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October 2015
Vol. 14, Number 8

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MarCom Gives the QRCA Brand a Facelift

Julie Medalis,

After a major research and planning effort, the Marketing Committee will unveil a new QRCA brand platform at the Orlando QRCA Conference.

This platform was designed to enhance resonance and relevance among internal and external audiences; as well as serve as the foundation for future brand communications.

Additional information will be posted to the QRCA website, as the team begins to define marketing plans, vehicles, and messages.

As always, the Marketing Committee is looking for assistance. Reach out to Chair Julie Medalis at, if you're interested in being a full-time member of this fabulous committee, or just want to pinch-hit with short-term help on a specific task or project.

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VIEWS Announces Staff Changes and Editorial Position Availabilities

Kay Corry Aubrey,

August and September were busy months for the VIEWS staff. The winter edition, featuring some great articles and podcasts, is currently being completed.

With regard to staff changes:

  • Congratulations to Laurie Tema-Lyn with her recent election to the QRCA Board!

    In Laurie’s many years on VIEWS, she served as Editor in Chief; Managing Editor; Founder of the Luminaries feature, and most recently, Business Editor.
    Her creativity, intelligence, and leadership were greatly appreciated. The Board’s gain is VIEWS' loss.
  • Susan Saurage-Altenloh moves into Joel Reish’s spot as a Managing Editor; Caryn Goldsmith assumes Susan’s former role as the new Toolbox editor.
  • Kay Corry Aubrey is stepping down as Editor in Chief. She will become the new Tech/Online editor.
  • George Sloan will leave his role as the Book Review editor. He promises to continue writing for VIEWS. George’s outstanding book curation, as well as his phenomenal writing abilities, will be missed.

And for those interested in joining the VIEWS team, Business Editor, Feature Editor and Book Review Editor positions are available.  Please contact Joel Reish ( for more information.

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Catch Hot Tips Sponsored by TechCom, Live on the QRCA Forum!

Jennifer Dale

TechCom hosted the second “Hot Tips Contest” on the QRCA Forum. Participation has been phenomenal thanks to a weekly summary digest published every Wednesday.

Please contact Co-Chairs Dorrie ( or Jen ( if you are not receiving this weekly digest, or have other TechCom suggestions.

TechCom also recently shuffled some bits around on the website to make navigation easier. Checkout the convenient member portal (My QRCA) here:

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