Are We Really What We Eat?

WINTER 2016-17


Are We Really What We Eat? What Food Stimuli Tell Us about Brands

By Rebecca Bryant, Tone Graaten, and Ilka Kuhagen

Food is not just sustenance, it is a strong part of our identity and how we perceive others. Food really works as projective stimuli. It helped research participants from three different cultures quickly connect with each other and with their inner selves.


How Researchers Can Stimulate Thinking with All Senses in Qualitative Approach

How Researchers Can Stimulate "Thinking with All Senses" in Qualitative Research

By Maria Kreuzer and Sylvia von Wallpach

Learn about Multi-Sensory Sculpting®, designed to help understand the multi-sensory and unconscious nature of consumer (brand) knowledge. See how this method gains insights into the multi-sensory meaning behind brands and can be used to explore the hidden thoughts and ideas behind abstract concepts.

Pokémon Go Is a Game Changer and Why We've #Gottacatchemall

Pokémon Go Is a Game-Changer, and Why We've #Gottacatchemall

By Shaili Bhatt

The augmented reality of Pokémon Go is a global phenomenon and offers implications for how shoppers might engage with products before they purchase. Using pocket-sized devices that most people already own, the wide popularity of location-based games could make it easier to gain acceptance from research participants for shopping missions.

The Art of the (Travel) Deal

The Art of the (Travel) Deal

By Deanna Manfredi

Like to save money on travel? Who doesn’t! Here’s an incredible compilation of strategies and tips to help you find the best travel deals.

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