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2020 Conference Round Table Discussions

Wednesday, January 29
4:45 - 5:45pm
Keeping Qual Human

  1. Respondents are People Too
    Host: Kayte Hamilton
    Screeners can easily become overly complex and much too precise for their own good. If screeners are really "intro interviews," many respondents can get turned off even before coming into the room. Kayte will lead a discussion about ideas for screening approaches that not only ensure the best people but that also complement learnings.

  2. Researcher Risks and Safety in the Field
    Host: Sam Evans
    Dedication to our work can often make us forget the basics of personal safety.In this round table, Sam will explore how to maintain personal safety while “on the job” as well as tactics for handling potential verbally and physically abusive participants. Such situations are rare but can happen!

  3. How Being Human Can Help Your Marketing
    Host: Jessica Broome
    If you market the real you, marketing can feel a lot different. And it can be much more effective as Jessica will explain based on her past experiences. She’ll host an invaluable brainstorming session for ideas to let “the real you” shine through so that you can market your business and its greatest asset – YOU.

  4. Young Pro Pop-Up: How to Build a Brand Around the True You
    Host: Elizabeth McKinley
    Pop Up Mentoring (Open Only To Students and Quallies Under 35): As a professional, equally as important as the quality of your work is your personal brand. Whether you're trying to demonstrate value in your current job, looking for a new gig or courting clients, projecting your personal brand can differentiate you, make you more memorable - and even make your day to day work more joyful. Come armed with questions to help answer questions about what being your authentic self looks like in the real world.

  5. What To Look For: Using Visual Cues to Better Understand Repondents
    Host: Chris Kann
    The DISC system of understanding work styles is commonly used in coaching to assess an individual's strengths and challenges as a leader. Because it is based on observable behavior, it can also be used to provide insights for researchers to quickly assess focus group individual dynamics to allow for quickly adapting to the individuals in the group.Researcher and Registered Corporate Coach Chris Kann shares a quick way to learn and use this approach that can provide a quick and easy assessment to tailor your group management options.

  6. Indulge Your Constant Curiosity
    Host: Kendall Nash
    Description: Curiosity and our desire to expand our thinking truly set us apart as humans. While many tend to think about continuing education as related to work, the multitude of resources available today makes learning about practically anything truly possible. We can become more impactful, innovative, and insightful humans – within and beyond our work. Kendall Nash, a dedicated continuous learner, will host a discussion about available tools such as Coursera, Udemy, and even apprenticeships. You will also hear from others about resources they’ve tapped to learn new things. Leave inspired to try something new!

  7. Better Insights with Behavior Design
    Host: William Leach
    Author Will Leach will share the principles of behavior design, which combines behavioral psychology and behaviorial economics to break through nonconscious filters, and how it can provide better research design. Will is the founder of Triggerpoint Design, and the author of “Marketing to Mindstates”.

  8. Wisdom from QRCA’s Most Experienced Members
    Host: Laurie Tema-Lyn
    Take this opportunity to learn from QRCA members with 25+ years of experience about how they have mastered the trifecta of a successful career in qual research: maintaining happy clients, keeping business strong, and staying sane and healthy through it all.

  9. Demystifying LinkedIn For Business Development 
    Host: Bruce Peoples
    LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business development tools out there. Practically anyone we want to work with is on it. Yet, whether it’s creating a profile, sharing content, or connecting with potential clients, there is a lot to learn in order to get the most out of LinkedIn. Bruce Peoples will share his experiences in using the platform for business development to connect with potential clients in a professional, human, and impactful way." Additionally, you will be able to review content options for your feed and develop a more compelling alternative to the infamous “I’d like to connect with you…” line that so many people use.

  10. (Ice) Break-Dancing with Marc & Pascal
    Hosts: Marc Engel and Pascal Patenaude
    When you think of breaking the ice, does your mind still go to the Sharon-Stone-with-the-ice-pick scene in Basic Instinct? If so, first of all, good memory—that movie was 28 years ago. Second, we promise that this roundtable will end in much less death…including no dying from embarrassment, as we play a few games you can use as ice breakers for your next focus group or other in-person gathering. But like every good roundtable, it’s not about the hosts (we’ll stop referring to ourselves as The Knights of the Roundtable)—it’s about you. Do you have an ice-breaker or two you’d like to share? Please join us! If you’re running on thin icebreakers and just want some inspiration, please join us! Time to play...

Thursday, January 30
3:30 - 4:30pm
The Support Group: Tech Tips and Life Hacks to Make it All Easier

  1. Technology Tips and Tricks for Quallies
    Hosts: Lisa Horwich and Lauren Isaacson
    Qualies juggle multiple priorities, projects, deliverables, and their personal lives! Lauren and Lisa will share their favorite tools that help them keep track of it all. If you have favorite tools to help with such tasks as scheduling meetings, organizing files, and even getting NDAs signed, they want to know about them!

  2. Neuromarketing: It's a Thing!
    Host: Tom Rich
    Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience to marketing and market research, and it is gaining increasing attention. The use of biometric tools that measure physiological responses in research participants is becoming more common. Are you interested in learning more about neuromarketing and biometrics, or,are you already working in this area? This is a nascent trend that promises to be an important and growing area in the world of qualitative research. Here's your opportunity to learn and share.

  3. Business Development: Tactics that Work
    Host: Cheryl Dalisay
    In a business where relationships are everything, how do you do your business development? What tactics from meeting people to keeping them as clients seem to work? What have not worked so well? None of us are professional sales people but all of us are in sales. As the leader of the Business Development SIG, Cheryl's table will provide an interactive opportunity to practice your skills. You might even have to role play a cold call!

  4. Tips on Working with A Report Writer
    Hosts: Lorie Poe and Maria Virobik
    Two experienced report writers will share tips on how to build a successful working relationship between a moderator and report-writer when looking for analysis, report design, an/ord writing assistance. Bring your moderator perspective to the discussion.If you haven't yet worked with a report writer, this roundtable will give you an opportunity to share your hesitations and learn how your fellow QRCs have addressed these issues and built a successful working relationship.

  5. Tools, Tech and Tips for Quallie Efficiency
    Host: Janet Standen
    In this age of "everything is needed yesterday" what are ways we can leverage technology, other tools or clever tricks that make us more efficient WITHOUT compromising the quality of our output, and ideally make it even better! Janet Standen has some her favorites but is anexious to learn about yours.

  6. Travel Tips and Hacks for Researchers
    Host: Kate Wagenlander Watson
    Quallies can easily be occasional or constant road warriors. Options abound for business credit cards, loyalty programs, and apps that promise to reward us and make our “lives easier.” But how do you know which ones will work and give you the most bang for your buck? Over the last few months, Kate has been reaching out to quallies and beyond via Facebook to get the truth. But she wants to learn more and even hear about travel philosophies that can even change how you think about your next work trip.

  7. QRCA Virtual Book Club
    Host: Liz Moore
    Wouldn't it be great if all of you QRCA friends could be in your book club? You know they would actually read the book and that they would have insightful comments! Well who says we can't? But you have to help Liz plan it! Come to this session prepared with ideas for potential books, timelines and ways everyone can virtually connect for the discussions.

  8. Shoot For The Edit - Making Pro Worthy Videos
    Host: Jonathan Schneider
    Most of us who do "video work" are not trained camera people or editors. Yet, we can sometimes find ourselves in these roles. Professional video people have a number of tricks and techniques that make their work look pro worthy. With this roundtable, Jonathan's goal is to create a library of shots that our video work could benefit from no matter the topic.

  9. The Heart of UX- Mastering the Art of the Interview
    Hosts: Jessica and Jon-Eric Steinbomer
    UX research (User Experience Research) bridges human needs with technology development to ensure products are easy and delightful to use. Join Jessica to take a deep look at UX research and for some engaged, hands-on learning that will deepen and strengthen your moderation skills with compassionate mindfulness techniques. As this session will integrate integrate breakthrough approaches in psychology with classic methods of data collections, anyone from those who are new to UX to experienced moderators will find value.

Friday, January 31
3:30 - 4:30pm
Round Table Stampede

  1. Stimuli: Going Deep and Weird
    Host: Marta Villanueva
    If you're looking for the next level of projective techniques, Marta's session is for you. Her roundtable will take you on a journey using stimuli to get deep, and even weird, to empower respondent expressiveness, leading to novel insights.

  2. Ready, Set, Accountability!
    Host: Anya Zadrozny
    Do you have something new (a technique, a marketing idea, even another business) that you want to launch but just never seem to get around to working on? If so, Anya will be sharing tips for discipline and motivation to get you going. But best of all, participants will meet their very own accountability buddies for 2020.

  3. Beyond Word Clouds: Conveying Magnitude w/o Numbers
    Host: Maria Virobik
    How many times have you been asked to quantify some qualitative results? Have you dabbled at word clouds to convey relative size or importance? Or even inserted a chart with hard numbers (!). It’s just part of writing reports so why not make the best of it? Maria will share her ideas but for coveying magnitude without numbers but is looking for more brilliant ideas from her fellow QRCs.

  4. Finding More Joy in Your Work: Create Your 30-day Biz/Life Plan
    Host: Paula Rosecky
    Constant exposure to new people, new businesses, and new ideas can easily tempt the ever curious quallie. Often, it can mean asking ourselves, “What’s next” or “What do I really want?” In Paula’s facilitated workshop, you will self-reflect on what brings you joy and how to get more of it from your work and your life. You’ll develop a 30 day plan and then join an online community with other participants to keep you accountable.

  5. Context is King
    Host: Ellen R. Kolsto
    Austin isn't Austin without tacos and garage bands and an insight isn't an insight without a story around it. Context is king. It brings an insight to life and makes findings more memorable and shareable. In this roundtable session, we will discuss stories of context in qualitative research...how to find it, when to add it and what's context versus just fluff. Bring your experiences of how context has changed a so-so insight into a true discovery. 

  6. Young Pro Pop-Up: How to Create a Career
    Host: Russ Edwards
    Pop Up Mentoring (Open Only To Students and Quallies Under 35): For all quallies, letting money and expectations control actions can often mean “job” versus “career” thinking. However, for younger ones it can be especially so. In this “Pop-Up Mentoring” roundtable hosted by the Young Professionals Committee, you will work with a veteran QRCA member and each other for guidance on the challenging issues (ex: bouncing back after a mistake on a project or following a passion unrelated to one’s current work). Come prepared with your most difficult situations!

  7. Best Practices for B2B Interviews: Being an Expert, Even if You're Not
    Hosts: Fiona Ray and Lisa Horwich
    In the B2B world (and often in the B2C one as well) we need to become experts in industries we don’t know much about. The recruits are sometimes hard to come by and expensive, so we don’t want to waste a minute of the interviewees time learning about their business. Lisa and Fiona will share some of their best practices of schooling up quickly and hope to learn from others what has worked best for them.

  8. One On One With The QRCA President
    Host: Kelly Heatly
    If you would like to know more about the strategic priorities of the leadership of QRCA, here's your chance to get time with QRCA President Kelly Heatly. Kelly will give you the chance to get to know more about her and her passions for QRCA, but also to ask questions or provide input on decisions that will impact the future of QRCA.

  9. Ensuring A Quality Recruit
    Host: Chelle Precht
    There are more options than ever to recruit participants today. From traditional facility panels to DIY online resources to social networking. But what does a “quality” recruit look and feel like? There’s no JD Powers for facilities but there is Chelle Precht. Having owned and operated a facility for more than 15 years, she knows the ins and outs of what leads to a quality recruit. However, she is anxious to hear from others so nothing is off the table in this roundtable.

  10. Teaching at the College Level
    Host: Bill Fanning
    Veteran quallies often find themselves at a point in their careers where they want to educate the next generation. For some it can mean guest lecturing at local schools or even teaching a class part time. But how does one even begin to make this happen? And what are the opportunities? Bill Fanning will explain what he has learned and hear from others who have made the transition or want to in the future.