The Qually Award - Call for Entries 2018
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The QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) is seeking RFPs for our annual Qually Award. For those of you who don’t know, “Qually” is short for “Qualitative Excellence” and is a chance for our members to demonstrate their creative approach to problem solving. As you’re probably aware – it’s difficult to share our every-day research wins to the greater market research industry due to legal issues and you know…NDAs. Qually Award entrants are asked to respond to an actual (but hypothetical) RFP and the finalists present their proposals to the membership for a vote. We would LOVE to include YOU in this process by asking you to submit a hypothetical RFP.

What’s in it for YOU?
If we choose an idea for the hypothetical RFP you sent us, you will get access to those hypothetical proposals in case you want to hire that professional to help you on your quest for solutions. PLUS…word on the street is these hypothetical proposal presentations will also be live-broadcasted so you could check out their responses to your idea in real time. Did you catch on that this entire process is hypothetical? For legal reasons we needed you to know that this is a not a formal RFP you are sending us. Unless you choose, this does not bind you or the submitting members to any type of business engagement; rather, client names will be anonymous throughout the process, unless you choose to reach out to the QRCA member.

Get a fresh perspective on an RFP!
The options are endless, but to help get your gears turning, here are some RFP ideas:  

  1. You have a research project that you’ve been thinking about for a while but just can’t get the budget approval to tackle the subject.
  2. It’s time for an updated approach to an old research answer.
  3. You’ve  been wanting to know the answer to THIS question and just can’t seem to get it!

If any of the above scenarios sparked your interest – let us know!

The Process
Just simply submit your RFP in the fields below! Once an RFP is selected, QRCA members will submit hypothetical proposals in response. Then the top three proposals submitted by current QRCA members will get the chance to present their approach and methodology at the 2018 QRCA conference in Arizona this January.  We are welcoming RFPs from all industries - we just ask that you keep it to projects that are more creative and strategic, rather than extremely tactical. Once all RFPs are submitted, a QRCA committee will vote and choose one. At this time, QRCA members will submit proposals in response to the RFP. Proposals will be limited to 7 pages + one title page. While a budget is suggested, respondents do not need to include a full budget plan – encouraging them to be creative in their methodologies.

Deadline to submit RFPs: July 14, 2017

You’re still with us so something we said must have grabbed your attention. Submit your idea on our form below. If you have specific questions about the process, holler at Tory Gentes (P.S. she may or may not have won the 2017 Qually Award and is now the co-chair for the committee) or Kayte Hamilton (a 2015 YPG winner and new face to the QRCA) – they’d be happy to help!

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