C) Field Agreements with Clients
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Sample 1

Respondent Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement with Database Ownership and Indemnification Clause

These guidelines and codes apply to: Users, Buyers and Providers of Opinion and Marketing Research Services. It is the responsibility of all involved in the research process to promote the trust of the public toward the research profession.
Business entities or individuals conducting opinion and marketing research are bound by specific policies and codes. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Opinion and Marketing Research Code of Ethics
  • Privacy policy of the research company responsible for recruitment
  • Privacy policy of the owner of any client list provided for the recruitment process
  • Any relevant national or local laws to include HIPPA (relates to medical privacy), GLB (relates to consumer financial information), etc.


Various codes assert that respondents’ identity will be kept confidential, that their information will be used for research purposes only, and that they will not be re-contacted without first securing their permission and the permission of the owner of the database or list.

There are legitimate needs for requiring respondent personal identifiable information (PII). To obtain PII the request and intent of use must be provided in writing, must be a legitimate research reason and the reason must be deemed appropriate by the owner of the database, and must state the likelihood the respondent will be re-contacted. The entity obtaining the PII must sign an indemnification clause accepting responsibility for any possible liability resulting from the release of the information.

Code language, Policies and Releases. This master document contains the following sub-documents:

  • Research company privacy policy and indemnification
  • MRA code pertaining to PII and database ownership
  • Release for use to include intent statement, agree to comply with all company and MRA code privacy statements and indemnification

Sample 2

Our Commitment to Respondents: [Research Company] will observe the confidentiality of all respondents participating in research studies.

Respondent information will only be used for legitimate research purposes.

Respondent information collected in our database is used solely by employees of [Research Company] for targeting respondents for participation in research studies. Our database information is never sold or given to outside parties.

Information gathered for individual research studies is used only to determine whether a respondent qualifies for that particular study.

  • [Research Company] does not provide the last names of respondents to sponsors of research studies without the permission of the respondents. This information may be provided only for legitimate research purposes.
  • [Research Company] does provide respondent contact information for limited studies strictly for validation purposes. Clients must sign a confidentiality agreement with [Research Company] before receiving this information.
  • Clients may not contact a respondent directly without the written permission of [Research Company].
  • To ensure that employees of [Research Company] adhere to our privacy policies, all employees of [Research Company] are required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure statement.
  • Respondent information may be provided to third parties for the purpose of distributing informational material about [Research Company] to our respondents. Respondent information will remain the sole property of [Research Company], and will only be used for business activities related to [Research Company]. Third parties must agree to maintain the confidentiality of information provided to them, and may not disclose this information to any other party, or use the information for any other purpose.

A) Respondent Sign-In Sheet

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B) Respondent Confidentiality Agreements

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D) QRC Agreements with Field Services

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