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October 2016
Vol. 15, Number 8

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International Chapter to Discover the Benefits of Interpretation and Voice Acting

Ilka Kuhagen,

The QRCA International Chapter will host another “virtual,” or asynchronous presentation and discussion starting October 27. Alex Borea, simultaneous interpreter, will speak about interpretation and voice acting in his presentation, How to Get the Best from Foreign-Language Interpreters.

For years, qualitative researchers have relied on interpreters to get the gist of what is happening in foreign markets. Unfortunately, because interpreters are trained to "transfer," you end up stuck in a dark backroom for hours listening to one voice for all participants. Imagine if there was something as easy as Uber that could improve the entire international research experience!

Well, why not imagine pairing interpreting and acting? What kind of value can you expect from this combination? How can this change the outcome of your projects? There is massive value for researchers who work with interpreters who go beyond words.

The meeting will be held from October 27 to November 2 as an asynchronous presentation, independent of time zones. There will be a presentation and a discussion area where members can share their questions, thoughts and experiences.

Attend when it suits you best!


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How Qual Can Own Customer Experience

Pam McCarthy,

Every researcher wants to be a super hero. They want the intelligence and X-ray vision needed to penetrate consumers’ hearts, and to garner impossible wisdom about their actions. They strive to be resourceful and innovative, fearlessly tackling challenges in a new and unique way…and they want clients to be in awe of their amazingness.

Superpowerful Jay Zaltzman — sans mask and cape — swooped into the Minnesota Chapter meeting on September 23 in Minneapolis to share his secrets on how to unleash already-present qualitative skills and apply them to customer experience research. Companies can only provide superior service when they understand the experience from the customers’ perspective and know how to emotionally and rationally connect with consumers — and who better than qualitative researchers to help companies accomplish this? In faster-than-light speed, he outlined a four-step process that included defining customer segments, developing customer journey maps, creating a great customer experience and making a personal, human connection. Using Jay’s four-step process, participants worked together to create an imaginary plan for an airline client.

The dedicated dozen who attended the chapter meeting left prepared to be real-life, modern-day superheroes to their clients, ready to dazzle them with new insights that give them an advantage with customers. No lasers were observed shooting from participant eyes, but their inner superhero strength was unleashed to tackle consumer experience projects with confidence and power.

Jay Zaltzman — speaker

Front row – left to right:
Alicia Menanteau, Elaine Gingold, Kara Lazarus, Riva Kupritz, Lynn Schreifels.
Second row – left to right: Scarlett Ferguson, Jay Zaltzman (speaker), Pam McCarthy, Tanya Sykorski, Paul Tuchman, Derek Pearson, Jeff Walkowski, Rebecca Carlson.

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Naomi Henderson to Present Workshop for Philadelphia Chapter

Abby Leafe,

Many of us have read Naomi Henderson’s book, Secrets of a Master Moderator, cover to cover. Now in its third edition, the book has been updated to better reflect the ever-changing landscape of the world in which we work. The Philadelphia Chapter is happy to welcome Naomi back; she is a true icon of our profession and industry!

Those of you who know her can count on an interactive session covering topics relevant to all of us who work in qualitative research and information you can apply directly to your work. Information and an open dialogue on the following three themes will be the focus:

  • Moderators and Clients Are Listening for Different Information: How to Bridge that Gap to Give Clients what They Need for Decision-making
  • Using Time Wisely in a Qualitative Research Event (QRE): Streamlined Interventions, Using “J-5” Questions, and the Ten Best Probes to Get Below Top-of-Mind Answers
  • Best Practices for Navigating the Changing Landscape of QLMR 2017 and Moving Forward

“Secrets of A Master Moderator: Update and New Insights”
from Author and Qual Expert Naomi Henderson, Riva Market Research and Training Institute*
Friday, October 21, 2016
10:00am to 3pm (and beyond)

10:00-10:30 Registration and networking
10:30-11:00 Chapter News and welcome
11:00-12:00 Moderators and Clients are Listening for Different Information
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:30 Using Time Wisely in a Qualitative Research Event
1:30-2:30 Best Practices for Navigating the Changing Landscape of QLMR
2:30-3:00 Open Forum
3:00 Close

$40 for QRCA members; $50 for qualified non-members.
Bring cash or checks (payable to QRCA) with you

RSVP by Wednesday, October 19 to
This is to give us a general idea of how many to expect. If your plans change at the last minute and you find you are available, please join us!

M3 at One Liberty Place
1650 Market Street, Suite 3030
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 525-6161

There are several garages nearby. One is attached to the building on 17th St and another is located across the street, at 17th and JFK.

*Note: Wish you could benefit from Naomi’s unique expertise but can’t get to Philly? Catch her presentation at the QRCA Annual Conference in January!

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San Francisco’s September Chapter Meeting Featured Tom Rich

Allison Rak,

The San Francisco Chapter just wrapped up a wonderful September meeting. More than 30 chapter members and guests showed up to hear Tom Rich’s master class, Building Your Analytical Toolbox. Designed to help us amp up our analytical skills and become even more indispensable to our clients, the session explored the various steps in the qualitative analysis process and provided participants with literally dozens of tools and techniques to use at each stage of analysis.

We are grateful to Tom for sharing his knowledge, and also to Schlesinger Associates, who generously hosted our large group.

This was the San Francisco Chapter’s third meeting of the year, and we’ve been pleased with the sizable and growing turnout each time. It’s a fantastic chance to reconnect with our colleagues, meet new people, and learn valuable skills all in one day!

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