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October 2016
Vol. 15, Number 8

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Marketing Committee Presents New Logo for QRCA

Melanie Bernstein,

The Marketing Committee is very excited to share that the board just approved a new logo for QRCA. Over the past several months, various stakeholders had expressed concerns that the logo was perhaps not living up to its full potential of brand effectiveness: the general style and font was beginning to feel dated; the design did not translate well across all media (digital, print, conference banners, etc.); and, the design also did not stretch to accommodate QRCA “products” such as the QRCA Annual Conference, QCasts, chapter meetings and other “branded” items.

Alongside Nicki Brunner from Ewald Consulting, we worked to develop a new logo design. Our guiding direction was that a successful logo should fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Be fresh, modern and current, setting a dynamic tone for the brand.
  2. Be flexible in format to look great on the web, in print, on conference banners, etc.
  3. Serve as a logo system to be appropriate and useable for all QRCA "products" such as the annual conference, QCasts, VIEWS, etc.
  4. Relate back to our current brand logo as more of an evolution instead of a departure.

So without further ado, we are excited to share with you a fresh look for QRCA as a result of these efforts!

This new logo delivers on each criterion while continuing to further the progress to bring QRCA’s peak performance positioning to life.

However, there is a great deal of work still to come in the process of converting all QRCA branded properties to the new logo. The Marketing Committee, in concert with Ewald Consulting, will develop a set of Visual Brand Standards and Guidelines as well as logos for all members to use within emails and communications. In addition, the look of the website will be adjusted to fit the new visual feel of the logo. The goal is to have everything ready by January for the Annual Conference so that QRCA can present a visually exciting new face at the start of the new year.

We wish to thank Tom Rich and Paula Kramer for all of their work on this project, along with committee members Stacy Elsbury, Lynn Greenburg, Diane Harris, Chris Kann, Janet Standen, Iris Yim and Anya Zadrozny for their thoughtful feedback on the logo designs.

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QRCA Offers Introductory Membership

Kendall Nash,

Twelve thousand, three hundred thirteen: That’s the number of QRCA LinkedIn Group members at the time of this writing! No doubt this number will continue to grow significantly in the future. Fascinating dialogues relevant to the research industry and qualitative practice happen here — yet we know, based on the numbers (easy math, even for me!), that there are a lot of people in this group who would qualify for membership who are not actual members of our organization. The Membership Committee has investigated a variety of ways to convert more of those LinkedIn group members to actual QRCA membership. We needed a way to showcase the great benefits of membership through experiencing the content, learning, and community that we deliver.

Born from this is QRCA’s first-ever offer of a free Introductory Membership. This will allow potential members a few months to taste all the deliciousness we have to offer as an organization. It means there is no better time for anyone involved in qualitative to join the official conversation. If you know anyone who has been on the fence about membership or who you think could greatly benefit from seeing what we have to offer, please send them to for more information. As you hopefully know, QRCA recently expanded membership qualifications to accept “professionals or those in training who design, conduct and analyze or support the conduct and analysis of primary qualitative research, and function as research suppliers and/or consultants.” With Introductory Membership available through the end of 2016, it’s a great time to experience QRCA benefits. A special shout-out goes to Philip Smith and an incredible MemCom team for working through countless details to make this a reality.

The benefit to current QRCA members will be significant, due to having a broader set of perspectives at the table to help us sharpen our own practice. Please join the LinkedIn conversation on this topic. When you like and/or comment, your connections will have a chance to see the news as well. This is an exciting time for our organization as we continue to evolve along with our industry, so please be sure to spread the word!

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2017 Young Professionals Grant and the Membership “35” Challenge

Shannon Danzy,

Think back to when you were a fresh face in the research industry. For all of us, there was something or someone that got us into the space.

But who or what kept you in market research, specifically qualitative? And how are you helping to keep today’s young qualitative researchers (under 35 years) in the field?

Here’s one thing we all can do — spread the word about the 2017 Young Professionals Grant (YPG)!

In its third year, the YPG program’s goal is to help advance young qualitative researchers’ careers by giving them the opportunity to network with established professionals and learn from forward-thinking presentations at our annual conference, The Power of Perspective, in Los Angeles, January 18-20, 2017. Ten quallies age 35 years and younger will be awarded a free conference registration — a USD $1,300 value. In previous years, nearly 200 applications were received.

For 2017, we are happy to have as our partners FocusVision (Steve August) and the original YPG founding sponsors, Schlesinger Associates (Steve Schlesinger) and M/A/R/C (Merrill Dubrow)! Please do thank them for their generous support next time you talk with one them.

More details about the grant can be found at and by following #YoungQRCA on Twitter.

The Membership “35” Challenge
I know everyone reading this will spread the word on their own (right??), but just to add a small dose of fun competition, the YPG committee has come up with the following challenge for all QRCA members:

  • Email or talk to 35 qualitative researchers aged 35 years and younger about the YPG, encouraging them to apply (And yes, the 35 should meet the qualifications listed at so you aren’t disappointing anyone!)
  • Send the list of 35 under 35 names and email addresses to by 3:50p PDT on Friday, October 21.

Two members will win bragging rights and a $35 gift card.

Other Ways to Help Spread the Word

  • Twitter: Tweet using #YoungQRCA or retweet those tagged with #YoungQRCA. Post this Twitter cover on your profile page.
  • Facebook: Share posts from the QRCA Group and the public page.
  • LinkedIn: Like and comment on posts to raise their profile in the QRCA Qual Group page and other research groups.
  • Email: Forward the YPG web page or info pieces found here.

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