A) Respondent Sign-in Sheet

Sample 1

I understand that the subjects that will be discussed in this research session are strictly confidential. I agree that I will not use, discuss or disclose any of the subject matter of the research session once I leave the session.

I understand that this marketing research session will be audio and/or video recorded and that the recordings will be used for reviews, discussions, and reports by [Research Company] or their clients. I agree that any statements that I make may be used for these purposes as long as my name or company name will remain confidential. The recordings will not be used for journalism or public broadcast, and they will not be seen by anyone other than those involved in this research project.

I acknowledge that I will receive a monetary gift as a one-time payment for participating in this research session. No further compensation shall be necessary. Any and all ideas, comments, suggestions, or concepts discussed in this research session become the property of [Research Company], Inc. and their client.

I understand that I will need to be an active participant for the duration of the session. I agree to turn off my cell phone and/or pager before entering the research room and not take any calls nor text during the session.

I verify that I am at least 18 years of age and have the full capacity and right to contract in my name with respect to all matters stated above.

Sample 2

In consideration for the promise to pay me upon completion of this market research project, I hereby grant [Research Company] and its clients the exclusive right to any and all ideas I suggest during the session. I understand that the information discussed in this marketing research session that I will participate in today is confidential and that I will not divulge this information to any other party. While participating in this session, I understand that I may be audio taped, videotaped, and photographed.

I further understand that I will receive my participation fee at the end of this marketing research session. I agree and understand that this fee is paid to me for my participation and for my promise to maintain confidentiality.

Sample 3

I agree to participate in a [Research Company] interview [date] at [facility]. I understand that my voice and/or image may be recorded during the session for follow-up analysis and viewing by [Research Company], the client for whom the study is conducted, its advertisers, advertising agencies and other persons having business with the client, and I have no objection to this. I understand that the recordings of my voice and/or image will not be publicly broadcast by either [Research Company] or the client. I release and waive the use of my comments for market research and non-broadcast purposes. I acknowledge and agree that I will keep confidential all information discussed during this session.

Sample 4

NOTE: awaiting client approval

Purpose: We are conducting a research study to learn more about [a segment’s] needs and concerns so that we can recommend more effective … programs across the [area].

Procedures: Participation in this study will involve participation in a focus group along with other [people in the segment]. During the focus group you will be asked a series of questions about your [property], how it is managed, programs and incentives you might find helpful, and your plans for the future. We anticipate that your involvement will require two hours. You will receive seventy-five dollars for participating.

Risks and Benefits: Although participants will be requested to not to share what is said during the focus group session with others outside the study, the researchers cannot guarantee participant compliance. Therefore, there is a risk that ideas and opinions shared in the discussion may be repeated or discussed by others after the study session. You may choose to respond or not respond at any point during the discussion.

Although this study will not benefit you personally, we hope that our results will add to the knowledge about [segment] and the usefulness of programs and public policies designed to help them…. You may find satisfaction in sharing your experience and perspective with researchers and peers who value your input. We hope that your participation in the focus group will help guide policy and program design and implementation, benefiting [people in segment] and society.

Confidentiality: All of your responses will be held in confidence. Only the researchers involved in this study and those responsible for research oversight will have access to the information you provide. The focus groups will be audio-taped, and the tapes maintained for reference by the researchers only. Results will generally be published as summaries of the discussions, not individual transcripts. The study report may contain quotes from participants, but they will not be identified by name or any other means by which the participant may be identified by a reader of the report.

Voluntary Participation: Participation in this study is completely voluntary. You are free to decline to participate, to end participation at any time for any reason, or to refuse to answer any individual question without penalty or loss of compensation.

B) Respondent Confidentiality Agreements

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Sample 1 Link Administration 5/2/2013
Sample 2 Link Administration 5/2/2013
Sample 3 Link Administration 5/2/2013

C) Field Agreements with Clients

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Sample 1 Link Administration 5/2/2013
Sample 2 Link Administration 5/2/2013

D) QRC Agreements with Field Services

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Sample 1 Link Administration 5/2/2013
Sample 2 Link Administration 5/2/2013
Sample 3 Link Administration 5/2/2013
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