Concept Testing
Concept Testing

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The goal of concept testing research is to determine the reactions of individuals to proposed products or advertising.  If you’re looking to get feedback on new messaging or branding, launch a new product or service, enter new markets, re-brand, or if you’re considering a change in your marketing or advertising campaign, concept testing can help you tremendously by providing critical guidance.

Concept testing helps researchers, managers, executives and brand people to uncover perceptions, opinions, beliefs and desires about proposed concepts, ideas, products and services.

Why is concept testing important?
Concept testing reshapes and refines ideas so they have greater potential for market acceptance.  Specifically, concept testing:

  1. Indicates concentrated segments of the population to which the product appeals
  2. Assesses the relative appeal of alternative product ideas / configurations / positions and features desirable to the targeted market segments
  3. Provides necessary information for developing the product and its promotion, distribution and pricing

Concept testing provides insight for designing a more optimal product or service.  When made actionable, concept tests allow you to laser focus on your products and priorities.  Concept tests have the ability to improve your product, shift your priorities and increase your product-market match.

QRCA concept testing experts can help you set up a concept testing questionnaire to better reach your audience.

Key factors of a good concept testing questionnaire
Concept testing questions need to be open ended and provide participant interaction. Examples of concept testing questions include:

Purchase a particular product:

  • I would definitely buy it
  • I would probably buy it
  • I am not sure whether I would buy it or not
  • I would probably not buy it
  • I would definitely not buy it

Frequency of product use:

  • Every day
  • Two or three times a week
  • Once a week
  • Once every two/three weeks
  • Once a month
  • Once every two/three months
  • Once every four/six months
  • Less often than every six months
  • Never

Uniqueness of a particular product:Very different

  • Different
  • A little different
  • Not very different
  • Not at all different

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