October 2017
Vol. 16, Number 8

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Jay Zaltzman

Jay Zaltzman

From the President

Jay Zaltzman,

So here I am, the new president. I thought there would be a coronation on September 18, but apparently it doesn’t work that way. (However, there may be a crown — or at least a tiara — at the QRCA annual conference in Phoenix, January 24-26!)

Now it’s time to get to work to make sure QRCA is providing value to its members. I get lots of value from the association. When I joined 21 years ago (I was a child, really!), I was looking for education, and I got it: at my first annual conference, I learned a ton, and I couldn’t believe how senior qualitative researchers — essentially, my competitors — freely gave away their knowledge and their “secrets.”

And that’s when I discovered the importance of those connections with fellow members: the sharing environment meant that I got more than education, I also made new friends, as well as connections with colleagues I could ask for advice on research issues, handling clients or running my business.

But it got better: my QRCA membership also led to business, including referrals from fellow members, opportunities to subcontract and even a gig or two from clients who found me using Find a Researcher on (Of course, QRCA membership alone didn’t bring those projects: I was also visible because I was active in my chapter and various committees. And I stayed in touch with members I met by sending them my email newsletter.)

So my membership has provided me with education, camaraderie and new business. Now the question is how to make that happen for all our members! The board’s first step will be taking a close look at what you all said in the member survey (and to thank you for your input). And in the unlikely event that you didn’t respond to the survey (but you did, right?), or if you have any other thoughts on how we make sure QRCA continues to be valuable and relevant to its members, please send me an email.


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Caroline Volpe

Caroline Volpe

Action! From the Board

Caroline Volpe,

The Board is excited about the following items we discussed:

  • Welcoming Isabel Aneyba and Caroline Volpe to the board
  • Approving the Nominating Committee’s recommended slate of officers for 2017-2018:
    • Jay Zaltzman, President (by succession, per bylaws)
    • Tom Rich, Vice President
    • Kelly Heatly, Treasurer
    • Caroline Volpe, Secretary
  • Approving the board meeting schedule for 2017-2018

NEXT MEETING: The next QRCA Board meeting will be on October 16.

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Regina Szyszkiewicz

Regina Szyszkiewicz

Getting to Know Your Board

Regina Szyszkiewicz (pronounced “shish kev’ veech”),

I have just finished my first year on the QRCA board and have one year remaining in my term. It has been an amazing experience to serve with such a dedicated group of QRCs. I am humbled to be one of the leaders as the organization navigates the rapid changes of the market research/insights industry. 

I love hearing stories about how people became QRCs. It seems the paths to this career are many! 

My story goes like this: After completing my Master's in Applied Sociology/Market Research, I worked for Gallup. One day the president of the office was unable to moderate a focus group scheduled for that evening and asked me to step in for him last minute. The discussion went well [the client was happy] and I loved the experience!

Moderating felt very natural to me. I had been observant of others my entire life. I am a first-generation American, and as a child I carefully paid attention to people to learn what the norms and expectations were outside of my Polish home and family. I had no idea this way of being would serve my future career.

Years later, in 2005, I became certified as a yoga instructor. I believe my yoga practice has further expanded my capacity as a QRC to listen more deeply and be more fully present.

When I next see you at a QRCA event, I’d love to hear about your story and journey to becoming a QRC.

I am looking forward to serving my second year on the QRCA board!

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