to the QRCA Board of Directors in August.  And so, we are bidding a fond farewell to Laurie as Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Chapter; it’s a role that she held for six years.  Although Laurie will be missed on the Chapter leadership team, we were delighted that former Co-Chair Mike Karchner readily stepped up to take on the role.  Mike and I are excited about the plans we have for the coming year and looking forward to lots of fun times and educational content. 

Speaking of education, the next meeting of the Philly Chapter will be on Friday, November 6.  Fear not!  Abby Leafe and Laurie Tema-Lyn can’t be apart too long, as they will give a reprise of their Orlando presentation, “What Are You Worth?”  For a description of the session, click here. Not only that, there will be sharing of the highlights of the conference this year. So, if you didn’t get a chance to attend, come to hear about new ideas that you might have missed, and if you were in Orlando, come prepared to share a tip, trick or idea that you picked up while you were there.

Details, details:
Friday, November 6
11AM – 3PM 
Focus Suites
One Bala Plaza, Suite 622 Center
231 St. Asaphs Road
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

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San Francisco Chapter Sums Up its “Tech Day”

Janet Standen,

Key numbers from our September Chapter meeting – “Tech Day”:

  • 16 Members
  • 2 New members (Welcome to Lisa and Joanna!)
  • 7 Potential members
  • 2 Presenters

Yes, 27 of us gathered, generously hosted by WatchLAB in the heart of San Francisco.

An inspiring day kicked off with a presentation from MindSwarms’ Founder, Tom Bassett – a great platform that captures in-the-moment video to provide very “real” consumer feedback. Meegan Thye joined us from FocusVision to update us on the benefits and impact of the big changes that have happened and continue to happen, so that we can remain well informed about an evolving resource for QRCs.

Allison Rak inspired us with her demo of Animoto – an intuitive video-making tool to help us all impress the socks off our clients. It easily combines video footage, slides and photos to tell a story faster and with more impact.

In the afternoon we all traded tech secrets that have improved our lives as qualitative researchers – we have so much to learn from each other! We ended our meeting with QRCA news, including asking for volunteers to buddy with our new Chapter members as part of the Ambassador program.

Our thanks go to WatchLAB, our presenters, our members, and our guests for a successful and rewarding day!

Janet, Jen & Allison – SF Chapter Co-Chairs

A spectacular cloud formation outside the window (novel for us as we've had nothing but sunshine all summer!)

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International Chapter to Co-Present Qualitative Workshops in South Africa

Ilka Kuhagen,

The QRCA International Chapter will hold meetings with SAMRA’s Qualitative Research Special Interest Group in Johannesburg and Cape Town in October. The meetings will include a full-day workshop by Susan Abbott on Creative Tools and Techniques for Researchers and will offer a chance for our African members, and other interested international members, to meet in person. Please note that the reduced member price applies to both QRCA and SAMRA members.

The meetings will be in Johannesburg on October 21, 2015 and in Cape Town on October 23, 2015. Please check out and for more details.

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