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Team up! Working as Part of a Qualitative Research Group

Qualitative researchers may encounter the decision to join a market research group or company at some point along their career paths.

Collaborating with a group or company can offer market research practitioners a balance of teamwork and independence. In these teams, individuals carry their weight by leading entire projects, or directing phases of research that are among their specialties.

There is an inherent benefit in partnering individuals with various strengths, where members complete RFPs and share incoming work. This type of collaboration can closely or remotely mirror clients’ own teams or corporate structures.

Reasons to join a group or company include:

  • Steady workload with less initial focus on client acquisition.
  • Potential exposure to a wider variety of projects and clients.
  • Flexibility to work individually and team up as needed.
  • "9 to 5” work hours, with options to work remotely.
  • Access to the group or company’s internal knowledge/experience base.
  • Support (administrative, financial, IT, production, etc.)
  • Social work environment (e.g., group/company celebrations, parties).
  • Perks/Benefits (e.g., paid conferences/training, new devices/technology, insurance discounts, free tickets to performing arts/sporting events).

To join a group or company, speak with others who have already traveled this path, contact HR departments and well-appointed hiring recruiters, attend industry conferences, and be sure to tap into digital resources like QRCA and LinkedIn. Informal unions can also be developed by directly contacting other market researchers under the terms to share incoming RFPs and work.

A career in market research is a well-traveled road: Consider your current interests, and navigate in the direction that carries the right amount of team collaboration for you.

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