2012 The Worldwide Conference of Qualitative Research
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2012 Worldwide Conference Speaker Handouts

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The conference discussed how conventional methodologies are increasingly being challenged, and showcase how new methods and technologies are being embraced as we look for more inventive ways of uncovering human truths and cultural insights that can help brands grow.


Creativity and Qualitative Research: Insights from the Renaissance
Chris Barnham
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Please Mr President, can we have our focus groups back now?
Baskin Shark
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Qualitative Researcher in the Early 21st Century: Renaissance Man or Networking Queen?
Anita Black
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Curiosity, Circularity and Other Human Software
Rosie Campbell
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Beyond the Buzz: The REAL Story Behind Digital Tools and Their Impact on the Shopper Journey
Katie Cook

Whose Context Is It Anyway?
Sian Davies
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Real People Real Pull
Ella Fryer-Smith


Consumers as Researchers: Can Mobile Get Us Closer To Consumer Truths?
Dianne Gardiner

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Tracking the Purchase Process - Up Close and Personal
Julia Gartside-Spink

Hippies with Handy-Cams: Does Self-Collected Data Work at Music Festials?
Hugh Hope-Stone

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Becoming a More Social Researcher
Paul Hutchings
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Supercharged Qual: How Academic and Contemporary Theories Can Increase Power to the Consumer Voice In Qualitative Research
Kat Jennings and Rachel Abbott
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The Rise and Rise of Hybrid Qualitative' Pecha Kucha
Nick Kotsomitis
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The Mirror DOES Have Many Faces - How Social Media Can Help Uncover the Hidden Nuances of the Youth Psyche
Rakesh Kumar
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The Tale of the Script: A Global Collaborative Research Adventure
Ava Lindberg and Jan Lohs
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Qualitative Research at a Crossroads: Where to Now?
Kevin McLean and Thierry Tricard
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Ethics and Professional Standards in Mobile Qualitative
Mark Michelson
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Self- Tracking: A Qualitative Catalyst
Adina Mikal Daar

Trace Research - How To Find Out What People Are Really Thinking
Lisa Morgan, Future Seeing Ltd
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Making Behavioral Economics a Qualitative Reality
Ken Parker
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Back to the Future? - Legacy of Dichter and 'The Depth Boys'
Simon Patterson and Alan Branthwaite, UK
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The Ego Era: Making It Work For Us
Leeat Racs

Memory is flawed in the context of media routines, research must stop relying on it.
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The New Renaissance Child
Susan Stancombe

A "Tasty Challenge:" Seamlessly Intergrating Research & Innovation for a Leading Healthcare Brand
Laurie Tema-Lyn

Beefing Up Our Roles as Researchers - Adding New Flavor to Research and Plate
Doerte Toellner
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Towards an Idle Simplicity of the Luxury
Luigi Toiati
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The Ethical Dimension – The Debate We Should Be Having About Behavioural Economics
Peter Totman
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How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Online Qual
Liz Van Patten
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The Evolution and Future of Projective Techniques in Online Research
Caroline Volpe and Beth Thompson

Design Thinking Meets Qualitative Analysis
Foster Winter
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