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The Sticky Factor - Finding the Yin to the Yang in the App World

Posted By Susan Abbott, ARC Strategy Ltd / Think Global Qualitative, Monday, March 28, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It was a bright, sunny day. Duke could see the clear skyline and drones flying from his window but he was a troubled man.  His first app had broken all records – consumers were ‘Hooked’.  But his second app...

It was a perfect day to be outside. But, his mind wasn’t at peace. He still could not figure out that while his first app broke all records, his second app failed to make the mark. The daily report showing the number of downloads and uninstallations was a constant reminder of his company’s inability to ‘Hook’ the consumers.

He got up to pour himself a coffee, to take his mind off things. He was pouring himself a coffee when he noticed a comic book lying right next to it, no doubt left by a coder. It was the March 2016 edition of ‘Justice League’, it filled his mind with nostalgia about his childhood days. He started flipping through the comic book when it dawned on him.  Ta-dah! This was the answer!  Just like our books/movies follow the hero’s journey, each consumer’s decision making journey also follows the ‘Monomyth’. (Ref: Joseph Campbell). He suddenly felt ecstatic; there still might be hope to understand what is not working in the new app and revive it. This realization led him on the path to  discovering and developing ‘The Sticky Factor’.

He immediately went back to his office and looked for his copy of ‘Hooked’ (by Nir Eyal) on his Kindle. The Hook model by Nir Eyal, brought an important facet into the model.  He felt that this model might help him find the Yin to the Yang. While the Hook model told him of all the important business considerations to keep in mind, the Hero’s journey would help him understand the consumers’ part of the story.

He used the Hero’s journey to develop techniques that would help him see beyond the superficial/ rational responses of the consumers.

Now, the time had come for the real trial. It was the moment of truth! He met the consumers of his apps and used the techniques developed with the help of his model to understand the consumer journey of using the app.  As he superimposed the findings received onto the Hook model, he could finally see the full picture. He figured out what made the consumers hook to his first app and unhook from his second app. He could see the exact stage where his consumers started falling off the wagon.

This April, we will be presenting the story of Duke and his adventures, ‘The Sticky Factor – Finding the Yin to the Yang in the app world’ at the QRCA Worldwide Conference 2016 and sharing our journey in more detail. Look forward to seeing you all there.


Raji Bonala is a Director and Vox Populi Research India and Priyam Chawla is a research manager at Vox Populi Research MENA, together they will be presenting ‘The Sticky Factor – finding the Yin to the Yang in the App World.





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