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June 2015
Vol. 14, Number 5

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2015 Annual Conference Program Is Finalized! Woot woot!

Kate Wagenlander,, and Jeff Walkowski,

2015 qrca conference

The Speaker Subcommittee reviewed over 80 presentation and proposals, and winnowed the list to 28 (including a keynote speaker) for the three-day 2015 QRCA Conference.

The full program schedule will be released later, but here is a “sneak peek” (OOOH!!) to hopefully whet your appetite and excitement.

The program is organized into eight tracks:

  • Frameworks for Research (factors that impact research design)
  • How We Find Who We Need to Talk to (recruitment issues)
  • All Things Digital (leveraging technology in the research process)
  • Interviewing Skills/Approaches (honing our data collection skills)
  • Client Management (helping clients get the most out of our research)
  • Dealing With and Presenting Data (presentation skills)
  • Strengthening Your Business (business development issues)
  • Provocative Food for Thought (other ways of thinking about our QRC lives)

The schedule is arranged to prevent two presentations in the same track from competing with each other. Also, some presentations span more than one track.

So how is this all going to come together?  After demos Wednesday morning, the afternoon kicks off with three short presentations on three diverse topics. Fitting with the conference theme, Jennifer Dale starts with an overview of options available in the ever-changing “Whole New World of Research.” Ricardo Lopez follows with the latest dazzling technological developments relevant to QRCs. And Claire Booth wraps the session, sharing what we can learn from stand-up comedians. In summary: three strong presenters and three diverse topics in a fast-paced session, including time for Q&A. 

This is a plenary session, meaning all attendees hear all three presentations. The idea is to provide a highly energizing experience and a taste of the topic diversity the conference covers.

But this is just the beginning! 

In addition to Jennifer, Ricardo, and Claire, we have a strong roster of veterans as well as newer presenters. Some of the more familiar names include Jim Bryson, Missy Carvin, Kathy Doyle, Abby Leafe, Pat Sabena, and Susan Thornhill.

The program also includes a set of Double Features — two presentations on the same topic in one session! Yep, a two-for-one!  The intent is an expanded experience on a particular area of interest. The three topics involved are gamification, utilizing digital tools in data collection, and different aspects of cognitive interviewing. All Double Features will run concurrently but, sadly, you have to pick just one!

The conference will wrap with an immersive 90-minute session. Topics will include:

  • From Moderating to Facilitating: Expanding Your Repertoire with CPS (using facilitation skills to manage clients)
  • Six Steps into the Future (helping clients envision their future)
  • Amp Up Your Reports: Content and Beauty (insights on how to maximize the lasting impact of our work)

The Speaker Subcommittee is very excited about the program and hopes everyone else is, too! 

If you haven’t booked your flights to Orlando, do it now! You’re more likely to get a better fare.

And stay tuned for more details over the summer.

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Demo Connections Presenters Announced

Katrina Noelle,

2015 qrca conference

Demo Connections is back for its second annual appearance at this year’s conference! Once again, the Sponsorship Committee presents this unique opportunity for Sponsors and Exhibitors looking to expand their impact at the QRCA Conference in the form of a Wednesday morning presentation.

These presentations will focus on educational demonstrations, new products, and services that aim to help QRC professionals improve or enhance their offerings in terms of Business Tools, Client Management Tools, Research Product Tools and/or Outside the Box/New Tools.

Our presenters this year:

  • Protobrand
    ( will demonstrate their Meta4 Insight metaphor elicitation technology which can be used both for both full-service market research projects and scalable, platform-access services.
  • Interactive Video Productions
    ( will show us how biometrics technology measures participants’ emotional and cognitive responses to stimuli, which participants may be unable to fully share via self-reporting methods.
  • Aha! The Next Generation Online Qual Platform
    ( will take us through their platform’s creative features that allow researchers to gather richer strategic insights quickly including pre-built methods and templates to address virtually any research objective.

See you bright and early Wednesday morning in Orlando!

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World Wide Conference on Qualitative Research Seeks Volunteers

Susan Abbott,

Planning for the April 2016 Conference in Vienna has begun. Subcommittees will kick off their work in August under the leadership of Susan Abbott and Kendall Nash, conference co-chairs. QRCA will host this conference on its own, as long-time co-host AQR has decided to take a break for now, but their members will likely participate as speakers and attendees.

The co-chairs plan to maintain the tradition of creativity and diversity that has been a conference trademark. “I’ve always loved the different perspectives brought by people from many countries and diverse backgrounds,” said Kendall.  

Susan confirmed they plan to stay with the current plenary format and poster sessions, but added, “We are introducing a couple of new elements that will really help attendees get immersed in fresh ideas.”

This will be the major conference event for QRCA in 2016, as QRCA transitions to the new conference calendar, and plans a larger trade show than past European conferences.

The co-chairs are seeking volunteers to help make the event a success.  “We plan to be really organized and efficient”, said Kendall, “so it’s easy for people to contribute without the work becoming a burden.”  

People wanting to volunteer can e-mail Susan and Kendall at and, indicating how they’d like to contribute and where their energies lie.

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Upcoming US and International Conferences and Events

Karin Curran,

The QRCA International Chapter wants to encourage all members to get out and meet up. Members may be aware of events and conferences in their own countries, but less aware of those held elsewhere. So we will attempt to scour the web and our resources to collate a list of upcoming events of potential interest to QRCA members that can be easily reviewed should you want to extend your network, expand your skills, or just have a great reason to avoid the weather in your home town.

We will be running sections in the QRCA Forum and in LinkedIn for people who are attending (or thinking of attending) any of these. Hopefully, this will prompt meet-ups and increased attendance if you know that other QRCA members will be there. If you are going to an event – log onto the Forum or LinkedIn and let everyone know.

So to get started, here is the list of conferences that seemed interesting in June through September.

Dates Name Theme/More Info Organization Location Link
June 14-17 Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum   AMA San Diego, CA, USA Learn more
June 16 CXNYC2015 Forrester's Forum for Customer Experience Professionals Forrester NYC, NY, USA Learn more
June 17-20 ISMS Marketing Science Conference 2015   ISMS Baltimore, MD, USA Learn more
June 22-24 C3 Customer Experience Clarabridge Miami Beach, FL, USA Learn more
June 23-25 Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference   Ephmra Amsterdam Learn more
June 24-26 2015 Big Data Analytics Conference Getting to the Next Level LIMRA Boston, MA Learn more
July 15-17 Qualitative Research: Beyond the "Fractured Future"   Research Methods Laboratory Neuchâtel, Switzerland Learn more
July 20-22 OmniShopper 2015 Activating Insights & Marketing Strategies at Retail IIRUSA Chicago, IL Learn more
August 4-5 ADMA Global Forum   ADMA Sydney, Australia Learn more
September 2-3 ASC Residential Conference Being Visual: Engaged Participants and Survey Users ASC University of Winchester, UK Learn more
September 7-8 Research Without Boundaries Join RANZ and Asia Pacific Research Committee conference RANZ/APRC Auckland, New Zealand Learn more
September 8-11 CMWorld2015 Content Marketing World CMI Cleveland, OH Learn more
September 15-17 MRMW Europe   MRMW London, UK Learn more
September 27-30 Congress 2015 Revelations ESOMAR Dublin Learn more

We compiled this list through our best efforts. It does not include all events that might be relevant and inclusion is not an endorsement of quality by QRCA. If you know of anything we missed from this list, or want to make sure an event is included in a future list, please email and let her know.

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QRCA Shares Podium at Recent MRA Issues and Strategies Conference

Laurie Bredenfoerder,, and Jane Mount,

QRCA members presented five breakout sessions at the Marketing Research Association’s Issues and Strategies Conference, June 3-6, in San Diego. In addition, they shared responsibility for spreading the word about QRCA from a dedicated booth in the Vendor Expo. All of this was made possible by the efforts of QRCA’s Industry Relations Committee.

Participating member/speakers and their topics were:

  • “Apples for Oranges: How Trade-Offs Drive Consumer Decision-Making”: Tom Rich
  • “Using Online Communities to Build a Deep Consumer Understanding”: Jane Mount (in collaboration with Tom Muraoka, Sr Mgr., Customer Research at CVS Health)
  • “Documenting the Consumer Pulse Through Social Media Research”: Ricardo Lopez
  • “Ask the Right Questions to Create Smarter Hybrid Projects”: Katrina Noelle and Janet Standen
  • Harness Emotional Insights in Two-Dimensional Online Research: Emily Prozeller

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