QRCA VIEWS Author Logo Usage Policy and Trademark Information

The following terms constitute a legal agreement. Your use of any QRCA Logo serves as your agreement to use the QRCA logo only when and as described in these QRCA Logo Usage Standards and in strict compliance with QRCA Visual Standards Manual. In the event of a dispute over the use of any logos referenced herein, the judgment of QRCA shall be final.

QRCA revised the logo in 2016 after a previous rebrand in 2009 from the original logo that was created in 2002 and trademarked in 2003. To QRCA Members and others alike, it has become an important part of the QRCA brand equity.

QRCA has also created three special logos for use by: QRCA Members, QRCA Chapters, and Companies and individuals that support QRCA by advertising in our publications or Exhibit/Sponsor our conferences and events. When an image like our logo is known around the world, it symbolizes not just our products and services but the excellence of our Members and, to some, the best in Qualitative Research. This is very good for QRCA and its Members, and we want it to continue.

Trademark law is very precise and QRCA has an obligation to protect its logos. If a trademark is not "protected" by its owner in the public domain it can lose its protected status. If this happened, anyone could use the logo without restriction, including in ways that could be detrimental to QRCA and its Members.

In order for QRCA to protect the integrity and impact of our logos, we need to maintain artistic control over what kinds of logo images are used and how they are used. We are trying to make the QRCA logos as available as possible as symbols for QRCA while protecting them as QRCA trademarks.

Please submit your information below. You will then be redirected to a page containing the link to download your requested logo.

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