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October 2016
Vol. 15, Number 8

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Help QRCA Build a Strong Social Media Presence!

Liz Van Patten,

Many QRCA members are using the LinkedIn Qual Group from QRCA to reach its 12,000+ members who are involved in qualitative research, or who want to learn more about the field. It’s a great place to post information about your upcoming committee, SIG, or chapter events and initiatives.

The QRCA group is moderated by three QRCA member volunteers — Liz Van Patten, Michelle Finzel and Elizabeth Lamberts — who want to make sure your posts appear in a timely fashion. Our goals are to encourage discussion within the LinkedIn Qual Group from QRCA and to help promote QRCA events.

Elizabeth Lamberts

Liz Van Patten

Michelle Finzel

Because LinkedIn filters what members post, your important message should be written and formatted in a way that will not raise red flags that delay its posting. LinkedIn posts can’t be edited, so we encourage you to follow these tips to ensure your post sails through the first time.

  • Always include a separate title and body. Make the title brief and engaging, with a call to action (e.g., register, join the discussion). LinkedIn will flag posts that look like a single dense paragraph of text and the volunteer moderators will ask you to re-write them.
  • Display any registration link in the first two lines of the body to make it easy to find.
  • Streamline the body copy to focus on key topics. Keep it short and informative.
  • Include a contact email for non-members of QRCA or anyone who has questions, since not all members of the LinkedIn group are members of QRCA.
  • We are always thrilled to see posts that start a discussion by asking a question, posting an opinion or otherwise engaging other group members. These kinds of posts will make participation more valuable for other members of the LinkedIn Qual Group from QRCA and help boost your own visibility on social media.

Here is a recent example of an event announcement that demonstrates the preferred format in action:

You're Invited: QRCA SF Chapter Presents a Master Class with Tom Rich

The QRCA SF Chapter is excited to be hosting a Master Class on Friday, September 16. Tom Rich, guest speaker, will present: Building Your Analytical Tool Box. The link to register is here:

This session is designed to help you amp up your analytical skills and become even more indispensable to clients. It will explore the various steps in the qualitative analysis process and provide participants with literally dozens of tools and techniques to use at each stage of analysis.

Attendees will learn how to plan their analysis, how to conduct both unstructured and structured analysis, how to employ models, visual tools and thought experiments.

Analytical skills are what separate exceptional researchers from the rest. Stay ahead of the herd!

Date: Friday September 16, 2016
Time: 9:30-3:00pm
Location: Schlesinger Associates, 150 California St # 8, San Francisco, CA 94111
Speaker: Tom Rich

If you are not a QRCA paid member and would like to attend the session, or if you have questions, contact SF Chapter Co-chair Allison Rak at

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