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September 2016
Vol. 15, Number 7

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Upcoming Qcast Helps Quals Go Deeper, Faster

Anya Zadrozny,

Sign up today for the October 6, 2016 Qcast: Understanding Critical Tipping Points by Going Deeper Faster – Leveraging Mixed Methods, Digital/Online Technology and Innovative Projectives

Get ready to reach the critical tipping point this fall! The October 6, 2016, QRCA Qcast will explore how multiple innovative projective techniques and mixed methodologies can create deeper insights. QRCA members Pat Sabena, Susan Thornhill, Camille Carlin and Glenn Naphy will lead the interactive presentation and discussion. You can pre-register for the event here.

As always, QRCA Qcasts are free and open to anyone, and we want to remind you to invite your clients and others in the MR industry to join in. However, space is limited; so make sure to save your spot by pre-registering.

**Bonus: You can now talk about the QRCA Qcasts on social media using our brand new hashtag #QRCAqcasts.

Have a great suggestion for an upcoming Qcast? The committee is always looking for new speakers and topics. Submit your idea via the QRCA website. Remember, Qcast content should be of interest to research buyers as well as practitioners.

Want to add producer to your title? We always welcome new committee members who want to help produce these lively bi-monthly webinars. Send a note to for more information on getting involved.

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Personal Connections

Shocking Discovery Re-Writes Sabena Family History

Pat Sabena,

Pat Sabena just found out that her twin daughters, Kristin and Ingrid, are identical twins. Born on Easter Sunday 1978 in a single placenta with thin filaments around each, the birth hospital advised looking again at the girls when they were two years of age because, as a teaching hospital, they had dissected the placenta to bits and couldn't tell with the available technology.

Pat Sabena Twins in Cribs Pat Sabena Twins as Teens

Her pediatrician said the girls were probably fraternal. Yet Pat couldn't tell them apart as babies and had the hospital replace their identity bracelets when they outgrew their birth ones. Over the years there were many reasons to suspect that Kristin and Ingrid were identical, but then again, maybe not.

A chance encounter with another pair of adult identical twins recently led Pat to a highly respected DNA testing company. She asked the girls if they wanted to have their DNA tested. They laughingly agreed but assured Pat they'd be fraternal. They did the swabs in Pat's Connecticut living room while Ingrid, who lives in California, was visiting with her family. The results came back with every allele exactly the same for a whopping 99.9999997% probability of monozygosity. Mystery solved. Family stunned.

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Steven Houk
Steven Houk

Welcome Our New QRCA Members!

Steven Houk, Edwardsville, Illinois, USA

My name is Steven Houk. I am a MMR (Masters of Marketing Research) student at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. I spent over a decade running stores throughout the country for some of the strongest apparel retail brands in the nation. I changed gears to finish my undergraduate degree in chemistry but pursued the MMR program after learning about all the possibilities this industry has to offer. I will graduate in December of this year and currently work as an intern at a marketing research firm.

I'd like to utilize the QRCA for two purposes: to learn, and to network. I'm always looking for new and different ways to do things, and I keep an open mind about new systems and processes that are developed to enhance the market research world. I am looking forward to meeting professional researchers in the St. Louis area and to establish myself as an up-and-coming qualitative researcher.

As far as hobbies, I am a musician (piano/keyboard) and a pet health activist. I spend a lot of time with my best friend (my 11-year-old beagle); and health and fitness are an integral part of my lifestyle. I'm looking forward to this new relationship with the QRCA!

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