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May 2014
Vol. 13, Number 4

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Membership Expansion Task Force Completes Three Research Studies

Rick Weitzer, Chair, Membership Expansion Task Force,

The Membership Expansion Task Force has now completed three research studies of QRCA members' reactions to potential changes in membership criteria: an online quantitative survey, three in-person focus groups, and a bulletin board focus group.  The three teams of researchers on the task force have worked tirelessly over the past three months on these studies, which will soon be used to develop a set of recommendations that will be sent to the QRCA Board of Directors by mid-summer.  Thanks to the many respondents (384 in the survey, 20 in in-person focus groups, and 23 in the bulletin board group) for their input.

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QRCA Website Usability Study Underway

Jennifer Dale,

After recently receiving Board of Directors approval, TechCom will begin conducting a website usability study for QRCA and is looking for members willing to be interviewed.  One-on-one interviews will be conducted with at least a dozen QRCA members in the coming weeks and with research buyers shortly thereafter.

Do you have time to share your opinions about the QRCA website? Please contact Dorrie Paynter or Jennifer Dale, TechCom Co-Chairs, for more information and an interview schedule.

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International Committee - Scholarship Reminder

Darrin Hubbard,

Hopefully you will have seen the announcements in Connections, LinkedIn, News Bites or on the QRCA website about the two Global Outreach Scholarships QRCA offers each year to international qualitative researchers.

Both Scholarships provide free QRCA membership for the remainder of this year (if the recipients are not already members), plus free conference registration and up to US$1,000 for travel expenses to attend this year’s Annual Conference in New Orleans in October.

Full information about the 2014 Global Outreach Scholarships, including specific details about the qualifying criteria and application process, is available on QRCA’s website or can be obtained from Darrin Hubbard at

This is an exciting and very valuable opportunity, and we hope you will again help us spread the word as widely as we can around the world.  Please encourage potential candidates from outside the US, UK and Canada to find out more about what the 2014 QRCA Global Outreach Scholarships can offer them.  You can send them the direct link to the Scholarship information shown above. The closing date – Friday 30 May 2014 – is coming up fast, so candidates need to apply soon!  Thank you for your continued support of this international initiative.

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports — May 2014

Darrin Hubbard,

Note: No report was included in April Connections as content was not available before the publishing deadline. 

Annual Conference

  • Sponsor/Exhibit reminder went in News Bites.
  • Options for final evening event were sent to and reviewed by the committee.
  • Young Professionals Grant page was added to the Conference site.
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors have been updated online.
  • Staff will demo Mobile app to Chairs. 
  • Updating exhibitor kit.
  • Updating accept and decline emails. 
  • Updating speaker kit.
  • Speaker Committee close to finalizing selection of presenters.
  • Sponsorship Committee meets bi-weekly to give progress reports. 
  • Determining logistics of the exhibitor/sponsor demos. 
Other: 2016 location is being determined.

QRCA/AQR Conference

  • Registration reminder emails went out April 3 and March 19 and in News Bites and April Connections.
  • Signs, evaluations, PowerPoints and onsites are being prepped.
  • Sponsor logos have been added to the website.
  • Marketing plan is being implemented.
  • Staff detailed event with hotel.
  • Staff coordinating final details of offsite party.
  • Staff drafting and sending confirmation email to attendees.
  • Staff coordinating sponsor and exhibitor onsite logistical needs.
  • Worked on ad for VIEWS with staff.
  • With staff gathering final presentations and Posters for printing.

Brand Communication


Laurie Pumper continues work to publicize Qcasts.


Staff: The April issue went out April 8.
Committee: Material for the May issue is due by April 25 and is scheduled to go out on May 7.
Other: Kelly Heatly is working with Nicki Brunner on a new format for Connections in the member Forum.


  • Last met on March 7.
  • The committee continues to work on finalizing the cheater/repeater report.
  • Sub-committees have been formed to discuss the City List and Sigma.
  • City List one-pager sent to Board for review.
  • FieldCom will be writing articles for Connections on algorithms, pre‑group homework and screening for creative/articulate respondents.
Other: The next meeting will be on May 9.

Industry Relations

Staff: Staff developed ad for PMRG magazine, per our 2014 agreement.
Committee: Liz Van Patten represented QRCA as a conference host at the Merlien conference in Toronto.
Other: Next meeting is on May 13.


  • GOS was launched in News Bites in March.
  • Application forms were updated and posted to the GOS website page.
  • Banner added to website homepage to promote.
  • Brochures sent to AQR/QRCA Conference for distribution.
Other: The next meeting is TBD.

Investment Advisory Group

Committee: No new updates.

Membership Expansion Task Force

Staff: Task force member reimbursements are being collected and processed.
  • The task force last met on March 24.
  • The group reviewed the report from the quant team.
  • Qual team has completed focus groups in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.
  • Online BBFG will take place beginning March 26.
Other: The next meeting is TBD in April.


  • Darrin Hubbard and Shannon Thompson followed up with non‑renewals who said they were interested in renewing from the phone calls made in January.
  • Shannon sent emails to welcome new members Jan-March.
  • The committee will again conduct the refer-a-member drive in 2014.
  • An expanded ambassador program was discussed.
Other: The next meeting is April 9.


  • Nicki Brunner updated online forms for NomCom submissions and Board candidates.
  • Shannon Thompson updated NomCom timeline and candidate list.
Committee: Shannon Thompson and Mark Sumpter met on March 26 to discuss kicking off NomCom.
Other: New NomCom plans to have first meeting in late April.

Public Relations

  • Laurie Pumper continues working on a plan to expand the reach of QRCA's content through social media.
  • Laurie will work with Nicki to continue updating the News & Press page.
Committee: The most recent PRAG meeting was held on March 19, to discuss the transition of responsibilities for our work with content partners to our volunteer editors.
Other: A meeting will be scheduled with the volunteer editors and co-chairs in May to check in on how things are going.


  • Promotions were sent for the April 3 Qcast.
  • Promotions for the June 5 Qcast will be sent in late April or early May.
Committee: All Qcasts except for October (live from the QRCA Annual Conference) are finalized for 2014.
  • March Qcast: registration was all-time high of 231, with 112 attendees. On-demand views so far total 28.
  • April Qcast: registration was a new all-time high of 287, with nearly 160 attendees (also a new record). On-demand views so far total 34.


Committee: The Task Force presented a progress report to the Board for their January meeting.
Other: Next meeting TBD.


  • Looking into making the site responsive in May.
  • Looking into SEO options for 2014.
Committee: The committee is discussing the website and Forum enhancements and research into site usability.
Other: Next meeting is April 10.


  • Laurie Pumper continues work on a Social Media plan, including links to VIEWS articles.
  • Nicki Brunner is working on ads for the Summer issue.
  • Laurie Pumper will compile information from the bids received for VIEWS and send the information to the RFP review team.
  • Darrin Hubbard sent VIEWS distribution lists to the publisher on 4/11.
  • The Committee met on March 28. Work on the Summer issue articles was nearly complete at that time.
  • Articles for the Fall 2014 issue are underway.
  • The Twitter Team will post links to Spring VIEWS articles as soon as the issue is available.
  • An additional committee meeting is scheduled for July 11.
  • Shaili Bhatt has pulled together a team of volunteers to review proposals received in response to our RFP.
  • As of April 8, six companies had submitted proposals to publish VIEWS - including the current publisher.

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