The Qually Award - Call for Entries 2012

The Award for Excellence in Qualitative Research

To be awarded by the Qualitative Research Consultant's Association at the Worldwide Conference for Qualitative Research in Rome, Italy, April 25-27, 2012. The Qually Award winners will be publicized in VIEWS magazine and on the QRCA website, and the press will be notified.

The QRCA Award for Excellence in Qualitative Research – the "Qually” – is an annual award for which any qualitative researcher may compete. It represents the best of the best.

The Qually will be awarded to a local, national or multinational research project that clearly demonstrates impactful results stemming from exceptional qualitative research work. The project and subsequent demonstrated results may come from any field: marketing, sales, advertising, media, the arts, a social or public awareness effort, politics or government. The qualitative research project is expected to reflect the highest level of execution, as referenced in the QRCA Professional Competencies of Qualitative Research Consultants, as well as to be an outstanding example of creativity, insight and results. Applications are invited from all parts of the world.

Recognizing that good qualitative research leading to solid results is often the product of a multi-disciplinary team, either individual researchers or whole project teams may submit entries. The Qually will be awarded to the project, rather than to the individual team members who participate. Team members may include, for example, a lead consultant/researcher, a research buyer with a product or service to be researched, an agency planner, a consumer insights or customer service specialist, or other relevant individuals either within or outside of the sponsoring organization.

In submitting this application, please be sure that there is complete team agreement on the release of any confidential information called for in this entry form, both within the applicants and including the company or sponsor that commissioned the research. As part of the submission, a responsible individual from the client/sponsoring organization must provide authorization for the entry, which includes permission for public release of any information included in the entry document. Entries without such authorization will not be considered.

To submit your entry for consideration, please complete the entire form and hit submit at the bottom. Submission deadline is February 6, 2012.

Procedure and Guidelines for Judging

Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges to be appointed by the QRCA Board of Directors. The five-member panel will consist of experienced qualitative research consultants who are members of QRCA, plus outside judges with knowledge of and experience in qualitative research. In naming the panel of judges, QRCA will take care to ensure representation of individuals with national and international business experience; involvement in a wide variety of industries, including academia and the media; familiarity with the concerns and constraints faced by both large and small end-users of research; and awareness of the particular concerns of both private and public sector organizations.

Entries will be judged equally on three major criteria:

  1. Results – outcome and impact on the project problem or sponsor activities.
  2. Executional Excellence – powerfulinsight; strong analysis.
  3. Design/scope of the project – demonstrating innovation and creativity in the context of the study objectives and learning achieved.

Please provide all the information requested so your entry can be fairly evaluated, including necessary detail to present and support your presentation. There is a consideration for brevity – a clear and concise communication of the objectives, design and outcome.

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