QRCA 2020 Annual Conference banner

QRCA Story Finder

Join us for QRCA’s first ever Story Finder in Austin during the annual QRCA Conference January 29-31. This is an invitation to not just take part in listening to other's stories but to share your own as well.

Storytelling is the heart of our profession. We are intentional in capturing people’s stories, and we then find compelling ways to share those stories with others. As we see in our profession - stories connect people, show compassion, create empathy, and have the power to bind us together in a human narrative of which we're taking part.

There are stories of beauty, pain, development and learning, interaction, friendship, love, solitude, and the list goes on. Take the time to tell your story in the QRCA Story Finder. We will have prompts on-site at the Story Finder or you can tell any story that you'd like.

You can choose to be anonymous or identified but, overall, choose to be part of the human collective at the QRCA Keep Qual Human Conference and take an opportunity to share a story or two at the QRCA Story Finder.

QRCA’s Story Finder will be accessible throughout the conference and more information will be available on-site. We are surrounded by untold stories.  May they be spoken and inspire others by their beauty.

For questions, feel free to reach out to kendall.nash@burke.com or sidney.clewe@gmail.com.