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Abbey Clemens talks about the Death of Segmentation, and Keeping it Fresh

Posted By Susan Abbott, ARC Strategy Ltd / Think Global Qualitative, Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We interviewed Abby Clemens by e-mail about why she is excited about Vienna, and her topic, "Segmentations Are Dead". We were hoping she'd tell us about Bronies, but we have to wait till we hear her session!

What excites you about the Vienna conference?

Anything that talks about discovery gets my intellectual juices flowing automatically. In everything I do, I strive to look at the world and experience it in a different way, whether that’s in the countries I choose to visit, the type of holiday I have once there (public transport round Morocco with my parents anyone?)  or the methodology of research I employ. I don’t want to follow the status quo: I want to question what we’ve defined as the status quo and push that boundary. A conference that is dedicated to discovery and pushing thinking, speakers being challenged to bring their edgiest work, thus connects on a deep level. It excites me to hear what others are doing differently and I look forward to getting inspired in my own thinking.  


"I don’t want to follow the status quo: I want to question what we’ve defined as the status quo and push that boundary."

How is this conference different? 

Short punchy keynotes and presentations keep the content fresh and the audience stimulated. I think the themes are intriguing and what I think what will be different about this conference is its very core: the focus on pushing boundaries and thinking differently, something that all delegates will walk away from inspired and keen to try new things when they get back to the office. 

Who should attend and why?

Anyone who is constantly looking at new ways of doing things, trying new techniques in their research or analysis, will be inspired by the conference. Maybe they’ll get inspiration from a methodology or thought or maybe they’ll simply view things differently to how they viewed them when they first arrived. People with an open mind will benefit the most and will leave with a fresh take on research and how they can help their clients, or their teams, build their business.  


"We should not be using segmentations in our brand strategies if we want to grow our brands."

The goal is to leave attendees transformed. How do you see your presentation contributing to that transformation?

I’ll be challenging a very well-used type of research, segmentations, and presenting an argument about how we should not be using segmentations in our brand strategies if we want to grow our brands. I hope that attendees will be motivated to think about their audiences differently, reconsider who they are, how we talk to them and where the brand fits into their lives. The alternative proposition that I will make to using segmentations will hopefully inspire delegates to conduct their research differently, delivering something that is more meaningful to their brand or to client’s brands. And if nothing else, they will walk away more knowledgable about the unusual cult of Bronies, useful, I’m sure, as a conversation starter or for pub quizzes.

Anything else?

I’m really excited to be a part of a conference that is all about discovery and pushing the boundaries. I’m also excited that I get to talk about something that I feel really strongly about and moreover that I can bring in a topic that captivated and fascinated me from the minute I first heard about it: the wonderful world of Bronies. 

We can't wait to hear more about Bronies!

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