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November 2015
Vol. 14, Number 9

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C+I SIG — Taking it to the Next Level

Kathy Jacobs-Houk,

Marta Villanueva and I are very grateful to our hardworking committee (Ellen Koronet, Sharon McIntyre, Vida Mia Garcia, Judy Bernstein, M. Bonnie McKee, and Peter Switzer), and for the support of the C+I SIG and all QRCA members. We had strong attendance with our two 2015 webinars:

  • Qualitative at the Heart of Design Thinking;
  • Qualitative Research’s Critical Role at Each Step of the Innovation Process.

The question becomes “How might we take this to the next level?” Our own Marta Villanueva will end the year with: “Tools to Transform: Learn a Framework for Applying Cognitive Tools.”

When this session was presented at the conference, within five minutes, participants came up with 150+ ways to apply cognitive tools. You won’t want to miss this one!

When you get a group of creative thinkers together at the C+I SIG meeting during the 2015 QRCA Conference in Orlando the possibilities are endless.


Our group came up with some high level ideas for 2016. Here’s what we’re thinking about:

  • Asking Insightful Questions
  • Using Analogy to Bring Ideas to Life
  • Insights to Strategy
  • Trends Research:
    • What's hot/what's not in qual?
    • What is next?
    • Trends and scenario research — “cool hunting”
  • Online:
    • Using communities "best of" projective exercises & how-to tutorials. Each person in the C+I SIG committee share a technique and apply to a specific project.
    • Best practices for communities, incorporating ideation and prototyping into online work
  • Online communities "best practices" for ideation & prototyping
  • NLP adaptations to qual
  • Co-creation
  • Gut check: Great ways/best situations to use a gut check
  • Polarity vs. Problem
  • Neuromarketing
  • How reality TV develops their insights/programs
  • Consumer psychology applications for qual
  • Self-ethnography — video component (selfie research with case studies)
  • Try new research tools as a SIG (i.e., mobile, participating as respondents)
  • Client side:
    • What does innovative research look like from the client side?
    • Ask clients who are their most creative moderators and why
    • What creative tools and techniques clients have seen other moderators use
    • Tap into cool/approachable organizations like IKEA, Virgin
  • Creative ways to conduct research
  • Ideation platforms — What works for client facilitations?
  • Out-of-the-box use of technology for qual

If you would like to join the C+I committee or want to share an idea, just let Marta or Kathy know by emailing:

Marta Villanueva,
Kathy Jacobs-Houk,

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Tools to Transform: Learn the Framework and Cognitive Tools: C+I SIG Webinar — Details and Registration Link

Register now for the webinar: Tools to Transform: Learn the Framework and Cognitive Tools

2015 Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award Winner and C+I Co-Chair, Marta Villanueva, will conduct this impactful webinar.

How valuable are the Thinking Skills Model framework and tools? At the conference in Orlando, participants came up with 150+ ways to apply the learning — in less than 5 minutes! Come find out what makes this content so powerful.

REGISTER (Ctrl + click to open link)

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2015
Time: 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET/12:00-1:00 p.m. CT (GMT-6)/11:00-12:00 p.m. MT/10:00-11:00 a.m. PT 

This session will provide an overview of cognitive tools and a framework to organize them. Using cognitive tools (simplified to focus, organize, and guide an individual or group’s thinking) can help respondents articulate more clearly and with greater richness.

The cognitive tools presented are drawn from the larger field of creativity, as well as from other areas of theory and practice. A simple framework will be introduced that can be applied immediately, allowing attendees to:

  • understand the link between different cognitive skills (i.e. visionary, diagnostic, evaluative, strategic, ideational, tactical) and insights;
  • learn how using cognitive tools leads to focused mining for insights;
  • gain valuable tools that stimulate respondents to think differently.

Attendees will become more creative partners with their clients through:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of diverse thinking tools;
  • learning advanced cognitive tools, simplified to tap into focused, clear, and deep insights;
  • gaining confidence in their ability to apply cognitive tools.

Experienced QRCs interested in augmenting their skill set with cognitive tools will benefit from this session.

About our speaker:

Marta Villanueva

Marta Villanueva is Chief Insights Officer of NuThinking Inc. She is a bilingual/bicultural expert with nearly 20 years’ experience in insights for product and brand innovation. Marta has positively impacted the success of Top 500 Companies, through using customized thinking tools. She holds a Master’s Degree with emphasis on Creative Problem Solving, Creativity, and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity. Marta has served QRCA in many roles, including co-chairing the Latino and Creativity and Innovation Special Interest Groups, and as the 2012 conference Speaker Team Leader.

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Cheerful and Fruitful Latino SIG Meeting at the QRCA Conference

Isabel Aneyba,

Latino SIG Meeting

With music in the background and cocktails in their hands, Latino SIG members gathered to enjoy the Thursday event at the QRCA conference.

Lively and long introductions from members of Brazil (Eduardo Sincofsky and Daniela Sene Grandi), Puerto Rico (Maria Puras and Marisol Lugo), and Guatemala (Lucia Galvez) sparked smiles from our members from the US (Antonella Fabri, Valerie Esqueda, Susanna Whitmore, Maria Parra, Vivianne Hiriart, and Matthew Ingmire).

Ideas for our 2016 programs are:

  • US Hispanic Marketing Trends;
  • Doing Online studies with Latinos (Tips and Platforms).

After the meeting, Maria Lucia Parra stepped up as our new co-chair for 2016. She is very talented and will bring new ideas and energy to our group. Welcome, Maria Lucia! (She is wearing a white dress in center of the picture.)

Feel free to contact The SIG chairs to share your ideas and be more involved: Email Isabel Aneyba at or Maria Lucia Parra at

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