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Download your requested logo image:

Downloading an image can be used in your email or on your website. (We recommend "Get the Code” for inserting an image on to your website.) After inserting the image, please link it to (Learn more)

Download Proud Supporter Logo (.jpg)

Adding a Downloaded Image to Email (Outlook)

  • Right click your logo and save it or select the "Download Logo" option
  • Next, insert that image in your email signature (existing or a newly created one)
  • Finally, click on the inserted image and then click the hyperlink symbol () and you’ll get a window like Image 1.
  • Add to the "Address” box, click OK and run a test to make sure it’s working. (Email yourself with your new active signature.)

These steps should be the same/similar for other email applications.

Using "Get the Code”

If you have a webmaster, provide him/her with the code and let them know where on the site you’d like the logo to go. If the logo is too large/small, they can help you make those adjustments using the downloaded image and creating the proper link to QRCA.

If, however, you’re managing your own website, using a platform such as WordPress, either on the HTML version of a page OR in a widget, you’ll add code that looks similar to this (depending on which badge you chose):

Proud Supporter Code

You can see that the line of code has three parts:
  • a href="" is the URL link to which clicking on the image will take you.
  • img src=" " tells the Internet where to find this image; as you can see, this version is stored on the QRCA website.
    For the more advanced: If you upload your own image, you’ll replace this string between the quotes with the full URL of where you stored this file (e.g., if you’re in WordPress, first use the Media link to add a new image, then go to the image’s location, and finally copy the full URL into this tag).
  • alt= is the image name, so if the image doesn’t appear, the name will.
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